Trolley Bags Review

I have been seeing Trolley Bags pop up more and more in the supermarkets recently and I have always been intrigued by this idea. Recently I was asked to review this unique shopping system by Packaging Sorted and I was delighted.

Trolley Bags  are a system of four reusable shopping bags that can be rolled together to carry to the supermarket and hung over the trolley while shopping, and then spread across the trolley to pack groceries into the bags with two hands free. As they are brightly coloured I decided to use the colours to arrange my shopping as I shopped.

I am a big online shopper mainly because it saves me time, but I do find I purchase the same old food week in and week out and my family do get a little bored of the choices they are presented with.

Being given the opportunity to test out the Trolley Bags was a great excuse for me to actual make the time to visit the supermarket.

Trolley bags are sturdy and designed to be long-lasting. They are made very similar to what the baby travel cots are made out of, the nags are also environmentally freindly and a great alternative to plastic bags.


Advantages of using Trolley Bags

Large sturdy bags

Environmentally freindly

FiT great into the standard size trolley

Allows you to organise your shopping as you shop

Velcro to attached the bags together so they don’t move around in the trolley

The bags are very deep sp can hold a lot of groceries

Bright coloured

Less contact with germs

Allows easy packing when in supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi where the till service is very quick

They are great for self scanning shopping as your all packed and ready to go.


Disadvantages of using Trolley Bags

When full they can be quite heavy when transporting into the car and house. I would suggest not to over fill them.

A little expensive but when you think of the long-term investment and how they save you time its worth it.


So my overall thoughts are that it has made shopping in a supermarket much more fun and easier when you get home for unpacking.

They come in two different sizes, either for the shallow trolleys and the deeper trolleys, and the range of Trolley Bags  goes from £17.99. The freezer bag is also a great idea too and can be used for family picnics and days out –  Freezer Bag

I hope you enjoyed this review you can purchase Trolley bags from  Packaging Sorted

For more product reviews from me CLICK HERE

As always thank you for reading

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


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