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There’s nothing worse than when your home smells bad. It’s unpleasant and it can be embarrassing too, if you’ve had a last minute guest call by it’s not a nice feeling worrying if the house smells ok! Here are some of the ways you can keep it fresh and smelling great.

Deep Clean

Your home might look clean on the surface, but there could be some nasties lurking causing all kinds of bad smells. Food can fall behind your kitchen bin and rot, food residue in cookers and microwaves can quickly go smelly. Shoe cupboards can get whiffy, and beds and laundry when they’ve not been washed regularly will all give your home a stench! At this time of year especially, bacteria can breed quickly and everything will be smellier than it usually is. Give your home a deep clean to obliterate any smells– pull back furniture and appliances, clean everywhere with disinfectant, put soft furnishings in the washing machine and hire a carpet cleaner. This will have everywhere feeling so much fresher and nicer.

Let Some Air In

The air in your home can get stale after a while, so one way to make it feel fresher is to simply open the windows. Aim to have them open for at least thirty minutes a day, open doors too if possible to really get it circulating. If you have a fan, put it on while you have the windows and doors open to help get the air moving.

Use a Cooker Hood and Extractor Fan

A cooker hood can help to minimise cooking smells in the kitchen, and along with an extractor fan in the bathroom they can also keep moisture to a minimum. These kinds of fans will remove things like airborne grease, combustion from cooking, fumes, smoke, smells and steam so everywhere is far fresher and the air is cleaner. Sites like sell odour control products that will also help to remove even stubborn smells like pets, tobacco and damp.

Invest in Home Fragrances

The steps above will help to remove bad smells and make your home feel fresh. But if you want to go a step further and make it smell nice then you will need to invest in some home fragrances. Candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners and plug in products will all release scents that will make your home smell gorgeous. Automatic sprayers and other long lasting home fragrances are nice as your home always smells great, ideal for when you get home or have an unexpected guest. It means you’re not having to run around spraying air freshener. If you want a chemical free alternative, one way you can make your home smell nice is to warm some fruit peels and spices on a low heat on the hob. You can customise it with your favourites so it smells just how you want it! Essential oils such as lavender can be dropped onto radiators or mixed in a spray bottle with water to create your own air freshener without the chemicals.

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