This is How You Do End of Tenancy Cleaning and Get Your Deposit Back

This is How You Do End of Tenancy Cleaning and Get Your Deposit Back

If you’re planning to move out of your rented home, it is definitely in your interest that the property is returned in the best condition possible. And clean. Meticulously clean. If the landlord is not happy with the property’s cleanliness, they may take a quite substantial amount of money from your deposit to cover for the cost of professional cleaning before offering the property to new tenants. The good news is that this can relatively easily be prevented. Follow the five tips below and getting your deposit back shouldn’t be a problem.

Set realistic goals

If you want to return the property meticulously clean – and you should if you don’t want to lose any money from your deposit – it is of utmost importance to be aware that a couple of days will not be enough for cleaning. To avoid running out of time, be sure to set realistic goals and just in case, add a couple of days to the time you think you will need to clean everything from A to Z.

Accept any help you can get

Are your friends, family or/and coworkers offering their help? If so, don’t hesitate to accept it. Even if the property was regularly cleaned and well maintained, it takes a lot of time and effort to get it to the professional level of cleanliness. However, be sure to return the favour when they will need your help.

Make a plan

If you want to get everything done right and on time, it’s of key importance to create a plan and stick to it to the greatest extend possible. If you don’t, you are risking running out of time to get everything clean by final inspection. And by doing so, you are risking to lose a lot of money from your deposit.

Download an end of tenancy checklist

Landlord won’t miss a spot during the final inspection of the property, so it’s crucial that you don’t miss anything either during the final cleaning. Even though you may think that you don’t need an end of tenancy checklist, it is actually very useful. And most importantly, it will help you avoid missing out on something vital to ‘pass’ the final inspection when it comes to cleanliness.

Call in the professionals

If you think you can clean the property as a pro, you don’t have to hire the professionals to do end of tenancy cleaning for you. However, having the property cleaned by professional cleaners most certainly makes things a lot easier. And faster too as they have industrial grade cleaning products and equipment, allowing them to clean more efficiently while using less time and effort. In addition, many cleaning companies offer guarantee that you will get your deposit back and to do a re-clean in case the landlord is not happy with cleanliness.

If you are moving soon I really hope this post has helped and good luck.

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