A fabulous but affordable bedroom makeover with the Queen of Clean.

A fabulous but affordable bedroom makeover with the Queen of Clean.

Simple steps can brighten up any room and really don’t have to cost the earth. Spring Cleaning for me isn’t just about cleaning but about refreshing rooms too with a simple lift and a new injection of colour or a change in accessories. Last weekend, I decided to give both my teenage daughters’ rooms a lift and declutter with a very small budget.


I started by lifting everything out and giving the rooms a really good clean. The bed I just kept moving around as it was too big for me to lift out!

Skirting boards – Wipe over using warm water and laundry detergent

Internal walls – For persistent marks I gently rubbed a tennis ball and then i wiped very gently with warm water and fabric conditioner.

Windows – Soapy water and then a polish with window cleaner

Window sills – Soapy water and then furniture polish

Internal doors and wardrobe doors   – again warm soapy water with laundry detergent.

Blinds – vacuum first and then rub over with a micro fibre cloth.

Carpet clean – Used my home dry cleaning system which brings them up so well and dries in no time at all. .

I then touched up any paint work and aired the room well empty for about an hour.

The refresh


Give your windows something new to wear. Ready-to-hang window curtains are easy to install and create an instant lift to the room, Maybe also change the curtain pole too to create a fresher newer look. I chose some really simple silver black out eyelet curtains for one room and they made a huge difference.

New bed linen is a must this time of year, freshening up pillows and  pillow protectors  Nothing looks worse on a bed than flat misshapped pillow.  Those yellow stains we can sometimes get if we are not using a pillow protector are spots caused by sweat.  When your face or head rests against the pillow for a long period of time sweat is released which then travels through the pillow case into the pillow. Moisture from wet hair also can cause these yellow stains and not forgetting the chemicals from skin care products, fake tan and makeup.

Investing in fresh pillows and duvet will really help aid a restful nights sleep and refresh the room.

I choose to purchase two new sets of bedding  for each of my girls.  They wanted some more grown up sets and some of their bedding was looking tired and slightly off colour. New fresh bedding can work wonders in refreshing a bedroom and give the interior a bit of an overhaul too. Try and invest in quality bedding that  lasts, washes well and doesn’t easily crease.  I found some really great affordable sets at Linens Limited Choosing the right bed linen for your bedroom is a must for getting a good nights sleep too.

Don’t forget to replace any cushions and throws too so they match your new bedding or very simply look at replacing cushion covers. You can refresh the whole colour scheme of a room with just a few new cushions and throws and this is such an inexpensive and fun change.

Much cleaner fresher more grown up look

Brighten up with new lighting; if you’ve had your eye on an antique lamp or fun lampshade, why resist the urge any longer? A new lamp will make you feel you’re in a brand-new room. You can install strip lighting above cabinets. Also consider redirecting your existing lighting to highlight particular features of your room.

Lastly open up a room. It’s an old trick, but it works every time: hang up a large mirror, and watch a small room open up and give the illusion of a bigger room.

Not every room needs a total makeover. These simple, fun and often inexpensive updates can make a big difference in your home. Enjoy!

I have put together 10 cleaning haakc that may help you out when giving your rooms a mini makeover Cleaning Hacks

For more great, inexpensive ideas please head over to their website. www.linenslimited.com

As always Thank You for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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