How do you clean Microfibre cloths

How do you clean Microfibre cloths

Always wash your Microfibre cloths between uses as they are really good at trapping dirt into the fibres and the dirt will not be released until you have washed them. Microfibre cloths can be washed 100’s of times and they will last you a long time provided you look after them well.

Being a pink freak I do tend to always try to buy pink ones but I do also like to have a few whites ones as these really do show up the dust and dirt telling you that you have actually removed the dirt from your surfaces.

Try using a colour code system with your Microfibre cloths as this can be a huge benefit and will stop cross contamination of dirt and bacteria around the home.

  • Blue – for the loo
  • Yellow – for mellow (dusting)
  • Green – for glass
  • Pink – for sink
  • White – for stain removal on carpets

I have seen people use the same cloth for a number of household tasks and this can be so bad, just imagine the cloth you have used to clean the toilet with has then cleaned the bottom of your bath! YUCK!!!!

You can either wash Microfibre cloths cloths by hand or use your washing machine. If you opt to use the washing machine try to wash them separately without any other laundry.  I have a bucket in my utility room for used cloths and when full they all go in together but dry them out before you leave them in a bucket or bin as wet ones will create mildew and bacteria growth. The great thing about microfibre is they are quick drying.

Machine washing

Just pop them in the washing machine at 60 Degrees with Liquid detergent and No fabric conditioner and they with come out good as new. I opt for detergent as powders can sometimes damage the cloths and cause a scratch to surfaces.

Hand washing

Wash with warm soapy water add in some washing detergent or even washing up liquid. Leave to soak for about an hour and occasional stir with a wooden spoon and then rinse with cold running water.

Drying microfibre cloths

One of the great things about microfibre cloths and towels  is that they dry really quickly so all you really need to do is hang them up to air dry and they will be dry in no time. If you want to dry them in a tumble drier use a low heat as heat can damage and shrink microfibre cloths.

You may want to wash your Microfibre cloths¬†cloths and towels before using them the first time to remove any stray fibres and you really don’t know where your cloths have been before they have entered your home

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Hope this post has been of use to you.

Lynsey xoxo


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