Win one of three ACE cleaning bundles

GIVEAWAY OVER 16.04.2018 – 4PM 



Queen of Clean has teamed up with ACE, the global stain remover, to offer three lucky winners the chance to win an ACE cleaning bundle worth £15. These bundles will get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe. Included in the prize are

:1 x ACE for Colours 

1 x ACE for Whites

1 x Multi-Purpose Spray

1 x Power Mousse

Most commonly known for its ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, the brand has a range of home cleaning products too. Most products are also multi-purpose, meaning that all household dirt and grime can be wiped out with a small number of products.

Their website is full of other blogs, video tutorials and more for using the products to remove stains, spills and bacteria all over the home.

For more information visit or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

To enter simple tell us about stains you are having trouble with and Team Ace will pick three winners

Over 18’s only

UK Mainland

Good Luck xoxox


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  1. Connie Greaves says:

    I’m forever struggling with stains on white clothes! Make up, food and them just not staying white! It means I avoid buying and wearing white clothes and I have some lovely white tops I’d like to bring out for the spring and summer!

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi Ace and Lynsey Queen of Clean.
    I managed to get grease while cooking the Easter family meal on my blouse. Have used a couple of products on it but not come off after 2 washes. Help!!

  3. Sasha says:

    The tarmac area of the kids playground always leaves a dull grey patch on their clothes which i can never remove effectively!

  4. Emma says:

    My son’s white socks never stay white would love to try the whitening stain remover to see the results x

  5. Ellie Hill says:

    Pasta sauce on my baby girls bibs!! x

  6. Rebecca millington says:

    Banana stains cant for the life of me get it out mt babys clothes ! 🍌

  7. Lorna allard says:

    I struggle with marks on the collar of my sons school shirts 😩😩😩

  8. Amber says:

    I have coffee marks on my sofa and when I tried to wash it out it left water marks! Need help with it, I’ve tried so much to get it out!

  9. Zara miller says:

    stains on my 2 year olds clothes as she gets way to excited with food/painting/pens (anything messy basically 😁)

  10. Gemma says:

    Foundation 🙈 some got on my new top the other day washed it a million times I refuse to bin it 😂

  11. Laura says:

    Bolognese sauce, I can never shift it and have binned so many of the children’s tops because of it.

  12. Laura says:

    I’m forever struggling to get my baby’s stains out of her clothes. Especially on her white vests!

  13. Elaine says:

    Can’t shift bolognaise sauce from my new cream throw have tried washing it but it won’t budge HELP me please Lyndsey 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Kelly Hicks says:

    Newborn baby poop 😷

  15. Lawrence says:

    I’ve got an awful stain on a white t shirt from sweet chilli sauce. Nothing will shift it! I’m sure ace would as my Nan used to use it and she was the master of stain removal in our family! I haven’t been able to find ace in the shops since 🙁

  16. Lizzie says:

    Anything on my 3 year old daughter’s clothes! And carpets! Basically anything relating to my 3yo.

  17. Hayleigh Bridges says:

    My 2 year olds pasta sauce stains and my 4 month olds nappy explosions!

  18. Abigail Harris says:

    I’m a primary school teacher, so I’m forever getting pen/ paint/ dirt marks all over my clothes. I’ve ended up having to throw many of my favourite items of clothing away, as I cannot seem to shift certain stains (especially biro pen!) Please help!

  19. Samantha says:

    Hi, I really struggle with getting mud out of white socks and in general keeping white clothes looking nice and bright. Thank u.

  20. Lindsey says:

    My two years old shoes/trainers.. She loves mud and puddle jumping haha x

  21. Laura ( ourlittlehousefilledwithlove) says:

    My messy toddler definitely keeps me on my toes when it comes to different stains on her clothes !!

  22. Sadie says:

    I struggle with staining on mine and my sons clothes after we have spag Bol as we manage to get it every where some how! Also mud stains too! Would love to try these products out 🙂

  23. Sophie says:

    Argh! Football socks/shorts/trainers! My rugs take a battering as well as the arms of my sofas! Boys and clean don’t go hand in hand lol 🤣

  24. Alicia says:

    I thought I was being funny kissing my fiancés arm of his white shirt with red lipstick and it won’t budge. He forgot and wore the shirt to work this week. In general though I have problems keeping our whites white. All my flannels are multicoloured now from makeup and face masks and I’m tired of replacing them

  25. Caroline says:

    What don’t I need help with! I clearly eat like a one year old (only when I wear white) from makeup to garden stains I always struggle to get marks out of clothes. My latest issue is a yellow bleach mark on beautiful cotton sheets. Please help my messy lifestyle 🙄😘

  26. Zoe says:

    I always have trouble with stains on my trainers/shoes! I can never get some looking as good as new !

  27. Emily Edmonds says:

    Raspberries and leaky nappy stains on my baby’s white vests! And pen stains on my sons white polo shirts for school. I bin so many clothes so would love some help please

  28. Rebecca morrice says:

    I would say the worst stain I have is on my cream carpet, I have a huge patch which is from irn bru being spilt and I have various other little bits from my cats vomiting up hairballs ahhh! Xx

  29. Anna-Lee Farrimond says:

    The stains I’m having problems with is my rug. I have a beautiful ombré grey to white rug. I have a puff on the rug and I’ve gone to clean to rug and where the puff was there is a big square brown stain. ( looks like someone spilt something over the puff and not said anything and left it to stain. Please help!! Thankyou x

  30. Deborah Dent says:

    Would love to try this on my tea towels , after cooking and a clean up you always have stains on them bolognaise , curry – this would be Ace to try 👍🏻

  31. Sam D says:

    I struggle to get my daughter’s socks to come up clean (even after using Vanish!)
    I’m due to give birth to baby no.2 in 6 weeks – I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stains to tackle then! Help!

  32. Kirsty says:

    Having kids you get all manner of stains. I’m struggling atm to remove a tarmac dirt mark on my sons Jiu jitsu gee which is bright white 🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. Cairis Manson says:

    As a mum to a very active 2.5 year old I am forever trying to keep his clothes looking fresh and in a good order – whether it’s grass, mud, food, paint or anything else I’m always looking for one product that will blitz the lot!

  34. Becks says:

    Pretty much every time I cook I get a stain even with an apron- red sauces and oil are the worst! My favourite colour to wear is white as well, mix that with a recent house move- complete renovation ongoing with a dog and two outdoor cats I should be an expert with stains on carpets and clothing 😂

  35. Sarah Green says:

    I really struggle with grease stains on clothes from food. I’ve actually made a lovely bright green top go dull just because I washed it over & over trying to get a grease stain out. Totally gutted.

    Another one is stains on my little boys Prep-School Uniform. Now I actually love him coming home in a mess. I think it shows he’s had a great day but a mix of dirt, paint, flour, food can be tough to get out of a white polo top, blue jumper & grey trousers! I actually love a sunny day as I know the sun will bleach the stains but we live in the UK and sunny days are few & far between!

    Me and my make-up!! I’m pale so love a bit of colour on my face but when I clean my brushes it’s leaves a horrible browny junk on my lovely white sink, which needs a good scrub to get rid off each time.


  36. ali.b. says:

    Its not so much a stain but just the greyness that seems to happen to white things mainly bra’s and t shirts – I’d love something to bring back the brightness 🙂

  37. Lisa M says:

    My 5 year old came home with 2 black dots on his school jumper. Tried all sorts but they will not wash out. Don’t know what it is but assume they’re permanent marker.

  38. Kate Deighton says:

    Some of my sons clothes have stains on them as he is forever ripping his bibs off! Also struggling with stains on my white bedding when he “helps” me when I’m doing my makeup in the bedroom 😩

  39. Gemma says:

    I always manage to flick some sort of sauce up myself when cooking – the worst one is splatters from spaghetti Bolognese don’t ask me how but I always manage it! This is really the worst stain I struggle with 🤷🏼‍♀️

  40. Grace Jenkins says:

    Grass stains, and pasta sauce stains my little girl is forever getting herself & me covered when we have pasta!

  41. Sarah dee says:

    I really struggle with keeping my daughters white school polo t-shirts stain free and crisp white (even though they get washed on a white wash and use other branded stain remover!)
    Would love to find a stain remover that ACTUALLY works so I don’t need to replace her uniform every term! Xx

  42. Rebecca Kavanagh says:

    I REALLY struggle with food stains around the kids collars!!! I can never get any stains out no matter how long I soak them for. And whites are always grey!!!

  43. Gemma says:

    Husbands deodorant marks on his tops.

  44. Alison Walton says:

    Baby poo stains! Why are they so bright yellow!

  45. Caroline Pritchard says:

    Makeup on the carpet or stains on white shirts

  46. dogswithstyle says:

    Spag bol

  47. Grass stains with my boys and pva glue and felt tip pens with my girls!

  48. Catherine Owen says:

    Mud, and our white socks always have some sort of black stains after wearing trainers, would love to get rid of those, rather than binning the socks!

  49. Jo says:

    My husband is a farmer, we have cows and sheep and stains galore! At this time of year we are busy lambing and calving from first light until very late at night, and work clothes get caked in mud, milk and other unmentionable things. I really do need all of the help I can get!

  50. Danielle Spencer says:

    Foundation – I’ve stopped wearing it because I can’t get it out of my clothes.

  51. C Parkin says:

    Please help- our family loves spaghetti bolognaise-but inevitably someone will end up with with it down their top (usually the 3 year old) or some of it spills on the tablecloth. I find the stain it leaves impossible to move-same for a lot of oil/tomato based sauces.

  52. Dalenda Ghouthi says:

    Grass stains, tumeric stains and blackcurrant juice!

  53. ValB says:

    I have been trying to get rust spots off a white tablecloth

  54. sabrina stanley says:

    The yellowing under the arms of my partners workshirts is impossible to remove 😥

  55. Jayne Roden says:

    Keeping whites…white, so hard!

  56. Cheryl Edwards says:

    I struggle with stains on my hall and stairs wallpaper where my dogs brush against it.

  57. Lynda Jones says:

    Its mainly food stains, the food colouring that they use now just seems to stick and is a devil to get out even after soaking, help please 😀

  58. Kate Loader says:

    Water Marks on my Shower Screen – No matter what I can’t get the Screen looking like new!

  59. Martha says:

    Spilt cup of coffee on textured staircase carpet and still cannot get all of the stain out of the carpet.

  60. Helen Harris says:

    Tomato sauce / pasta sauce. I get most of it out but it just seams to always leave a pale orange shadow. If I scrub too much it ruins the fabric – very annoying

  61. Heidi Brown says:

    Oh my, Baby/Toddler food, especially the orange stuff!!!

  62. Rebecca Sharp says:

    My daughter favourite food, bolognaise is impossible to remove from her school shirts. Help!!

  63. Lou says:

    Curry stains after takeaway night!

  64. Shelly semmens says:

    Sweaty armpit stains on white school shirts is my ultimate headache. No matter what I do they never come out.

  65. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Mud stains as my daughter is so messy, she gets caked in the stuff

  66. sue rushworth says:

    i can not get rid of chewing gum stain in dressing gown pocket

  67. Sarah Lamb says:

    I’m a dog walker so I often have to wash mud out of my work clothes.

  68. Sue Price says:

    I have a Yorkie with tummy problems….. need I say more!!! He is adorable, but the resulting yellow stains are really not pleasant and I can find them anywhere!! If I don’t find them quite quickly after an accident they are really difficult to remove. I really could do with all the help I can get


    The white underarm stains left by deodorant

  70. Debi Gillard says:

    Getting the grass stains out of my husbands cricket whites is a nightmare every year. The soil round here is a lot of clay so that and the grass leaves a lovely mess on the knees.

  71. Linda Raffan says:

    White powdery stains on dark clothes.I have to scrub after being washed

  72. Abbie says:

    I’m currently really struggling to get a foundation stain out of my brand new grey carpet. Normally Vanish carpet stain remover works but not even that has come to my rescue this time! Hopefully Ace will do the trick!

  73. Laura Britton says:

    I’m really struggling with fat splashes on tops

  74. natalie wallace says:

    My fiance gets oil on his clothes from his motorbike they are a nightmare to get off

  75. Sara Macey says:

    I throw away a lot of my childrens tops due to spagetti bolonaise stains, In the summer I make them eat it in their underwear

  76. sarah Mackay says:

    Mustard stains

  77. Zoe C says:

    Definitely my son’s school shirts and tie

  78. Katy Malkin says:

    Toddler food stains! Mainly passata and raspberries are terrible

  79. Nicole Conner says:

    I really struggle with the food stains on my toddlers clothes!

  80. Jane says:

    Hello. The stains on the windows from my painter and some of the damp patches from the previous owners of the house, it would be great to get those out

  81. Joanna Smith says:

    My daughter’s white school shirt. Especially with contraband make-up stains.

  82. Kaley says:

    Makeup on my top and my boyfriends navy overalls there horrible! X

  83. Janie Matcham says:

    All sorts of stains on my sons chef whites

  84. I have a fabric sofa and it’s not that old but three kids and a dog it has got grubby oils love to bring it back to life again x

  85. Helen W says:

    Olive oil and chocolate.

  86. Vikki george says:

    Grease stains are an issue

  87. Hannah Irish says:

    Red sauce stains on white clothes, i can never get them out!

  88. Frances Heaton says:

    A biro pen recently flooded all over my pure white T shirt, and I have been trying different cleaning agents to get rid of the mark. Unfortunately it is still stained, and I would like to try Ace to see whether it will shift it.

  89. lisa evans says:

    I’m struggling to get marks and stains off my sofa where the kids have spilt things! It looks that bad I’ve had to resort to putting a blanket over the arms!

  90. Harriet Leonard says:

    Foundation stains! I’ve got some on my bed sheets and mo matter how had I try it just won’t come out!

  91. Anna says:

    Pollen from Lily flowers

  92. Carol Greenfield says:

    Hot chocolate on a cream rug who needs children when you have my partner the coffee drips from kitchen to living room I can cope with but half a mug of hot chocolate on the rug just refuses to be removed fully.

  93. Phil Darling says:

    Red wine – the more I drink… the more I spill

  94. Pamela Hutchinson says:

    Spaghetti Bolognese sauce everyone in the family seems to get it on their cloths, and also grease stains.

  95. Julie Johnson says:

    Biro, I use biros and rest them on my flap on my white shirt i use for work and forget to take the click off so i have pen stripes where i have attempted to place the biro back after use

  96. David Griffin says:

    Barbeque sauce..never seems to totally disappear

  97. Alice says:

    Makeup on my clothes!!! Haven’t found anything that works completely yet, and on the kids it’s always school dinner marks!

  98. Lynne Manton says:

    My husband is an engineer and I struggle to keep things clear of black oil/grease marks

  99. Emma says:

    My son is a stain magnet but the worst is black whiteboard pen on his white school shirts.. Not sure how he manages to get those stains!

  100. Yvonne says:

    I have a shirt with some specks of dried blood having difficulty removing them please help!

  101. Catherine Whetton says:

    Burnt on oven stains are awful!!!

  102. diana jones says:

    red wine

  103. Connar says:

    Carpet stains are my worst nightmare!! Tried so many different stain remover spray bottles and powders.

  104. Michelle Williams says:

    My dog tends to shake herself after going out in rain, mud etc. The wallpaper ends up with little spots on, I want something gentle to clean it with.

  105. Christina Brown says:

    Makeup and food stains on white clothes- They’re the absolute worst.

  106. tim poole says:

    Dog bloody stains!

  107. Sharon Worsley says:

    My little boys white polo shirts which always get stained with marmite (his favourite on sandwiches lol!)

  108. Karen Weedon says:

    I can never get rid of grease stains – even on a hotter wash. Not sure what to do!

  109. PAULINE HILL says:

    creosote on my husbands jeans

  110. Laura Gallant says:

    My 2year old boy’s white blanket he takes it every wherewith him and as are result it gets very dirty, grass, curry, mud stains etc. i tried swapping it with a new one but he wanted that one

  111. Clare says:

    Baby poop!

  112. kelly glen says:

    make up stains on white clothes are always hard to get rid of.

  113. Jenni says:

    Biro pen on light trousers

  114. Maureen Findley says:

    i lit a candle and it dripped onto my three piece suite and went hard and now i cant get it off

  115. leanne weir says:

    Spaghetti bolognese!

  116. Jacq Fleming says:

    Black shoe polish on a light cream carpet 😕

  117. June Munday says:

    I struggle to remove stains caused by splashes of bolognese sauce. Even wearing a napkin the spaghetti can splash drops onto clothing and the orangey coloured stain is very hard to remove completely.

  118. Hannah Northrop says:

    There is chocolate everyone on clothes on our sofa and it’s a nightmare. In addition a friend of ours threw a rotten banana at our couch ,4 washes later and it’s still there!!! 😂

  119. fiona tomlinson says:

    foods which contain turmeric ,ie in indian cookery are just about impossible,they leave yellow stains on the fabric

  120. julie booth says:

    pizza stains (the tomato sauce) on my husbands white T shirts- just leaves an orange stain 🙁

  121. Vivien Baird says:

    I always get the job of cleaning my Grandsons football team strips they are all white and and I have trouble getting the grass stains out.

  122. Lisa Buckley says:

    Cat vomit 🙁 the worst is the pate type of cat food – which is regurgitated as a warm meaty soup that oozes into the carpet. Hideous.

  123. Emma nicon says:

    Pollen stains from lillies. A brown stain that really messes up a bright white table cloth!

  124. Samantha Pegg says:

    Spaghetti bolognese and anything else tomatoes based are the toughest. I swear by ACE and always recommend it, would love to win a bundle to share around

  125. denise bracken says:

    Printer Ink on a carpet

  126. Amy Bondoc says:

    red pesto, nothing gets this stain out 🙁

  127. vanessa gannon says:

    my daughter loves this slime stuff, and has it on her pj’s and duvet cover and it just wont wash off, horrible stuff x

  128. Amanda Lewis says:

    Turmeric – how the flipping heck do you get that out of clothes. Or kitchen surfaces. Or off the dog!

  129. Jaki Flowers says:

    Turmeric on a cream wool rug.

  130. Kate Fox-Pope says:

    blood….mwah ha ha!!!

  131. Claire Johnston says:

    My sons uniform polo shirts are pale blue and he loves spaghetti and beans. By the time he gets home the stains are dried and it’s ruined so many tshirts as I can’t bleach them being blue and they’re so hard to shift

  132. Tabbaz says:

    My baby grandsons clothing – if it is not a leaked nappy or a sicky burp then a messy mouthful – he has some really lovely baby clothes I do not want to ruin them using harsh bleach to get the little marks out but some non bio powders really do not lift the stains….I need some Ace gentle Help please

  133. Jenny Tyler says:

    Baby Food (Sauces) Stains!!!

  134. I’ve got a white Carron Phoenix sink and I really struggle to get in clean ever. The problem is tea stains. I would pay good money for anything that got this clean. You aren’t supposed to use bleach on it because it can make the surface pitted. I just don’t know how to keep it clean. Any advice gratefully received.

  135. DeniseUK says:

    Bologniase sauce on my cream carpet – don’t ask! Also, I managed to sit on some ripe blueberries and now have matching stains on my trousers and my sofa.

  136. helen tovell says:

    Biro it doesn’t seem to shift no matter what I use

  137. Caroline H says:

    I really need to find a quick, efficient cleaner for my pale kitchen vinyl (I know, never again!). Anything spills with any colour, eg tinned tomatoes are a nightmare to remove completely unless you catch them immediately.

  138. Lauren L says:

    Chocolate stains on my sofa and clothes!

  139. sarah fielding says:

    Definitely stains on white clothes!

  140. Carole E says:

    Deodorant stains

  141. Claire Williams says:

    I just struggle with my whites not being white enough for my liking! Have tried whitening powder but doesn’t seem to help!

  142. Laura Atkin says:

    It has to be dirty marks on my nice new hall carpet 🙁 Despite having a doormat and runner the full length of the hall, there always seems to be dirty marks either side of the runner. We’ve only been in our new build house for 4 months and this is the one area that is bugging me!

  143. Sarah Ann says:

    Make up! Whether it’s foundation, a lipstick or that time I dropped mascara all over my freshly made bed, they are my nemesis!

  144. Angela says:

    My border collie’s muddy towels!

  145. Karen Barrett says:

    Howdy! I have a few candle wax stains and would love to know the best way to remove please Thanks, Karen

  146. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Orange juice and bolognaise sauce are always problematic!

  147. Ketchup on my bedsheets from breakfast sandwiches in bed!

  148. Claire Glace says:

    Drives me crazy, small coffee stains on our white bedding…I really struggle to get them out, well actually, I cant get them out !

  149. Sam says:

    Suntan lotion, it’s a nightmare turns everything yellow!

  150. Shirelle Bolton says:

    Hi, I would love to be able to remove hot chocolate from a white shirt please.

  151. Nichola Mackay says:

    My husband’s white work shirts have all got a yellow tinge to them, would, love to get them back white again

  152. Rebecca Duffy says:

    My daughter is having a phase at the moment where she only wants to eat pasta with Tomato and Basil sauce, which she also always gets all over her clothes, the stains are ruining all her best clothes…..please help!

  153. Foundation (makeup) stains! I often get little splodges on my jeans or pj bottoms and I can never get them out.

  154. Jo McGoldrick says:

    Hi Lynsey, I am always struggling with black felt tip pen on my 6 year old sons red school jumpers. Nothing seems to work to even get the smallest bit off unless i use a metal scourer which then wears the fabric. I am at a complete loss.

  155. Lynsey Farmer says:

    Really struggle with curry stains my daughter is 9 loved curry but gets it on t-shirts and can’t seem to move the stains whatever I use

  156. Morgan says:

    Hello Lindsay!
    My baby’s sleep suits are the worse.
    He has an orange stain from a lasagne dinner.
    I’ve tried the new fairy stain remover on it, vanish and even wilkos own brand stain remover but it is not just coming off.
    My grandma told me that the other week she had tried some of the ace products which worked really well for her however I’ve been struggling to find it in the shops I’ve tired the discount stores, supermarkets, wholesalers but I’ve just not had any luck.
    So I would love to give a go please

  157. m cameron says:

    Blood stains always seem to win for me, tell me how to beat them. Just for the record i’m not a axe murderer…lol

  158. Kirsty Coates says:

    Well where do I begin?…… the stains are never ending.
    I’m pretty sure the other day I washed my daughter’s light grey leggings approx 6 times in a day with all different laundry aids, which none of them worked….. damn those grass stains!

    WHITE SOCKS….. why do I even do it to myself….. One wear of some white socks and they are stained in all sorts…. hot wash and vanish just doesn’t cut it….. before you know it I’ve binned loads of socks after attempting to wash them and spending all the money on water and electricity and they just don’t improve!!

    My children’s white polo shirts for school… they come home with paint… pen and school dinner down the front. That’s just a straight bin job.

    Please help me to keep my whites, WHITE!!

    XX XX

  159. ink has been a really tough one to get out and also struggle with sweat stains/ general yellowing of whites.

  160. Anastasia Polukhina says:


    Having a real trouble of getting deodorant and sweat stains off the white shirts and t-shirts. Have tried over 4 different products the yellow stains have slightly faded however the fabric now feel stiff and the slight smell is still there.

    Also, having a real difficulty of getting dog pee stains from the bottom of my lovely curtains, but will keep trying as they are my favourite part of my apartment.

    Also very difficult to get the pee stains and smell from the carpet as the dog repeatedly tried to pee on it. HELP PLEASE!

    OH AND white socks are a nightmare, I can not just buy new socks for my fiance every week but he only wears white and they do not stay white for long.

  161. Clair Dukes says:

    Grass stains on jeans.

  162. Freya Knudsen says:

    I’ve got some sort of curry on my top. Annoyingly I’ve washed it multiple times and used a product that rhymes with banish but still no avail.

  163. Sophie Thompson says:

    I have a beautiful newborn daughter & I am struggling to kkep all her lovely outfits sparkling white. Help this new mum with her babys clothes! Xxx

  164. Emily K says:

    My partner works as a manager in a fast food restaurant so is frequently coming home with grease stains on his shirts and occasionally “treats me” to various sauce stains too! Please help me!

  165. Fiona Martin says:

    I have trouble with tomato stains from kids dinners, either on them or on our chair covers!! Also school shirts never seem to come out proper white and clean anymore. And if you know how to remove slime from fabric, then please let me know!!

  166. Elaine G says:

    Keeping my kitchen cupboards and tiles free from cooking splashes!

  167. cluckyhen0 says:

    Sweat/deodorant stains on my DD’s white school shirts! It’s driving us mad!

  168. Solange says:

    Grass stains on school uniforms.

  169. Victoria G says:

    I spilt salsa on my cream blouse whilst enjoying some Nachos, I don’t know what to use to remove the stain as I’m conscious of ruining the material.

  170. richard scholfield says:

    Yellow underarms on white shirts

  171. Angela says:

    Hi Lynsey, the one stain I cannot shift is dirt marks on my denim jeans when I’m putting my toddler in his car seat. On the knees, the shins….It’s driving me potty, nothing has worked!! Arrrrgghh! 😂 Xxx

  172. Debbie W says:

    Something I always struggle with is ink. My teenage son wears a purple hoodie as part of an extra responsibility role at school and he’s forever shoving his black pens in the pocket, only for them to leak all over. Sometimes I have luck using hairspray on the stain but other times not and I’ve no idea why it isn’t consistent. Any other suggestions?

  173. AbbyP says:

    Orange stains! As in from the fruit 🍊. I cannot get it out of any of my girls clothes!

  174. Sarah T says:

    Citrus stains on my daughters clothes – she loves oranges!

  175. Faye Reed says:

    Red and green paint on the kids clothes… Even though it’s meant to washable.

  176. Amy verity says:

    Hi Lyndsey and ace!

    I am forever struggling with curry stains that I just cannot shift, I have a few tops/ dresses that have been stained that I cannot get out and have tried various products.

  177. Adele McKie says:

    Hi Lynsey & team Ace!! I always have a real problem getting grey deodorant stains out of my boyfriend’s white t-shirts :(! Please help, they drive me crazy!

  178. Omaiymah says:

    Some food stains on clothes n white clothes dont stay the same

  179. Kirsty humphrey says:

    Hi Ace and linsey I have 2 boys a 19 month old and a new born who’s 2 months I have troubles with my older boy with food like slag bow staine and other foods too and my newborn when he does poonanie is rather get stains o it then throw it away as so expensive now day from when I had my son so be idea to use on carpet stains too that he drops he’s food on floor also

    Good luck everyone

  180. Kirsty says:

    I’m having difficulty removing mud stains from my 4 year olds clothes as well as food stains from my baby’s clothes as he’s just started weaning so everything is starting to get stained and it’s driving me insane

  181. Sarah says:

    My 5 year old son uses whiteboard pens at school and once that gets on his uniform I can never seem to get it off! Would love to try ACE 🙂

  182. Caroline says:

    Grass and mud stains on my 19 months old pastel coloured clothes, they’re worse when she’s been at grandmas, will have to start sending her in darks😩 I suppose at least she’s having fun!x

  183. Kerry Jackson says:

    School shirts and trousers are the worst for getting grass and mud stains out no matter what i use it never comes out!! xx

  184. Ainsleigh says:

    Hi Ace and Lynsey, I have 4 children who create various stains I can’t remove! Two play rugby and they are constantly getting muddy and it is so hard and laborious to get out. One always wears fake tan and it gets on your sheets and good white towels-nightmare! One has crayon, felt tip and pen marks on different areas around the house and I am always getting surprised when I see a new doodle somewhere! And don’t get me started on my husband…😳🙄🤣

  185. Lauren says:

    I am consistently dealing with curry stains and tomato stains. I make a home made curry that can cause stains while cooking and sometimes even eating!! It’s such a tough stain to remove with its strong colouring!

  186. Kirsty longford says:

    Main stains in my household, are creative ones. You know the paint splat here, the pen mark there and not forgetting the ever so lovely slime! Also sometimes struggle with mud stains, some come out, some don’t!

  187. Nicola price says:

    Tomato sauce and chocolate ice cream!!!

  188. Jess harris says:

    I’ve got a 10 month old little boy and we’re forever throwing out clothes that have baby food stains on, can not find anything to get rid of them! Also got a 5 year old and 7 year old who love nothing more than to wear football kits, but again, they get covered with grass and mud stains and nothing will get rid.

  189. Lynsey Warren says:

    My daughter’s favourite food is pasta but she always spills it down her. That orange pasta sauce is a nightmare to get rid of!

  190. Abby Johnson says:

    I have a 19 month old starting nursery this week so you can only imagine the stains I’m going to be facing! Paint, food, mud, you name it and she will be wearing it all over her new clothes!

  191. Naomi says:

    My biggggest stain issue is grass stains! Its getting to be grass stain season again and everyone in my house seems to get them from my partner to the teenagers to my 2 year old! The boys even seem to be able to get them on their white school shirts 😩 I need these products in my life so i dont have to put them all in green clothes all summer 😂❤xx

  192. Emma says:

    I struggle with getting deodorant marks out of husbands nice t shirts ! Love to win some of the products ! Thankyou

  193. Leanne Franklin says:

    My biggest thing with stains is from my dog. She’s always walking through with mucky paws, from mud to when we cut the grass! I haven’t yet given these products a try so will keep my 🤞🏻

  194. Danni spouse says:

    The kids school tops .. can never get The stains to completely disappear xx

  195. Maryam says:

    The biggest issue I have is trying to get baby food of My covers my nephew comes over and the baby food stains and never comes off av tried quite a lot of products and currently going through your ideas x

  196. Jess says:

    Baby clothes in general, I can’t for the life of me get them white or their original colour again 😩😩

  197. victoria hall says:


  198. Susan Ellins says:

    I got a drop of foundation on a pillow case and nothing will get it out

  199. Julie Smith says:

    My husband uses a coloured wax to restore furniture at work and it can take several washes / treatments to get it out. He wears protective clothing but somehow it still gets on what it shouldn’t !

  200. Maddy says:

    Tea on my white skirt

  201. Diana says:

    Curry and mud :/

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