Good Night Kitchen

Good Night Kitchen

The kitchen to me is the hub of every home and it needs to be kept spick and span and in order. Everything must have a place and surfaces should be kept clean and bacteria free.

After our evening meal every day and I put my kitchen back in order.

  1. Clear the table
  2. Wipe over table mats
  3. Rinse the dishes
  4. Load the dishwasher
  5. Clean the sink using a multi purpose spray and buffing dry. If you have stubborn water marks I highly recommend Bar Keepers Friend it will remove any marks and bring your sink up like new. 
  6. Soak my dishcloth in bleach or Zoflora
  7. Change my Tea Towel
  8. Clean the hob and buff with baby oil for a nice shine
  9. Hoover the floor I always use my Cordless for quickness here. 
  10. Steam the floor with my Steamer
  11. Make sure there is no loose paperwork hanging around
  12. Put the childrens pack lunch boxes on the side ready to be prepared in the morning.

By following these simple steps after every meal daily you will find that your kitchen stays clean and tidy and there really is nothing better than getting up to a clean organised kitchen.  Just imagine getting up to a pile of dirty washing up and sticky floors. I always find its so much easier to keep a space tidy if you keep on top of it and this is where my 5 minutes in each room comes in, if you practice this method over a week and spend 5 minutes in each room tidying and cleaning you will save yourself so much time at the weekend. To help you stay on track set a timer on your phone and when the 5 minutes is up you will be so surprised at what you ave achieved.

Just remember its fun to prepare and cook meals in a clean organised kitchen and keeping the bacteria away will keep the illnesses at bay.

why don’t you try out my quick 5 minutes cleaning plan CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


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