5 Minute Cleaning Challenge

I love to clean and keep organised and I am very fortunate that my career allows me 60% of the time to be based in my home office.  I can clean and tidy whilst talking to customers on the phone and doing business.  But I know this isn’t the same for all of us and I do also have days where I am out all day and still want to come home to that clean sparkly organised home that I can relax in.

Its just me and the kids in the week, Hubby works away mostly Sunday to Friday so I need to be organised!

Take washing up for example. When you leave a plate or cup in the sink, it’s not really a big deal. But do that for a week and your sink will “all of a sudden” be overflowing! If you don’t do your washing for a day, it’s hardly noticeable. But if you don’t do any washing for a week, your wardrobe will be looking empty and you will have the biggest mountain of washing to wash, dry, iron and put away.

Programme your washing to come on just as you are getting up so you can get this out and leave drying whilst you are out.  I target myself to have my washing dealt with by 7am.  Yes its early but it works for me. 

This is where my 5 Minute challenge has come into place.  5 Minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time.  You can read a blog post in 5 minutes, make a cup of tea, check out the latest updates on Facebook or Instagram but why not use that 5 minutes wisely.

Spending just 5 minutes a day in one room (Monday to Friday) seems pointless but set your timer and give it a try as this will save you so much time in the long run. Do you really want to be spending your day off cleaning and tidying?  I know I don’t!

Setting the timer see how mysteriously makes you work much faster, keeps you FOCUSED and MOTIVATED.

This challenge is for the weekdays when you are rushing off to work and schools runs. Hence why I keep it very manageable. 

Lets get started

Choose your time allowance. I have chosen 5 minutes as I know this is realistic and possible but feel free to set your goal as you wish. 7 minutes or 10 minutes it’s totally up to you.


What rooms are you going to tackle today can you spare 15 minutes and tackle 3 rooms before the school room or before you go off to work. Choose a time of the day that works best for you and fits in with your daily routine. I always choose the mornings as this works best for me.


15 minutes.

15 Minutes

And so on.  At the weekend or in my case Sunday mornings as Saturday is my day off house work I will fill in the gaps which include:

Moving Furntire

Hoovering the Stairs

Dusting skirting boards

Cooker extractor fans


Washing machine drawer and so on.

My daily cleaning also gives you a more intense task quick task to do every day but will keep you on top throughout the month.  From changing the towels to having a tidy up outside and sweeping away those annoying leaves.  You can grab a copy HERE pop it up in your home and stick inside a cupboard.

Everyone definition of housework and cleanliness is different and you need to do what is right for you. The key is not to feel to pressured but do enough to know that if a friend called around for a coffee you wouldn’t feel embarrassed. 

Create your own system.

Sometimes I take an empty washing basket around with me and fill this up with items that aren’t in their correct place.  This then ensures that I take the items back to their home. Don’t ever leave the basket full make sure you empty this as part of your challenge.

Think of this challenge as a great work out. If your working fast your heart will be beating faster and you will be burning calories saving you on endless trips to the gym and your monthly gym fee.

Be consistent

You may choose to do this just 4 days a week out of the 7 but stick to the days you choose.

Stay motivated 

Check into my social media every so often to see what I am up to stay inspired.

Ask a few friends to join in the challenge with you, set up a whats app group or Facebook group to keep motivated.  Join my Facebook Group which is full of cleaning tips, Product shares and motivation. CLICK HERE TO JOIN


Download your favourite motivational tunes and go for it. I always go for a bit of 90’s especially the dance tunes. I have popped a play list that I find motivates me over on YOU TUBE. You can find it here Lynsey’s playlist

Do not forget to do the 5 minute challenge along side the daily cleaning task from the Queen of Clean Calendar this system will get your home in shape before you know it. I am wlays on happy to offer motivation and help so always message me. I love to help and support.

Please use my hashtag across social media when you are cleaning to share the love and spread the clean.


Happy Cleaning 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I’m going to do the 5 Min challenge starting today

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  3. Deborah Atkinson says:

    Just wonder if you can tell me how I can get the smell of smoke out of my house phone’s I have try lemon ,white vinegar ,is there anything else I can do ,

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