Drying your Laundry over the winter months

Getting your laundry done when you no longer have the facility of the washing line in the winter can be a real pain. Who really wants to go out in the freezing cold and hang out there washing when the chances are it probably won’t dry. This can make getting your daily laundry done a real chore.  We are left with not many options and one is to dry our clothes indoors, which to me can be really unhealthy and potentially cause mould and mildew.

I have put together some solutions that will hopefully help you out and make the winter laundry more bearable.

Extra spin 

When your laundry cycle  has finished do an extra spin.  You will be surprised at how much this can help with the drying time and how much more water is removed. The washing machine uses less energy than the tumble dryer so this is definitely worth trying.

Tumbe Dryer

Running a tumble drier can be expensive so I highly recommend adding in wool tumble dryer balls these will speed up your drying time, reduce static and prevent your clothes getting tangled. These fabulous balls also give off a fresh scent too so an added bonus! For a small load add in 3 balls and a larger load 6 balls, they will last approx 1000 uses. Just store them in your tumble dryer so you never forget to add them in.

Create a drying space.

If you are lucky enough choose a spare bedroom or unused room for your drying racks . Keep the room well ventilated. Open the windows and shut the door so the fresh air can circulate.

Hang garments

One of my favourite drying tricks is to hang clothes on coat hangers and then hang them on the curtain rail with the window ajar or on the bathroom shower rail.  You will be so surprised at how quickly clothes can dry like this plus it also makes the clothes less creased so much easier to iron, if you need to iron them at all.

Good non slip hangers are essential to keep your garments in shape.

A Dehumidifier

A DEHUMIDIFIER is another great option to help dry cloths. Some of the newer models are so advance and have setting specially designed for drying clothes. The drying mode is very suitable for wet weather or seasons. It can remove excessive moisture from clothes and keep them dry and clean. 

Portable Electric Cloths Dryer

Electric cloths driers are a great alternative to the tumble drier. They are energy efficient, simple and easy to assemble. The heated, thermostatically controlled, lightweight aluminium frames will dry your laundry gently – perfect for delicates like satin & silk that are not suitable for a tumble dryer and cost as little as 10p per hour to run.

Do not over loads radiators

Don’t hang clothes on the actual radiators as this will make your boiler work harder and increase your heating bills. Instead opt for the Radiator airers and you will find the clothes crease less too so much easier to iron. These radiator aires are easily attached to a radiator, and because of the robust arms that keep your clothing safe while they dry, they will remain firmly in place. Folds flat for easy storage when not in use. A plastic covering on the drying rack for clothes gives you the assurance of a long, rust-free life. The arms will firmly stay in place over the radiator, bath, or door, keeping your laundry secure while drying.

Cold and sunny winter day

I love my washing line and still believe the best way of drying clothes is outside. I  will hang some of my washing out to dry outside if it’s a cold sunny winters day.  Light items such as shirts and bedding will dry if they are outside for the majority of the day but when you bring the washing in it will feel cold. By drying our clothes outside we keep them fresh and well aired. This avoids moisture being trapped in the fibres encouraging musty smells that are always unpleasant.  Putting clothes away clean and aired will enhance the life of any garment over time, which means your favourites remain your favourites for longer!

Don’t forget the sun is also a natural disinfectant and bleaching agent so if the sun is out make sure you get it out.

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