Creating an Educational Children’s Bedroom

Creating an Educational Children’s Bedroom

Getting a kid’s room to be more than just functional isn’t as difficult as you might think. And, in fact, it can support a home learning environment. Children love to explore and are natural sponges. What they are surrounded by, things like positive affirmations will improve their self-esteem and confidence, maps of the world will show them how big the world can be. It pays to talk with your child before you redecorate or get new pieces of furniture like drawers or kids bunk beds. To make sure that between you, you create a little den of learning opportunities and comfort.

Think about colour. Some colours lean towards being restful and relaxing, others are exciting and vibrant. So, think about using something calming. Blues and greens are excellent options. Try to avoid yellow, our brain finds it difficult to break down and causes low-level stress.

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Using positive reinforcement is very powerful with children so you could come up with a list between you and your child. Here are some to get you started:

  • I am responsible
  • I can learn anything I wish to
  • Everything I do deserves my best effort
  • I believe in myself
  • My family believe in me
  • A challenge is a learning opportunity
  • I have the resources to learn and be successful

When you write them down and print them out, you might want to have them in different colours. To make it playful and fun.

In life, we all love to achieve. When you get medals, certificates, rosettes, badges – anything at all. Hang them up around the room or create a dedicated space just for them. Reminding your child of how far they have come in their learning journey.

Other things that you can ensure you have are plenty of books. Some of their current reading level and others are a bit more challenging. It doesn’t matter if you have designated reading times in the home or not, having access to reading materials is giving them some options, this bit of autonomy is very healthy. They will pick subjects that they are interested in and begin self-learning.

Here are a few other great suggestions:

  • Map wall art, with a pen to mark places visited, and places that they hope to make a trip to.
  • Ditch traditional paint for either chalkboard paint or magnetic paint – meaning the kids can enjoy drawing pictures or using magnetic letters or scrabble boards to create words and sentences.
  • A corkboard or magnetic boards with flashcards, or a daily question to solve work brilliantly
  • The periodic table
  • A set of multiplication tables

The idea that education happens best in one place is a myth, children are open to learning opportunities as many times as you present them. If you have a keen astronomer, then get a telescope set up in the bedroom. Education is about nurturing interests and arming them with skills and knowledge that will support them later in life with gainful employment.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

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