Pouch for Life – Hygiene Doctor

Pouch for Life – Hygiene Doctor

Recently I was sent some Pouch for Life’s to test out. Now I am useless at remembering to take a carrier bag to the supermarket. If I added up how much I have spent on shopping bags in the last year I would probably be shocked! 5p’s and 10p’s here and there soon add up. I am pretty sure I could of treated myself to a gorgous pair of shoes!

But this frustrating scenario can now be a distant memory to me thanks to the innovative ‘Pouch for Life’.

Pouches for Life has been developed by Addmaster, a company renowned for creating anti-bacterial solutions, the Pouch for Life is a pocket-sized bag which prevents the spread of harmful bacteria.

The pouch can open up to a full-sized reusable Bag for Life and is sold in large supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer, with the possibility of others soon to be following suit and offering them to customers.

Pouches for Life are  available from The Hygiene Doctor website CLICK HERE

Last year, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) warned that regular Bags for Life pose a food poisoning risk if they are used to carry raw foods such as meat and fish. personally this makes my stomach cruel and I really couldn’t think of anything much worse. Especially when the same bags are then used to carry other foods such as ready to eat foods and fruits which may not be washed, potentially harmful bacteria could be spread.

This then prompted Addmaster to create a Biomaster protected Bag for Life. The Pouch for Life incorporates the same Biomaster technology, with an anti-microbial inner-lining to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Paul Morris, CEO of Addmaster, said: “The Pouch for Life is a handy invention and extremely convenient for shoppers. It is easy to carry around, solves the issue of buying countless bags, and most importantly provides hygienic protection for consumers.” I can’t agree more!

Dr Lisa Ackerley, otherwise known as The Hygiene Doctor, said: “If regular carrier bags are not disinfected effectively, bacteria such as Campylobacter from meat or chicken could survive on the bags, spread and can make you very ill indeed.

“A simple solution is the Biomaster Pouch for Life which stays hygienic, whatever has been in it previously.”

This is such a fabulous idea and having the knowledge that bacteria is not being spread whilst out and about shopping is amazing to a clean freak like me.

If you are keen to try out the bags I am holding a few giveaways on my social media channels this Friday 9th Feb so please keep your eyes peeled for these and if you can’t wait that long hop on over to the Hygiene Doctors website to make your purchase.

Read more about stopping bacteria entering your home HERE

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