Don’t forget to Declutter your digital life

I love a declutter and always make sure I have very little clutter within my home but digital declutter these days can also be a huge issues for many.  Clutter can take up space on devices and slow them down so its important to do a monthly digital declutter. The way you set up your desktop on your home computer, browser can easily be distracting you and slowing down your productivity.
Below are some practical simple tasks that don’t just declutter, but keep you better organised and keep your files safe.

Organise your photos

On average I must take at least 50 photos a day to make sure I get an Instagram worthy photograph. The pressure of an Instagrammer can be immense. If it’s not for Instagram its of off the kids or an outfit I have seen in the shops which I am debating if I actually need it before I go back and buy it.  These photo’s certainly aren’t all needed.
– Organise your photos’s into folders. Kids, Holidays, Day out, Instagram. Work, etc.
– Delete any photos that are of bad quality or unimportant.
– Set up a drop box or one drive on your computer and store the good ones in here weekly.
– Use photo apps like Chatbooks and create simple photo books for less than £8.00.  I love producing these and we store than in month order so we can look back at memories.

Clear out those Apps

There are so many great free apps out there that is hard not to resist downloading a few every so often and just having a play.  But how often do you actually use that app? Try and keep the ones that you actively use all the time and the ones that help you out in your day-to-day life. Apps can take up so much space so make sure you go through these and delete the ones you haven’t used or have maybe only clicked on twice in a month.

Delete Email accounts

I must have about 6 emails accounts but I only actively use two of these. Delete accounts that aren’t necessary and that you don’t use often.  Or at least remove them of your phones and tablets and keep access via your computer just in case something important may come through.

Unsubscribe to email marketing

Since the new GDPR rule has come in you should have been given the option to opt out of unwanted email marketing material.  If you’re getting lots of these emails a day and they are services you don’t require or maybe once did years a go now is the time to hit the unsubscribe button. Every time and an email with no real relevance to you hits your inbox scroll down to the bottom and hit unsubscribe.
If you haven’t already subscribed to my emailing list then you really are missing out.

Social Media

This may seem harsh but defreind, unfollow and clear out those social media feeds. Do you really need to be in touch with people who when you pass in the supermarket turn their head.  Social media can be a real numbers game and on Facebook in particular its a bit of a popularity contest amongst friends but stop seeing it as this and have the people on their that really matter to you and enjoy the news feed rather than wasting time to see what you want by scrolling through Joe blogs account who you occasionally spoke to as school as she was far too cool to be your friend but these days she’s desperate to see what your up to and see how successful you have become.
Go through your friends list and likes pages and start defriending and unfollowing. This task will also make you feel so satisfied!
Unfollowing people on Twitter gives you just the important updates. You can also mute people on your Twitter feed which I only discovered recently.
With Instagram just have fun with it. The people you have chosen to follow make sure you like their pictures on their feeds don’t follow people to steal ideas or just to watch them if you don’t like their content then press unfollow (so simple). Do not compare yourself on this platform very simply have fun engage and be happy. If you do want to make money using social media read how I do it .


I can’t work if my desk isn’t clean and organised, a clean desk helps me focus  and become so much more productive and so will a clean desktop. Clean up your files and folders and get rid of any unnecessary old files.
Create folders to organise
Have a happy engaging wallpaper to keep focus.
Remember to allow yourself 30 minutes or so once a month to declutter your digital and don’t feel overwhelmed during the process.
This book is great read and will give you much more help and guidance into the digital decluttering.  Take charge of your data and organise your digital life.
Happy digital decluttering!
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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