Some of my worst cleaning nightmares

Some of my worst cleaning nightmares

I have cleaned some of Britain dirtiest homes. What I have seen and found is quite shocking from dead mouses to human faeces smeared all over the walls.

I  do love a challenge but it’s not always easy! Even being the Queen of Clean!

The levels of squalor I have tackeled has ranged from horrendously disorganised through to dangerously dirty, breathing in smells that are unexplainable.

I have put together a selection of pictures from my worst experiences.  Over the past few years I have cleaned country manors, rotten caravans and even a dead stuffed crocodile.

Hold your breath and if your eating wait until you have finished

After seeing these surley you are in the mood to start your yearlt Spring Clean. I have out together a step by step guide. So hop over and take a look here

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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