How to rent out your home fast

How to rent out your home fast

Whether you are moving house or your rental contract just ended, you should make sure that you don’t have to wait for months before the next suitable tenant comes around. Every month you have an empty rental property loses you money.

Follow my simple tips below to appeal to your target tenant and rent out your house out in record time.

Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

It is important that you give the property a good deep clean. Focus on areas that are generally neglected: behind the kitchen cabinet, or inside the fireplace. You want the house to look and smell fresh. Pay attention to the doors and window frames, apply special cleaning and restoring agent to your plastic surfaces, so they look brand new again. My Spring Cleaning Checklist will really help you out here.


Whatever looks tired will need to be painted. For easy maintenance, you might want to give wallpapering a miss, and choose natural paints that dry fast. You can check out The painting specialist for resources on which type of paint is the best for each surface. If you are letting your house out long term or short term, you might want to get a washable paint in the kitchen and the bathroom, at least, in case accidents happen. If you will have tenants with young kids, this will come handy, too.

Natural Color Scheme

Instead of going over the top with decorating, you need to remember that your potential tenants are looking at your property as a blank canvas and would like to put their own marks on it. Avoid bright and bold colors and patterns, and opt for beige, magnolia, or light gray with black for a modern look. Even when it comes to creating feature walls, choose a discreet pattern and shade.

Garden Landscaping

If you want your property to appeal to families, you need to make sure that your garden is in order. Fix those concrete slabs and the wobbly fence panels. Clear up the garden and make it easy to maintain. Young professionals will not have time to look after flowering bushes or rake up the leaves in the autumn every week. Create a large space and add a patio for summer barbecues.

Curb Appeal

First impressions count, so you need to make sure that you are making your house front as presentable as possible. Get the windows cleared up, get rid of the weed between the concrete slabs, and paint your handrails and steps if you have one. To improve the curb appeal of your home, you could also buy some flowering shrub pots and place them next to the entrance to make the property more inviting. If you want to let your property out fast, you need to understand the preferences and expectations of your target customers. Do your research, take a step back, and make sure that you are not scaring tenants away by using too much colour or bold patterns. When it comes to long term agreements, you will let your tenants decorate the house according to their taste, anyway.

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