Easy ways to clean different types of flooring


If you have different types of flooring throughout your home then you may be looking for a one-product-fits-all solution. This is never the case and you really should use an individual product for every type of flooring you have. This sounds like hard work, but it will really bring out the true colour of your flooring and it will also help to bring the whole room together as well.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic or even porcelain tiles are quite possibly the easiest types of flooring for you to clean and maintain. If you have spilt something on the floor then all you have to do is mop or steam it up and the job is done. If you want to maintain your floor however then a neutral floor cleaner is great for this . At the end of the day, the main problems that people have with ceramic floors is the grout between the tiles but if you make a paste using white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and use a hard small brush your grout will come up like new.

apartment, ceiling, chairsVinyl

Vinyl flooring is available in so many different varieties. Vinyl flooring is much easier to clean and it is also very easy to maintain as well. If you have spilt something on the floor, then you can mop it up by using the same method above. When you do this however, you may find that it leaves streaks and this is completely normal. If you want to get rid of these streaks then consider using a solution that is a mix of white vinegar and water. If you pour this mix directly onto the floor however then this will loosen the adhesive and it may even increase your chances of experiencing floor damage, so make sure that you apply it in small amounts. If your floor is damaged already then consider getting a new one installed, and check your flooring budget here.


Hardwood flooring is some of the finest flooring around but it is not the easiest to maintain at all. You need to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis and you also need to make sure that you protect the surface layer as well. If you want to give your home that nice, newly installed sheen then simply go over the floor with a vacuum. When you have done this, apply a liquid floor cleaner to loosen any debris and then use a dry wax applicator. This will really help you to make the most out of your flooring and it will also help you to really make the whole thing stand out as soon as you walk into the room.

apartment, architecture, ceiling So there are so many things that you can do to try and make your room look great, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to keep the flooring that you have right now maintained and looking good.

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