The right way to clean your wood furniture

The right way to clean your wood furniture

Wood furnishings are what makes a home feel like, well, home. It’s that soft touch of something durable that allows you to decorate your home in the great outdoors, soothing your soul the moment you step in from a tough day at work, your eyes finding that tonic for tired eyes that is natural furniture. Wood floors, console tables, tables, chairs, frames – everything.

You’ve been out and bought a gorgeous wooden dining room table and popped by George Hill Timber to get your hands on some railway sleepers after reading an inspiring blog about up-cycling, but now you’re wondering whether you need to dust it or clean it, wax it or polish it. It’s a challenge.

Of course, the best thing you can do is ask for specific care advice when you purchasing something wood. But given none of us remember to do this, here’s my advice on what you should be doing to take better care of your wood furnishings:

Dusting Is A Duty

Please don’t avoid dusting your wood furniture – it’s what removes all those airborne deposits that build up; deposits that can easily scratch the surface. Instead, grab a clean, dry and soft cloth (or feather dusters) and get into the habit of dusting regularly. That said, don’t just scatter the dust into the air. That’s like rearranging the furniture on the Titanic. It’s a much better idea to dampen your cloth ever so slightly to avoid this happening.

Cleaning’s Biggest Rule

Unless your wood furniture has a plastic coating over it, you should never, ever, ever, ever use an all-purpose cleaning product on it. Kitchen tables and children’s furniture is usually okay, but everything else is a big no-no. You also want to avoid using water when cleaning wood. However, if you must because of a sticky spot or something, make sure you dip the cloth in mildly soapy water, wring out the cloth until it’s almost dry, and then wipe the area. Once done, immediately dry the area with a clean, soft cloth.

Perfect Hardware Polishing

A lot of wooden furniture comes with metal hardware – handles, knobs, that sort of thing. The trick is to remove these pieces from your furnishings before you start to polish it. Once you’ve got them off, clean them with either a metal or brass cleaner and then buff them. Just make sure you don’t reattach them until they are completely dry.

Fixing A Scratched Surface

If you’re staring at a piece of furniture that has a slightly scratched top, the best thing you can do is apply a bit of paste wax or go and buy a touch-up pen. If you’ve got some pretty deep scratches on your hands, however, it could be time to use wood filler. Just make sure you match the colour as closely as possible, which is easily done by applying the filler in lots of thin layers and not just diving in with one super-thick layer.

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