Start your New Year clutter free

Start your New Year clutter free

In Japan, clearing away dirt and clutter from the old year is an integral part of the Japanese New Year tradition.

In Japan each year is seen as separate and distinct so the ending of the old year is devoted to cleaning, decluttering and organising. The Japanese call this the Observe Oosouji (The Japanese art of cleaning). 

Removing dirt from the old year creates a clean mind to welcome in the New Year and invite Prosperity into the year ahead.

The Japanese really do have the right attitude here the new year is about fresh starts and starting again. We set new years resolutions and give ourselves yearly goals but why not take this approach and go forward with no clutter getting in the way.

As the new year starts to arrive many of us will start to take down the decorations and put them away but all too often we just sling them into boxes without paying attention and don’t put away probably. Use this time to sort through the decorations and store away only what you know you are going to use next year.  Charity shops and homeless shelters will always welcome old decorations.

Starting on the 1st January set yourself a declutter challenge then it won’t seem like such a daunting boring task.

If anyone would like to play along with me then make sure your following me on social media platforms InstagramFacebook and Twitter where I will motivate you daily to achieve the daily tasks that are listed blow for you.

Please feel free to share your achievements with me as I love to see how you are getting on.

January Declutter Challenge – Free printable – Click to download

Lets get started

1st                    Fridge

2nd                  Food Cupboards

3rd                   Kitchen Drawers

4th                   Junk Drawers

5th                   Tupperware

6th                   Pin Board

7th                   Handbags/schools bags

8th                   School uniform

9th                   Towels and bedding

10th                 Toiletries

11th                 windowsills

12th                 Make up

13th                 Kids Toys

14th                 Under stairs cupboards

15th                 Coats and Shoes

16th                 Paperwork

17th                 Under the Beds

18th                 Mugs and Glasses

19th                 Book shelves

20th                 Medicine cabinet

21st                 Cleaning products

22nd                Porch/entrance area

23rd                 Office desk

24th                 Kids arts and crafts

25th                 Magazines/newspapers

26th                 Underwear Drawers

27th                 Bedside cabinets

28th                 Freezer

29th                 Utility room

30th                 Garage

31st                 Garden Shed. 

I have produced a printable all about declutter so if you are in a flutter then my printable maybe to help you. or download my daily challenge list CLICK HERE

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As always thank you for reading. Happy New Year to you all.

Thank you for your continued support
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


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