How to Descale the Kettle with the Queen of Clean

I am always being asked how to descale the kettle.

There are many products on the market that work really well but a few years ago I had a terrible experience and ended up in hospital so now I always descale the kettle the natural way.

It’s such a simple process just follow these very simple steps

  1. Fill the kettle with half White Wine Vinegar and half cold water.
  2. Leave to sit for an hour
  3. Leave the solution in the kettle and boil
  4. Empty your kettle and if you have limescale the lumps will come away when pouring
  5. Fill the kettle again with cold water
  6. Boil again so you are rinse out the White Wine Vinegar and then use as normal.

If you don’t have White Wine Vinegar or can’t stand the smell as it is rather strong then use neat Lemon juice. I tend to buy the lemon juice from the cooking aisle in the supermarket that can be used for baking.

This is a less toxic way of de-scaling your kettle and you know that even if you did end up drinking the solution you are not going to come to any serious harm like a did a few years back.

Sit back and enjoy a lovely a lovely cup of tea or better still a de-toxing mug of my wonderful immunity tea

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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