Help to Keep Britain Tidy

Help to Keep Britain Tidy

Since having Hetty and looking down at the ground a lot more when I am out and about I have become much more aware of the amount of rubbish that is present on our streets. Where I live I literally walk a few steps into the school run and I am faced with endless amounts of rubbish from crisp packets, cigarette buts, fast food wastage and so much more.  Hetty’s little face is at the floor for most of our walk and the amount of times she has nearly choked on chewing gum is quite shocking. I am now forever fishing this out of her mouth.  Chewing gum and little white lolly sticks are so dangerous for our fury friends.

I often take a standard size carrier bag out with me and pick up rubbish but this isn’t possible daily and then I am left with how to dispose of this rubbish

my problem of how I dispose of it having a fortnightly bin collection in our local area really doesn’t help.

Rubbish I collected in less than 2000 steps
Isn’t this disgusting

From a young age I always been very aware of rubbish and have often took part in local litter picks but recently I have noticed the problem is getting much more serious.  People just don’t seem to want to use the bin or pick up rubbish that is directly outside of their front door.  The lack of respect from human beings is disgusting and something needs to be done about it.

When I was a child back in the 80’s such a long time ago I remember seeing TV adverts about keeping Britain Tidy this made me scared to drop rubbish. There used to be notices on lamp posts drumming this message into everyone of a cartoon drawing putting rubbish into a bin  plus at school we often spent lunchtime litter picking in small groups and it was made into a competition to incentive us.  These days this doesn’t happen, there are no signs on lamp posts and no TV advertising. Blue Peter and Newsround used to always be tackleing this subject but modern day children have no clue.  What is frustrating though there are plenty of adverts for junk foods and takeaways which are some of the biggest culprits of rubbish. Pizza boxes are all over my community along with McDonalds drink cartoons.

Do you remember seeing this image everywhere as a child?

Littering is far from a small problem and from doing my own research 30 million tonnes of litter are collected from streets in England each year and this is enough to fill Wembley stadium 4 times.  Litter increases health hazards and rats to our local areas and do we want this? Isn’t it about time as a county we started to tackle this issue again?

What can we do to help

Encourage our children to put rubbish in bins.  A very basic thing to do but I think somewhere along the line this message is missed and its up to us parents to start to drum this message back into our children

Buy food with less packaging, when supermarket shopping look to buy loose fruits and vegetables, after all these can be cleaned as soon as you get them home. Also choose glass bottles rather than plastic ones as people are less likely to leave glass on the streets as they see no dangers with plastic.

Take a bag with you on a short walk and pick up any litter that you see on your journey.  Doing this once a week or every so often will make a huge difference. Be careful what you pick up though and try to wear a glove. Plenty of needles out there and other distrubing items.

If you’re having a day out that involves taking a picnic make sure you take a rubbish bag so you can clean up after yourself. It such a simple thing to do but many people don’t do this! Hiding your rubbish behind a tree isn’t good enough!

Organise a local litter pick with community Facebook pages this is so easy to organise these days. This is great place to start Keep Britain Tidywebsite where you can plan and get support with your event.

If you see someone drop rubbish or leave rubbish say something. You don’t need to be rude just be polite and hopefully they will pick up their rubbish in embarrassment. I know I would!

If you are in an area with no bins then contact the local council let them know that a bin should be present in a county park or kids play area. This maybe a complete over sight on the councils behalf but if we report these issues then they can be dealt with.

Report graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned and unwanted vehicles and dog mess to the local council.

These are just a few simple things we can all do to hopefully male the communities we live in cleaner and tidier. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and see any pictures of you out and about picking up rubbish. If we all pull together we can tackle this ever growing problem. In my local area I am going to work on this as much as possible.

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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