Ora is more than just a paper towel

Ora is more than just a paper towel

Recently the lovely team at Ora asked me to review and share with you their very unique stylish  round paper towels.

I currently don’t use paper towels as I hate clutter on my kitchen work surfaces and traditional paper towels really look untidy and messy. So I have really steered away from them and I just use endless amounts of cloths and tea towels when a messy situation occurs.

The beauty of Ora is they are aesthetically pleasing and come on a really cute neat little stand, they also don’t have a big piece hanging off as they are grab and go from the top so no tearing is involved which also cuts down on the wastage. They are  round, extremely thick and very strong.  You also get twice the number of sheets you would get on a kitchen roll so they last for ages. Plus if you don’t want them on the kitchen worktop you can easily store Ora away very easily as Ora is such a slim design ‘Their innovative design means they look good all around the home; the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, even your child’s bedroom”

I have spent the past few weeks putting Ora to the test and  they are certainly more than just kitchen towel they have helped me with a whole host of household jobs such as:

Cleaning up spillages

They soak up spilt drinks and foods so well and there is rarely the need to go for a second towel.


Really good at cleaning glassware and mirrors and saves using a cloth and putting it in the wash when finished.


Ora has been so great at cleaning Hetty’s paws they literally remove all the mud with one simple wipe and  I would say they remove more than a wet wipe.

Dinner Parties

I have placed them in the middle of the table when having dinner parties, they have created rather a positive vibe and been so handy on the table for everyone to use and grab as they need.

Tablet and phone Screens

With a tiny amount of water they are great for cleaning screens.

Arts and Craft. Perfect to have on the table whilst the kids are doing arts and craft great for cleaning paint of paintbrushes and using to protect their clothes..

Queen of Clean overall verdict

  1. Super Strong, absorbent and round.
  2. Eco freindly less packaging than traditional paper towels.
  3. Stylish so look great if you decide to leave them out on your kitchen worktop. Plus you can get a great little stand.
  4. They feel nice and soft to touch
  5. No tearing or pulling
  6. Would I buy. YES. I can honestly say I know a convert.
  7. I give ORA a very well deserved 5 out of 5.

Ora is available to buy at TESCO, ASDA and Ocado.com

I hope you have found this review interesting and thank you for taking the time to read. Plenty more product reviews for you to enjoy.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

This is a sponsored post with ORA.

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