Its not all the big brands when your choosing cleaning products

Its not all the big brands when your choosing cleaning products

Most of us, including me, can be very heavily swayed to big brands when choosing cleaning products – even though it can cost a small fortune. We are all really busy people these days juggling a host of daily tasks so it’s easier just to stick to familiar brand names but the fancier labels are costing us hundreds of unnecessary pounds each year!

Whilst I obviously LOVE cleaning, apparently the majority of the UK hate it and recent research from supermarket Lidl ahead of ‘Spring Cleaning’ season, reveals that cleaning is so unpopular that most people would choose to have a cleaner for a day over a spa day or even a nice relaxing day off work. Not only this, but people actually spend almost £150 a year on buying cleaning products – a kick in the teeth when it’s the most hated chore! With cleaning so low down on the priority list, we tend to just carelessly buy all the cleaning products available and familiar to us without taking the time to think about what’s actually needed and the amount that’s being spent. The big problem with this is the big price tag that can come with it – and is it actually worth it?

In the past I have been known to pick up a multipurpose spray in all the different fragrances and colours!  I know many friends who do this too and they often call me to say” I have bought all these products but what should I use them for?”

With everyone so busy nowadays, choosing products wisely is not a priority – but if you put in the time to plan and research, allowing yourself to reach out to lesser known ranges like Lidl’s W5, you will save money… and you’ll also find they are just as powerful and effective.

As you know I play about a lot with different products. I always like to offer my audience the best products – and these aren’t always the big brand names – as well as showing everyone the most effective way to use them.

It’s also about making clever use of your products. You may have seen me using a bathroom cleaner as a stain remover for carpets and this works so well.  This now eliminates the need to purchase a stain remover. Many cleaning products will actually tackle a whole host of household chores.

My advice is to pick 4 or 5 products you like and know perform well and then use these for jobs beyond what is stipulated on the label. For example a window and glass cleaner is perfect for shining up high gloss kitchen cabinets and for giving your bathroom tiles a really good streak-free finish.

By making simple changes to what you buy for your cleaning caddy you could save a lot of money over the year.  Don’t always go for the big branded products – look at non-branded products and you will most probably find that the cleaning power is very much the same and the product could cost you half the price. Lidl has proven that we could all save £101 EACH YEAR by swapping branded cleaning products in favour of buying Lidl’s own brand W5 range.

Some of the W5 products have even won awards which just goes to show it’s not all about a big brand name!

Do your research, take your time and read labels when in the supermarket and understand what you are buying.  These three key steps will ensure you save money and buy the best products for the job. Keep your cleaning caddy clutter-free and only buy what you need. This could even save you enough to afford a professional deep spring clean of your own.

As always Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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  1. This is what I’m trying to do down size the cost for similar outcome , so far I love neutradol ,and beckman , oh and the wood silk leather cleaner still trying different laundry and cleaning stuff in own labels x

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