Amazing ideas to keep your home smelling fresh

We all love a fresh smelling clean home but sometimes this isn’t always possible.  Cooking smells, pets, winter months and general wear and tear can get in the way.
I love having my windows open so that nasty smells can escape and the fresh ait can blow through creating a sense of freshness but with the British weather this simple trick isn’t always possible.
But we  can create fresh smells with a few simple tricks. I have put below a very simple ideas that anyone can try.
1. Add scent boosters to your vacuum
This is one of my favourite home hacks and if you follow my social media you would have seen me do this plenty of times. vacuum up a few laundry scent boosters and allow them to sit in the collection part of your vacuum.  As you vacuum this scent will be released. But remember to change this weekly when you empty out your collection drum.
2. Make your own chemical free air freshener.
This is very simply a spray bottle, warm water and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.  You can play around and mix a few oils together to get your preferred smell.
3 Make your own Febreze spray
You can make your own Febreze spray to refresh you carpet, curtains, and fabric surfaces. Mix up into a spray bottle half boiling water, 2 tea spoons of Bicarbonate of Soda and a capful of your favorite fabric softner allow to sit for half an hour so all the products mix together and then spray away.  Always keep a distance of approx 20 cm when spraying and be careful around pets and children.
4. Create a spa experience in your bathroom
Dried eucalyptus stems are great for creating a sense of tranquility in your bathroom.  Tie a bundle a bundle together and the steam from your bathroom will release the plant’s oils and create a fresh clean smell.
Image result for eucalyptus stems
5. Reed diffuser
I really struggle to find good ones, even when I spend up to £50.00 a find the smell only really last a few days so I have stopped wasting my money and create my own using water almond oil and my favorite essential oils.
6. Household plants
Having a few plants in your home can purify your air and make your home smell better.  Ones to look out for are aloe vera and spider plants.  Have you read my other blog post How to keep your indoor air clean?
7. Wax melts
I jumped on the wax melts  last year and I am so gutted I didn’t discover them sooner. They give off an amazing smell and are so much safer to use than candles. If you are yet to try treat yourself to an electric burner then you can programme the smell to a set time. I normally have mine on all the time and change the melts every few days.
8. Cook something delicious
Consider baking bread or baking up a batch of cookies or banana bread. Sauté a pan of fresh rosemary or stick some cinnamon sticks in your slow cooker.
Image result for cookies
Other simple tips are, regulary empty your bins, clean your radiators with zoflora (more amazing uses for zoflora can be found here ) or fabric conditioner so when they are on the heat pushes the fragrance around your home, bleach your toilets daily and open your windows.
If you have any ideas then please feel free to share them below

As always Thank you for reading 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


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  1. Excellent ideas and tips as always. The candlecore reed diffusers are brilliant if you’ve not tried them x x

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