A simple task for the month of May

A simple task for the month of May

Hello and welcome to May

May is a brand new month and spring is now well and truly in the air.  I have decided on my blog now moving forward to give a little monthly incentive and for the month of May I have chosen the bed.

A small daily task like bed making can really improve the appearance of a bedroom. A well made clean bed really sets the bedroom off and will lift the bedrooms mood and mask any untidiness.

Use the month of May to re-evaluate your bedding. Is your bedding looking a little tired, discoloured, or even frayed? If so maybe its time for a remodel and an injection of freshness or even a bedroom makeover

A few ideas here to keep your bed looking fresh and clean

If you love the style and colors of your bedding, then strip the bed down and give everything a good washing.Include the mattress protector and also give the mattress a good hoover and clean. remember beds harbour a lot of bed bugs and bacteria. Take your quilt to the dry cleaner or switch to your summer quilt and store the winter one away neatly. Quilt storage bags are so useful and will keep your quilt fresh and tidy over the summer months.  take a look here at what I use.

Check the care labels but these days you can wash most pillows and then fluff them up using your tumble drier.  If they are out of shape then look at replacing them you can get some great affordable pillows that don’t cost the earth I picked these up recently and I am so impressed. Don’t forget a bad pillow that has lost its support can cause back, neck and shoulder pain and a restless nights sleep.

If you love a scatter cushion and have plenty of these on your bed make sure you take the covers off and give these a clean.  A 60 degree wash with plenty of fabric conditioner will bring these up like new.

When it comes to your mattress clean it the best way that you can, a good hoover and a sprinkle of Bicarbonate of Soda .  Turn and flip your mattress and wash your mattress protector . Read my mattress cleaning guide HERE

Sort through your bedding sets  and take what you are aren’t going to use anymore to the charity shop or dog shelter or better still start to reuse some that you haven’t used in a while to give your room a different look. A small change like this is sometimes all it takes to add a splash of colour and brightness.

Your bed is where you get the most important down time of all, sleep and relaxation for the next day.

Look after it and it will look after you.

Thanks for reading 
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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