Give yourself the perfect bedroom

Give yourself the perfect bedroom

What’s your idea of perfection in the bedroom? We should all have an imagine in our minds of what we dream our bedrooms to look like. When we were younger, it would have been all about the bunk beds, pink walls, and toys galore. But as we get older, we really do start to appreciate what it means to have a fine looking bedroom. Whether it be simple and subtle, or bold and spacious, you deserve to have the perfect bedroom. Even though we all might have different views as to what perfection is, there’s a few things that we could all put in that would add that hint of perfection. We deserve to come home to something that’s the most relaxing and inviting space to ourselves, so let us try and create that for you.

It Wouldn’t Be Perfect Without The Bed

Let’s face it. There’s only really two reasons why we’re in the bedroom. To get into bed, or to get ready. But getting into bed has to be the most important part of the day for most of us, so you have to try and get the perfect bed for you. You could start off with the most perfect mattress, but a few years down the line, it’ll have springs and whatever else coming through that you just don’t need. But, we put up with a clunky mattress because they just seem too expensive to buy. Well, in the long run, they’re not. Yes, they might set you back a few hundred, but they’ll last you at least five years, which is pretty good going! Visit a bed shop, and find a mattress that’s going to be perfect for you. Whilst you’re there, you could always consider getting a new bed frame as well to change the look of your room. Ones with a cushioned headboard are the best in our opinion. Wooden ones can just get a bit uncomfy when you’re trying to sit up in bed!

The Perfect TV Setup

Random one you might think, but if you have a TV in your room, you need the perfect TV setup. That position should always be so that the TV is in front of the bed. That way, you can watch it no matter what way you’re turned, and you don’t have to stay on your side to watch it if it were to the left or right of you. When you’re nice and comfy and watching TV, it’s so much easier to fall asleep, so the perfect TV setup actually plays a big part! You could get a bed frame where the TV tucks into the end of it, which would be pretty cool!

Creating Space Without Losing Things

It’s hard to create space in your bedroom, without having to get rid of some of the things you might be hoarding. So, one thing we’re going to recommend is a big chest of draws set, one that stretches to a dressing table. It gives you so many drawers and so much space, and you would still be able to fit a wardrobe in your room if you don’t have one built in. You could also think about getting a bed frame with under the mattress storage. That way everything is out of plain sight, and it’s a safe place for you to keep your things.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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