I am giving away a super stylish Morphy Richards 42L Chroma Sensor Bin worth £129.00

This steel kitchen bin is contemporary in style and holds up to 42 litres. Offers plenty of capacity for your disposal of waste. It’s clever sensor activates when your hand is about 15cm way and automatically closes giving you a hygienic no-touch method of waste disposal. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

To enter you simply need so SUBSCRIBE to my NEWSLETTER and comment below DONE.

All entries will be put into a generator and one winner shall be chosen on FRIDAY 2nd MARCH 2018.

This is not a colab or a sponsored post.

Good Luck Everyone. 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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  1. Natalie Newland says:

    I’m entering this competition to win the new bin, would love to win this, as my simply human bin has just broken. Thank you Natalie

  2. Laura Sandgrove says:

    Done. Fingers crossed as this bin looks amazing.

  3. Charlene says:


  4. Chantelle Stevensn says:

    Done! Bin looks amazing! Would love to win 😍

  5. Gemma says:

    Already subscribed done

  6. Gemma. C says:


    What a kind lady you are for doing such a great giveaway.

  7. Danielle Freeman says:


  8. Fenne Verbeet says:

    Done! I’m subscribed 🙂

  9. Emily Edmonds says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  10. Jayne Smithson says:

    Just subscribed xxx

  11. Katy says:

    Done ✅ your the only other person I know that shares my fear of shopping trolleys and carries hand sanitizer everywhere!!

  12. Clare shone says:

    Done ✅

  13. Alana Huzzey says:


  14. says:

    Already subscribed fab give away would love to win this 🙏🏻😘xxx

  15. Jodie Robertson says:

    Sure I was subscribed already but did it again anyway 🗑🙏🏻

  16. Marie Sutton says:


  17. Gemma says:

    Loving all your handy tips, thank you 😘

  18. Rachael pearson says:

    Done x

  19. Fearne Bruce says:

    Done! 🤞🏻💖

  20. Laura says:

    Done 🙂

  21. Lindsey says:

    Done xx

  22. Nicola says:

    Done 🤞🏼

  23. Ysabell Macfarlane says:


  24. Nicola says:

    oh I’d love to win this as all I’ve been using for a bin are plastic bags and they don’t look pretty in your kitchen and aren’t as higenic as a bin x

  25. Nicola richards says:


  26. Bilqees Mohmed says:

    Done 🤞🏼

  27. Courtney says:


  28. Sarah fedrick says:

    Done 🤞🏻☺️

  29. Helena says:

    Done ✅

  30. Caprice says:

    Always follow on instagram didn’t realise there was a newsletter, I’ve beeb missing out, but now done! 👏🏼

  31. Carol Chapple says:

    Done Thank you 😃

  32. Kelly smith says:


  33. Beckie pepper says:

    Done xx🤞

  34. Lisa Waldron says:

    Done! 🤞🍀😄

  35. Fay says:

    Love your page.

  36. Amy Tansley says:

    Done =) xx

  37. Hannah Grant says:

    Done! 🌼🌸🌺☀️

  38. Sarah Green says:

    Done ✅

  39. Nicola says:

    Done 😍x

  40. Carrie says:

    Done 😀👍

  41. Abbie says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  42. Farzana says:

    Done! Love all your Instagram posts. You have given me so many tips

  43. Erica says:

    Done, thank you 😘

  44. Keira Coxon says:

    Done! Fingers crossed loving this sensor bin!! x

  45. Angharad simons says:


  46. Claire bell says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  47. Laura hanks says:

    Done x

  48. Martine moore says:

    Done x

  49. Becks Grace says:

    Done 🙂

  50. Laura Clarke says:

    Thankyou.. signed up💖 xx

  51. Kelly travers says:

    done xx

  52. Hannah says:

    Done! Can’t wait to receive your newsletter and if I win the bin that is an added bonus!!

  53. Charlotte Taylor says:

    Done xxx 😀 good luck all x

  54. Sally Taylor says:

    Subscribed. Done

  55. Charlotte says:

    Done x

  56. Louise Newland says:

    Done 😊 In need of a new bin 🤞

  57. Gemma Heigold says:


  58. Jules Brown says:

    Done 💞

  59. Isobel says:

    Done x x

  60. Eilidh Mackinnon says:

    Done ❤️🎀

  61. Hazel Kilpatrick says:

    Done 😁💗

  62. Sam says:

    I am subscribed 😊 xx

  63. Missy4now says:


  64. Lote Puske says:

    DONE 👍🏼

  65. Megan Dunlop says:

    Done! 👍 x

  66. Anna-Lee Farrimond says:

    Done 💕

  67. Samantha says:

    Done! 🤞🏻

  68. Hannah says:

    Done , need a new bin as ours has broken and the lid doesn’t open without force. Fingers crossed I get a chance to win x

  69. Kirsty Coates says:



  70. Darcy Thomas says:

    Done 😁

  71. Gemma says:



  72. Jasvinder Kaur says:


  73. Paige Hamilton says:

    Done 🙌🏻💖

  74. Tracy Broadhurst says:


  75. Devon Stoker says:

    Done 😁🤗💖

  76. Catherine says:

    Subscribed and done 💖

  77. Katy says:

    Done 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  78. Victoria sweeney says:


  79. Kirsten Judd says:


  80. Amanda kennedy says:

    Done 😘

  81. Emma says:

    Done xx😁

  82. Joanna Lockwood says:

    Done! 😍xx

  83. Nancy says:

    Done 😍 xx

  84. Chloe says:

    Done 😍 good luck everyone

  85. Natalie morrow says:

    Done x

  86. Hannah says:

    Done. Love your posts. So handy tips keeping my home all clean and sparkly. Espeacilly with two kids under 4. Xx

  87. Gemma Fitzgerald says:


  88. Nancy Oliver says:

    Done 😍

  89. Hayley Lines says:

    All done x

  90. Leanne Graham says:

    Done x

  91. Sarah Drayton says:

    Done wonderful giveaway x

  92. Chloe says:

    Done 💛

  93. Siobhan says:

    Done 👍🏻 My husband is always moaning that we need a new kitchen bin 🙈

  94. Beth Smith says:

    Done x

  95. Whitney Newsome says:

    Done 💗🤞💗

  96. Pardeep says:

    Done 🙂

  97. Honour says:

    My house is happier and cleaning for finding you

  98. Mairi Clark says:

    Done ✅ xx

  99. Danielle says:

    Done ✅🍀


  100. Chelsea McGinley says:


  101. Ashleigh Bremer says:

    Done xxx

  102. Lucie Bolton-Cole says:

    Done. Fingers crossed!! X

  103. Chelsea says:

    Done! 🌸

  104. Lydia Easey says:

    Done 👍🏼

  105. Mary says:

    Done xx😁❤

  106. Sarah Pegler says:

    Done 👍🏻💖

  107. Paige Horvath says:

    Done xx

  108. Tina says:

    Everything crossed!

  109. Sophie mccalman says:

    Done 😊

  110. Natasha says:

    Done 💖💕

  111. Rachel Phillips says:

    DONE ✅

  112. Danielle says:

    Done! ✨

  113. Ruth lambert says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  114. Martina says:

    All done.
    Good luck everyone:-)

  115. Katie casey says:

    Done ✅ x

  116. Abi Simmons says:

    Done ❤️❤️❤️

  117. Lorna Coldwell says:


  118. Sara Kay says:

    Done ☺

  119. Danielle says:

    Done xx what a fantastic giveaway x

  120. Chloe Brown says:

    Done xx

  121. Tammy Horsfall says:

    done x

  122. Sarah dee dee says:

    Done X

  123. Danielle Hoodless says:

    done x

  124. Rachel Houghton says:

    Done 🤞

  125. Roberta M. says:

    Done!! Good luck to everyone 🍀

  126. Keisha plant says:


  127. Aneta lewandowska says:

    All done x xx x

  128. Rachel says:

    Done 🤞 X

  129. Rosie Mitchell says:

    Done! 💙

  130. Samantha says:

    Done 👍🏼

  131. lisa marie Camilleri says:

    Ive suscribed.thankyou all done x

  132. Chantelle says:

    Done xx

  133. Jessica says:


  134. Karla sharp says:

    Done xx

  135. Rhiannon says:

    Done xx

  136. N Britnell says:


  137. Charlotte Dorrance says:

    Done x

  138. Gemma says:

    Done 😊 x

  139. Amie says:

    Done! 😄

  140. Zoe Leeman says:

    Done x

  141. Frankie Huda says:

    Done! This bin looks amazing ❤️

  142. Kayleigh sumpter says:

    Done ☺️

  143. Emma says:

    Done 😀 xx

  144. Michelle says:

    Done 💗

  145. Shannon says:

    Done xx

  146. Georgina Carvell-Gough says:

    I love your insta stories, they’ve really good ben me motivation when I’m been getting anxious about cleaning. Keep up the good work! X

  147. Sara Harmer says:

    All done, 😀 x

  148. Chloe Johnson says:

    Done 🌻

  149. Georgina Carvell-Gough says:


  150. Amber Yates says:

    Done 💗 Xx

  151. Vicky lockey says:


  152. Amanda muir says:


  153. Marie williams says:

    That’s me done!! Xx

  154. Caroline de Lioncourt says:

    Fantastic! You’ve changed my life , I have learned so many new things because of you . Thank you 😊

  155. Amy Farquharson says:


  156. Melanie Wardale says:

    Done 😀😀

  157. Emma Johnson says:


  158. Laura McDonald says:

    Done! X

  159. Tbarakmahar says:

    Done! ::)

  160. Abby says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for such a long time and didn’t even realise you had a newsletter! Excited to get my dose of cleaning tips in another format – subscribed!!! 👍🏼

  161. Rhiannon says:

    Done 😁

  162. Amy Wood says:

    Done 😀

  163. Angela says:


  164. Samantha says:

    Subscribed 🤞🏼

  165. Emma Petrou says:

    Done xx

  166. Rebecca Shaw says:

    Done ✅ this competition couldn’t have come at a better time as my bin has broke! 😣🤞

  167. Jess says:

    Done ✅ x

  168. Amy hartopp says:

    Done 🙊🙊

  169. Rachel conisbee says:


  170. Kelly says:

    Done 😊😊

  171. Kirsty says:

    Done 😁x

  172. Bethany Johnson says:

    All signed up, I love your tips and tricks and follow you on both Instagram and Facebook. Good luck everyone xx

  173. Beth says:

    DONE 😆💖

  174. Lauren alderson says:


  175. Francesca Huda says:

    Done ❤️ Love this bin😍

  176. Emma jones says:

    Done ✅

  177. Charlotte says:

    Done 🌷🌷

  178. Rachael S says:

    Done ❤️

  179. Ashleigh says:

    Done x

  180. Manuela Pesci says:

    Done ✅

  181. Sam says:

    Already subscribed, done

  182. Ceri Chard says:

    Done and subscribing

  183. Kel says:

    Done 👑💫

  184. Tayla shelford says:

    Done x

  185. Megan Smith says:

    Done 🤞🏻xx

  186. Kate Deighton says:


  187. Michelle Allan says:

    Done 👍🤞

  188. Rosy says:

    Done 😊 What a brilliant prize! That’s very generous of you to do this off your own back!

  189. Natalie says:

    done xxx

  190. Emily Peters says:

    Done xx

  191. Nicole O’Neill says:

    Done, I’ve subscribed! 👍🏻

  192. Sarah says:

    Done 😊

  193. Jamie-Lee Fisher says:

    All done! What a lovely thing to do! 👌🏼 Xx

  194. Rebecca Kavanagh says:

    Done. Xx

  195. Suzanne Gaskell says:

    Done. Thank you for this chance. Xx

  196. Zoe Silva says:

    Done! 😊

  197. Jane says:

    Done! Thanks ever so much for your tips, inspiration and colour each day xx

  198. annamarie simpson says:

    Done, love seeing your posts & stories. Full of lovely handy tips, keep up the good work Kinsey.x🙋‍♀️

  199. Olivia Brownell says:

    Done xx

  200. Katie says:

    Done 🙌🏻 xXx

  201. Katie says:

    Done.. this would be soooo handy and ideal for me with my arthritis and other illnesses. Xxx

  202. Laura Fellows says:

    Done! I rarely enter competitions, but this is a fab prize! <3

  203. Annabel says:

    Done! Would love this 🙂 xx

  204. Steph o says:

    Thank you I’ve now Signed up. Done! Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼🍀💕

  205. Laura says:

    Done ❤️

  206. Caroline says:

    Done ❤️

  207. Nicola Thomas says:

    Done 🤞🏻 Xx

  208. Heather kidley says:

    Done thanks x

  209. Fiona says:

    ✅. Would love to win this, and it’s nearly my birthday!!!! Xx

  210. R says:

    Done this will be fab!

  211. Catherine Ford says:

    Done xx

  212. Kelly Smith says:

    Done 😃

  213. Leanne Clark says:

    Done 🤞 xx

  214. Rebecca Bignall says:

    Done 🤗🤞💖

  215. Emckinven says:

    Done Queen of Clean 😍😍😍😍

  216. Rachel H says:

    Done 😘 xxx

  217. Katie Holland says:

    😍😍 done! Xxx

  218. Hannah Smallman says:

    Done 🙂 x

  219. Leanne says:

    Done 😘 xx

  220. Leanne Jarvis says:

    Done 😘

  221. Emma Wells says:

    Done 🙂

  222. Net says:

    Love watching u on instagram, I have used a lot of your cleaning tip. Would be nice to win the bin xx

  223. Lou Mancktelow says:

    All done xx Have a super sparkly pink weekend!! 💖🍷💖

  224. Teresa says:

    Done 😊 xx

  225. Lauren Hall says:

    Done! X

  226. Heather says:

    Done 😁 this would be perfect for me new house!

  227. Kelsey says:

    I would love to win this bin! Looks amazing x

  228. Emma McRobie says:

    Done 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  229. Carly hatton says:

    Doneeee 😋

  230. Lauren says:

    Done!! 🙂 xx

  231. Stacey Austin says:

    Love reading your posts and watching your videos 😊 xxx

  232. Claire says:

    Done. Fab giveaway. Xx

  233. Robin-Christie Haley says:

    Done ❤️❤️

  234. says:

    Done! I already subscribe love your blog! X

  235. Rachyp19 says:

    Done xx

  236. Emma Mooney says:


  237. Kirsty Chinnery says:

    Done ✅ What a lovely gesture for you to do. I love reading and watching your tips and reviews

  238. Emily benson says:


  239. Kayleigh says:

    Done xx

  240. Nikki Wheatley says:


  241. Amy Kidd says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  242. Amy Wilson says:

    Done 😁😁 xx

  243. Claire Holloway says:

    Done 🤞😊

  244. Rukia says:

    Done. Thank you 🙂

  245. Claire says:

    Done 🙂

  246. Gemma says:

    Done! Love your posts on Instagram and always watch your Instagram stories ☺️

  247. Claire Routledge says:

    Done! ✅😘🤞

  248. Ebony Brennan says:

    Done 😊

  249. Paula Ayre says:

    Done ✅😊

  250. Shareen says:

    Done 🤞🏽💖

  251. Melissa says:

    Done 💗

  252. Rosie jones says:

    Done ✅🤞🏼 Xx

  253. Natasha says:

    Done xx

  254. Catherine Fitzgerald says:

    Done xx

  255. Lou says:

    Done 👍 💕

  256. Amy Dolly robson says:

    Done x

  257. Shannon says:

    Done 🤞🏼xx

  258. Nathalie says:

    Done. Thank you

  259. Sukhi says:

    Yaaayy, I have subscribed! Please please can I win! I am moving house and need a bin and this would be amazing!

  260. Barbara Smyth says:

    Done xx

  261. Elaine says:

    Done! This would be perfect as the bin is one job I’m really not good with. The sheer volume of germs in there makes me shudder!

  262. Chloe Kilby says:

    done x

  263. Amanda says:

    Done 😊 xxx

  264. Annaliese Cordiner says:

    Done xx

  265. Bethany Leach says:

    Done 😁 x

  266. Emma says:

    Done! ☀️

  267. Jean Kelly says:


  268. Kirsty says:

    Done 🤗✨

  269. SOPHIE says:

    DONE 😁

  270. Coralie Thompson says:

    Done xx

  271. Hannah Tempesta says:

    Done 👍💋

  272. Amy Evans says:

    Done xx

  273. Catherine says:

    Done have just baught my first home this will be perfect xx

  274. Liora says:

    Done. Would love this bin xx

  275. Carly Haines says:

    Done ✅

  276. Sarah Mckirdy says:

    Done x

  277. Renux says:

    Done- Would love to win this bin! Your blog and instagram stories inspire me daily! x

  278. Lynsey wade says:


  279. Anne-Marie Nugent says:

    Done xx

  280. Samantha Goodliff says:

    Done 😊

  281. Sarah says:

    Done!!! Xxxx

  282. Zara says:

    Done ⭐️

  283. Sophie says:

    DONE! We are in such a need of a new bin, the lid is broken and I it doesn’t open with a simple push, its disgusting having to touch it! This is perfect timing!

  284. Ginny Macfarlane says:

    Done. Been saving for a new bin since we moved into our house 7 months ago, we are still using a carrier bag on the door! 😂

  285. Sarah says:

    Done 😁 x

  286. Megan Preston says:

    Done 💓🤞🏼

  287. Lesley Black says:

    DONE ✅

  288. Jomane says:

    Would love this hoover xxx looks great xxx

  289. Rachael B says:

    Done!!!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  290. Laura says:

    Done x 🤞🏼

  291. Danielle says:

    Done x

  292. Hayleigh Bridges says:


  293. Ffion says:

    Done 😀

  294. Rachel says:

    Subscribed xx

  295. Tracey says:

    Done ✅

  296. Bethan Mattey says:

    Done 💕 xx

  297. Tamara says:

    Done! What a lovely idea for a giveaway 😊 x

  298. Karen Bond says:


  299. Jasmine says:

    Done 💞

  300. Victoria says:

    Done x

  301. Kirsty says:

    Done 🤞🏻 Xx

  302. Orla Heaton says:

    Done 😊

  303. Matt Hooper says:

    Done!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  304. Alex says:

    Done 😁👌🏼

  305. Donna rafferty says:

    Done, good luck everyone.

  306. Tyler richards says:

    Done 😊xx

  307. Rachel says:

    Done. I’m desperate for a new bin and a clean kitchen, some fabulous and product ideas thank you xxx

  308. Teela lamb says:

    Done 😃

  309. Claire H says:

    Done 😊 xx

  310. Natasha Thomas says:

    Done! X

  311. Mary says:

    DONE…. would adore this bin🙌😊

  312. Angela says:

    Done 💌

  313. Emily says:

    Done 💕💕💕💕

  314. Roisin Swainston-Rainford says:

    Done! Xx

  315. Kaomi says:

    Done, I am in desperate need of a new bin. Xx

  316. Yasemin says:

    Done ✅😁 🤞🏻 so glad I found your blog , very helpful! Now, I need to stock up on white wine vinegar 👍🏻

  317. Chloe Reed says:

    Done 😊🤞🏻🗑

  318. Claire Waddington says:

    Done xx

  319. Ashleigh says:

    Done 😊👌 x

  320. kelly marie says:

    done 😀👍👍

  321. Angela Stringer says:

    Done xx

  322. Mary Heald says:


  323. Tia says:

    Done!! – I’m OCD diagnosed & I always worry about touching the bins, so this would be amazing! Xx

  324. Angela stone says:

    Done xx

  325. Amanda budby says:

    Done xx

  326. Zoe says:

    Done ✅ this would be great as I’m moving into a new house and have so much stuff to get! X

  327. Kassandra Edwards says:

    Done 💙 Hopefully a win of such an amazing prize will make me want to have a bin in my kitchen instead of the dreaded run to the bins outside with carrier bags 💁🙈😂 x x x

  328. S thomas says:

    Done x

  329. Jasmin Best says:

    Done x

  330. Becky says:

    Done !! 🙂 just about to get my own house and missing a bin yet , would love to win

  331. Becky says:

    Done :)! Would love to win, just got my own house and need a bin !

  332. rani_bi says:

    Done 😚

  333. Rory clark says:

    Done x

  334. Emily says:

    Done 🙂 x

  335. Hannah says:

    Done ✌️❤️

  336. Amanda Gunn says:

    Done 😊 x

  337. Victoria kettle says:

    Done x

  338. Hannah Thorpe says:

    Done 🐶 xxx

  339. Bethany Davies says:


  340. Rebecca irons says:

    Done xx

  341. Terri shannon says:

    Done 😍

  342. Grace Louise says:

    DONE ✅😊🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xxxx

  343. Jasmine mather says:

    Done xxx

  344. Carrie-Ann says:

    Done xx

  345. Kirsten says:

    Done ✅😘

  346. Nadya Stewart says:


  347. Aimee says:

    Done 🙂

  348. Charlotte Aldridge says:

    Done 🤞🏻

  349. Kelly Hicks says:

    Done 🙂

  350. Kirsty Smith says:


  351. Zoe Handley says:


  352. Lucy hadinghan says:

    Done xx

  353. Deborah Dent says:

    Done xx

  354. Catherine Causebrook says:

    OMG!!!! DONE DONE DONE!!!! What an amazing prize. Fingers crossed ☺️🤞🏼🍀🍀🍀

  355. Leanne Grinham says:

    Done ✅ xxx

  356. Claire webb says:

    DONE xxxx

  357. Sarah Smith says:


  358. Aimee says:

    Done!! Xx

  359. Katie Whatley says:

    Done ✅ xx

  360. Emma Archer says:

    Done 🙂

  361. Christina says:

    Done 🤩🤞🏼

  362. Rebecca says:

    Done ☺️x

  363. Sarah says:

    Done! This would be so perfect as I currently don’t have a kitchen bin!! Xx

  364. Naomi says:

    Done 😊

  365. Jessica says:

    Done! Fingers crossed xox

  366. Zoe turner says:

    Done x

  367. Milly callan says:


  368. Katie Banstead says:


  369. Sarah holmes says:

    All done x

  370. Rachael pearson says:


  371. Emma Crowe says:

    Done 🤞🏼

  372. Zoe Johnson says:

    Done xx

  373. ClaudeM says:

    Done! 🤞

  374. Nicola says:

    Done 🤩

  375. Rebekkah Stainer says:

    Done i need a new bin

  376. Gemma says:

    Done 😊

  377. debbie smith says:

    done amazing giveaway thankyou x

  378. Rachel spindler says:

    Done 😁

  379. Naomi says:

    Naomi x

  380. Sammy Kellock says:

    Done xx

  381. Kassie says:

    Done ❤😘

  382. Nurcan Demir says:

    Done (fingers crossed) 🙂 xx

  383. Donna says:

    Thank you . Done

  384. Ellie Theobald says:

    Done 😊 I just moved into my first home, and have a baby due in 2 weeks and this would be perfect for myself and husband on our new home/ getting rid of dirty baby bits ❤

    I dream to be as clean and tidy as you, #lifegoals

  385. Ayesha Das says:

    DONE ✅

  386. Charlotte Dodd says:

    Done 🤞

  387. Alice says:

    Done! Fingers crossed! 💗

  388. Emily says:

    Done 🙂 x

  389. Gemma blackham says:

    Done 🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻

  390. Lisa Cornell says:

    Done ✅

  391. Lianne says:

    Done xx 👍😊

  392. Claire says:

    Done! 😊

  393. Liz says:

    Done 👍🏻 Xx

  394. Kirsty says:

    Done 🤞🏻😍 xx

  395. Allana jane russell says:

    Done 😀😀

  396. Nicole says:

    Done 🙂 xx

  397. Ruksana says:

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