Kids Pass Giveaway with Vileda


Congratulations to Danielle Hall 

Vileda have teamed up with Kids Pass this summer to save families money and get them out and about more enjoying amazing attractions .Kids pass offers thousand of exclusive offers including top attractions, cinemas, restaurants plus even holidays across the UK and Europe.  Just imagine how amazing it will be this summer to be able to do more as a family and give your children some amazing memories.

To get your hands on the kids passes simply look out for the Vildea promotions in stores. Vileda offer products to suit every house hold, from Mops to Scourers, Clothes Airers to Brooms and their electrical range, including Floor Robots and the brand new 100°C Hot Spray Mop , they have something to make your everyday cleaning easier and much more enjoyable. Have you read my reivew of the amazing Easy Wring Turbo Spin ?

Not all of vileda’s products are included in this amazing promotion. The Kids pass will be attached to the following:

  • SuperMocio 3 Action XL Mop
  • 3Action magic mop
  • SuperMocio Microfibre and cotton mop
  • 1-2 Spray Mop
  • Magic Mop Flat 3 Action
  • SuperMocio and Torsions Wringer
  • Active Max Mop
  • 3 Action Broom.

And will be available from the Vileda webshop Click here to shop Vileda online or in stores; Asda, The Range, Dunelms, Robert Dyas, B&Q, Homebase, Sainsburys. Waitrose, Tesco, CO-OP, Wilko and Morrisons.

There are only so many up for grabs so make sure you quick. The Kids pass promotion can be claimed until the 31st October 2018.

The best news is I actually have 1 


Along with the Kids pass pack available to giveaway this week.

To be in with your chance to win the Kids Pass simply tell me below what you like about Vileda products. A winner shall be chosen by myself.

I can’t wait to read through your answers.

Good Luck


  1. I have tried every mop I can find to clean my sealed wooden floors and have not found any that beat Vileda!! With 2 small boys, meal times are a messy affair and a good mop is essential!!! And it also needs to be cleaned quickly and the vileda spray mop is so quick and easy! Clean house = happy mummy!! Win win!!

  2. Vileda are versatile and a good brand. I have brand loyalty and really enjoy my Vileda products. They are good quality and red which my son appreciates!

  3. Ooo what a lovely giveaway! I love how easy all of there products are to use and how versatile they are. I always try to stick to the vileda stuff especially mops I broke my last one and quickly grabbed a cheap one and it just doesn’t live up to my expectations xxx

  4. I like the fact they are recommended by you, because I trust you and for you to like and promote a product means it’s definitely worth buying!

    Would love to win this!

    Good luck everyone!

  5. I have never tried Vileda products but I like the idea how it sprays as you mop. With my 8 month baby crawling around would be handy to do a quick mop. Love your recommendations! X

  6. I love Vileda products, they’re always reliable and durable! I have been lusting after this mop for awhile, with two young boys, I feel this would be such a time saver and make my life that little bit easier! x

  7. I like that they’re so easy to use. I bought a fancy spray mop and it had a huge instruction booklet and was too much of a faff on to set up!

  8. Cleaning is made so much easier and less man power especially with the turbo spin mop, which is used quite a lot with a dog and two cats ? it’s good knowing your money won’t be wasted as they’re great quality 🙂

  9. I had a vileda magic mop that was fab for mopping up toilet training accidents – then my husband used it as a witches broom to mock me after I ‘cackled like a witch’ and broke it!!!
    I wouldn’t recommend their products for witches, however they’re great in quality and performance for the rest of us!!!

  10. Amazing products that make cleaning quick and easy meaning I have Moreno time to spend having fun with my 4 year old!

  11. I love the quality of the Vileda products, my current mop I’ve had for so long, but it’s getting ready to change. They never hold too much water but give a great clean. I also love the colours (red, blue & white) – very patriotic!

  12. I love that Vileda products are versatile. Each have many purposes this saving both money and time. Great products and they do work which is a bonus in itself!

  13. I love how versatile Vileda products are. Can use them for many different purposes and actually work. This saving both time and money which is a winner winner in my book!

  14. I have ocd and i have tried near enough every single product on the market ? and this is the one mop I use every day. I use it on my hard floor and kitchen and bathroom. I would love another one for my mum and having 3 children the kids pass would be amazing x

  15. Love the brand, can always rely on it for good thorough cleaning . Would never buy anything else and I’m a clean freak so I like to try out the different varieties of products they have to offer so it would be nice to win this and save myself a little ?

  16. I love the convenience of the brand as they actually do their research in what people want quick and easy cleaning with a durable and attractive design. Love the brand and this mop is the only one I have not tried yet xx

  17. I love Vileda is the fact it’s good quality, affordable & long lasting! I also love that they create their products keeping you in mind and make cleaning so much easier and quicker which is so important when you have a baby who needs lots of cuddles & attention!

  18. I have the normal vileda mop and use the flat blue mop brush, it’s great but we struggle for space in our kitchen so the spray mop is exactly what we need to save on space

  19. Vileda products are always guaranteed to be of the highest quality as well as quick and easy to use! Exactly what you need when you have a house full of messy boys!

  20. I like the quality of the products and how they actually aid you with cleaning with the functionality of the products.

  21. I love how I can mix my fave cleaning solutions (zoflora addict here) into a spray mop. They’re super easy to use, functionable and get the job done well. Or how we say in Somerset “proper job”
    From one cleaning addict to another xxxx

  22. I love how easy they are to use, they are made really well and I love the red colour (not that that’s is important lol) and that they do not cost the earth to buy! xx

  23. I like vileda products because being a busy Mum of 4 I need something that’s going to last through so much wear and daily use.

  24. Vileda MIRICLAL WORKER! As a super clean mum of a messy toddler keeping the floors clean and free of nasty bugs is a must In my home! I fill my Videla bucket with flash disenfectant and a drop of ?zaflora? boiling water and scrub scrub scrub away morning and night happy mum ? BUT this product would be my dream for those “5 min per room” days which has helped me curb my hours of obsessive cleaning!

  25. I haven’t tried them yet but after Watching you on instagram it looks so easy to use! Definitely going to be getting one, with three daughters to run around after being able to mop quickly will be a God send

  26. Just when you think equipment to help you cleaning can’t get any better, Vileda come out with new products that sweep (excuse the pun) you off your feet! They’re a household name, staple and they’re completely reliable products, love their range! Xx

  27. I’m a gadget addict and love to try out any new cleaning item there is going. If I win one it means my hubby couldn’t go mad at me for buying another one haha.

  28. They’re such an iconic brand and the first one you think of when it comes to mopping/cleaning!
    I have 3 kids (inc a baby who is about to start crawling!) I love my Vileda mop, but it is on its last legs after 5 years! That’s how reliable they are! (I lent my Last one to a friend who never returned it!) People always ask me about my mop! Love Vileda!! X

  29. would love to win one as my last one broke and with three young children and two dogs my floors get trusted steam mop has just broken and I’m now without a mop 🙁 love all your products you review and recommend.x

  30. Just copying what my mum and aunts hav always used and seen in there houses as a kid. Now I have my own home I wouldn’t buy any thing else. Learn from the best ??

  31. I love the Vileda brand, they make cleaning easier. They have premium products at a not quite premium price! Would love to win one to help out in my family home ?

  32. The Vileda products are really good quality and are a brand you recognise and trust. They also make light work of even the most difficult of tasks. A good mop head that’s practical and works hard on the floors. Always a go to brand for me x

  33. I’ve had my Vileda mop for years and its essential for cleaning up after my messy family. Love the Vileda sponges too. Would love to win some more products

  34. I love all my Vileda mops, the heads last ages before they need replaced and they pick up tough sticky marks off my laminate (often left by the little one)! We would love the kids pass to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts! Although I’d probably have to give the mopping a pass if we are up early to have some fun!x

  35. I love vileda mops. They are such good quality, clean so well and last really well. I have never used a spray mop but would love to try one!

  36. My whole of downstairs is oak flooring and is a nightmare to keep clean, specially with a walking toddler. This would be amazing!!!!!!

  37. I have 5 kids and another on the way so the vileda spinning mop is a godsend to me.My 3 year old who’s autistic loves watching the mop spin around and it calms him down.It does get the mop damp but not too wet which is brilliant,I mop my floor a few times a day so it’s the best mop I’ve ever owned and I have recommended it to my disabled mother in law as I think it will help her as she struggles to wring out her mop.good luck everyone.

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