Are you too busy to fit cleaning in your daily routine

Are you too busy to fit cleaning in your daily routine

Vileda recently got in touch with me to ask me about how I find the time to fit cleaning around my busy life… I am asked daily through my social channels about how I do it and I am certainly not superwoman but I am a big planner and I love a list.

Busy mums working flat-out raising a family are really struggling to keep on top of the dreaded housework and ironing.  The ironing piles are getting bigger and the kitchen surfaces are crammed with left up washing up from days ago, paperwork and general clutter.

This is such a common scenario and many people really don’t know where to start once its starts to get like this. Cleaning the house and keeping on top of all the housework can be so overwhelming. But you need to take a step back and make this task easier and more enjoyable but planning and using the right cleaning tools and products. With the better weather coming we all went to spend more quality time with our families and enjoy the outdoors and not be stuck inside cleaning and ironing.

Here are a few of my TOP TIPS

Get your mindset around cleaning

See a  household cleaning as exercise that will keep your home in order and also give you an element of a daily workout. Try to enjoy your cleaning and don’t see cleaning as a huge chore.  Get the rest of the family involved, put on your favourite music and all join in.

Plan your chores

Diverse a rota and stick to it. Do a small task everyday rather than doing everything in all go. Creating your own plan means that you can design it around what works for you.  Write a quick to do list and tick off as you go or plan a family rota and leave it somewhere everyone can see.

Speed cleaning

One of my top tips is to set a timer in the morning before you go off to work or on the school run and spend 5 minutes in each room, (this may involve you getting up 20 minutes earlier but its worth it) you will be so supposed at how much you can achieve in 5 minutes.  This time could be spent making beds, opening windows, hoover, picking up clothes, putting a wash on. Putting away laundry, bleaching the toilet, cleaning the bath out, pumping up sofa cushions and spraying with an antibacterial spray, filing paperwork. 5 Minutes is actually a long time and you will probably be finished within the time period.  When I am mopping the floor to save time I find the Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL is great, it picks up stubborn dirt, grease and those annoying little hairs and has more contact with the floor than other mops!’ When choosing a mop it’s always important to choose one that doesn’t push the dirt around but actually picks the dirt up.  Another great option from the Vileda range is the easy wring and clean turbo spin.  Have you read my product review of these fabulous mop

Choose your cleaning products wisely

Pick sprays and products thar are versatile and do more than one job (multipurpose)  don’t waste time looking for products that do everything have a few good products and keep a set on every floor of the house with a stash of cleaning cloths.

Cloths, sponges and Scoures

Make sure you choose the right type of  cleaning aids to ensure in no time at all you have gleaming dishes in the kitchen or a sparkling bathroom. There are so many to choose from but have invest in ones that are right for you. Vildea have a great range of long-lasting, durable cloths that can be washed by hand or by machine and are super bright to add a splash of colour to any kitchen.

Robot vacuums

Are a great new invention that really can benefit the busy household.  The robot can be in use whilst you are preparing your dinner or dealing with the children saving you time and energy. The Vileda VR101 is great for sweeping and dusting all types of hard floors and short pile carpets and rugs.

Keep all of your cleaning products and appliances in an easy to reach area

Have a dedicated area for all of your mops, brooms, steamers, window cleaners, cleaning cloths and vacuums. This will save time and you know where everything is kept.

Invest in the proper tools

I like to use cleaning tools that are tried and tested and are proven to tackle the jobs for a busy household. Cheap tools will have you replacing your cleaning tools more frequently costing you much more in the long run. The key is to invest.  Vildea have a great range of sturdy affordable long-lasting cleaning tools to suit every households cleaning needs.

Pay attention to your cleaning

Don’t answer your phone, check your emails, watch TV or do anything else when you are cleaning. Focus and get it done quick. If you don’t it’s going to take you much much longer.

Clean as you go

Whilst cooking dinner wash up used pots and pans, clear and wipes surfaces don’t just let it build up.

I really hope this advise helps you with you household cleaning, the key is clean often and plan. Stick to a schedule and get the other family members involved. After all I am sure they appreciate a nice clean house too. Check out my Quick Cleaning Schedule too

Thank you for taking the time to read
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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