Holiday packing and preparation

It’s that time of the year when we all start going off on our holidays.  Wether its camping or sunny ourselves on the beach there is always a lot of preparation that needs to be done. We simple can’t just get up and go.

I have a few more weeks before I am off but my preparation has already started and I wanted to share with you all my top holidays preparation tips.  I do have a few holidays printables that will also really help keep you super organised. Take a look here

Organise your Pets

Make sure you organise Pet Care with someone you trust.  Guinea pigs and rabbits will need feeding and their water changing. I am very lucky as my mother in law has Hetty whenever we go away but it is not that simple for everyone so when it comes it comes to cats and dogs research kennels well. When we go to our Norfolk home we take Hetty with us and she loves it but we always need to pack for her Antibacterial poo bagsportable dog feeding mat, plenty of food and treats and bedding.

If you have decided to take your pet away for the first time take along their usual bed and favourite toys.

Organise your Home

We always ask our neighbours to put out our dustbins and water our flowers for us and in return we do the same for them. We are not over freindly with our neighbours but its great to know that we can support each other when we go away.

Make sure you leave your home secure. Double and triple check doors and windows and make sure you have cancelled any food deliveries. It’s a good idea to also invest in some light timers

Organise your travel documents

Check passports weeks before you travel so you have time to renew if needs be.

Don’t leave any travel money to the last-minute, the cheapest rates are always found online. The past few years I have found Sainsburys to be the cheapest.

I also have a travel wallet in my hand luggage which has, driving licence, boarding passes, hotel and car hire information and all in the order in which I will need them. Along with the passports.It’s also a really good idea to write down emergency contact numbers in case you lose your phone as these days how many of us actually remember a phone number! Its also a good idea to write down your passport number and keep this safe maybe a copy in your suitcase and a copy in your hand luggage.

 Do not forget your EHIC card if you’re travelling in Europe.

Organise your Suitcases

Make sure you invest in good quality hard-wearing and lightweight suitcases. These Kono hardshell 3 piece sets are amazing value and come in a range of colours.  Off course I opted for the pink but these are such great value ,spacious and very practical.

Don’t leave the packing to the very last-minute

Never leave packing to the last-minute, it will only stress you out and get your holiday off on a very bad foot. Start t think about packing a good week in advance. Use a clothes rail and put this up in a spare room or one of your bedrooms and start to plan your outfits. This way you won’t wear them again before you leave. Try and pack minimalist and choose outfits that be can dressed up and dressed down and you know are easy to style.

Also start to pack your beauty products, sun creams, after sun, books and electronics.

The packing cubes do really help with keep you organised. They enable you to easily locate clothing without the need for rummaging through and mess up your suitcase.

My Top Tip Save bag space for all your holiday purchases

Create a master packing list.

Make sure you know what you luggage allowance is if you are flying. Over-packing and being stuck at the check-in desk with luggage that’s too heavy can really start your holiday off on the wrong foot. Weigh your cases using some Digital luggage scales and take them with you for the journey home as dirty washing does weigh more than clean.

I always use my packing checklist when I go away even if I am just away for a few nights with work as this way I know I will never forget anything. Once items have been packed its ticked off. I then also take this list with me and use for the return. It’s always important to make sure you have those core basics such as currency, adaptors and your first aid kit

Check the weather so you pack accordingly and always take a lightweight jacket as night-time temperatures can be cooler if your abroad.

I always take with me a plastic travel bottles and in this I always add my washing detergent so I can do some hand washing, washing up liquid and a multi purpose spray.  As you can imagine I do take a few more cleaning products but I tend to go straight to a supermarket upon arrival and go and grab my essentials plus I always love to see check out the cleaning products.  You can also use the travel bottles for beauty items too and it saves you having to take half the bathroom with you

Travel bottles

Roll clothes 

If you roll your clothes this gives you much more space and creates less creases. All though I would definitely recommend you take the Handheld Steamer with you. This is one of my favourite gadgets at the moment and I can’t wait ti take this away with me.

My Top Tip Pack a waterproof bag for your damp swimsuit, so you don’t soak everything else in your case on your way home.

Hand Luggage

Other than my essential travel documents and Ipad I also take a set of light wight clothes for each of us in hand luggage. If your luggage is lost you have something to change into or if you are heavily delayed and end up spending a night at an airport hotel. Limit liquids in hand luggage and pop your valuables in to. I off course have cleaning wipes so I can freshen up my table tray on the aircraft and keep my hands clean.

I really hope this post help you get organised. 

Happy Holidays
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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