A simple task for the month of June

A simple task for the month of June

Following on from my May simple task this month we are focusing on decluttering. We all love a good declutter don’t we? especially when we find all those missing items and create all that extra space.  My task of the month this month for JUNE is to get you all spending up to 5 minutes a day decluttering an area.  One way of making this challenge so much easier is to grab a supermarket sized shopping bag and use this as your daily goal. Fill it up with loose paperwork, old socks, broken pegs, old pens, magazines, newspapers etc.

If you have nothing in your home to declutter don’t forget the shed, the garage and your outside space or take your bag out on a walk with you and fill with litter instead.

With less clutter in our homes it is so much easier to keep on top of the housework and keep our homes clean and tidy.  There are loads of great easy tips and ideas to you started just CLICK HERE or why not download my free decluttering printable.

If you need a little more help this Decluttering booklet I have produced my also really help you

So go and grab your carrier bag and fill it up. Please share your decluttering success on social media and use the hash #fillabag.

Happy Declutteing
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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