Dishwasher Tablet Review

Dishwasher Tablet Review

I have always very much been a brand snob when it comes to buying Dishwasher Tablets and have always stuck with the leading brands such as Fairy and Finish.

These little tablets certainly aren’t cheap but when you run a busy household they are an essential in cutting down the household chores.

I always do my food shopping online so never really think about the cost and just add them into my basket.  We have recently been reviewing our house hold budget and found that these really are one of the most expensive items in our grocery shop so it was time to make a change.  There are quite a few alternative brands out there and when you read the packaging they all state they do the same thing so me and my hubby decided to put 5 different brands to the test and this is what we thought.

We always rinse our dishes before we put them in the dishwasher so to really put the tablet to the test we decided to no longer rinse, which I must admit I really didn’t like the thought of this!  and really did wonder if any tablet would still get all my plates nice and clean.  We started the testing of by using our usual Fairy platinum tablet and I made the dishes as dirty as I could with stuck on cereal, dried on egg and greasy roasting tins and the dishes all came out shinning.

For all the years I have wasting my time rinsing dishes when really there was no need to….

Following the same rule we went on and tested.

Asda  – All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets.

£3.00 for 30 tablets – Rating 3/5

My plates and glasses came out really well with these Asda tablets but unfortunately they didn’t remove all the dirt and grease from my roasting dishes or the dried on cereal.  I put another tablet on and did another cycle and the performance was much better everything was clean.  If you are washing rinsed items then these are probably good enough but they didn’t quite cut it when it came to the baked on foods and stuck on cereal.

ASDA All in 1 Citrus Dishwasher Tablets

Morrisons Power burst Lemon

£3.00 for 22 tablets – Rating 1/5

These didn’t cut it at all after wash one my plates still had food on them they really did LEAVE items.  I definitely won’t buy again.  I finished the wash off usually my usual brand as I was that disappointed.

3 – Prism All in one dishwasher tablets by Sainsburys

25 for £4.00 – Rating 5/5

After one wash these tablets performed well.  Plates and glasses came out perfectly clean.  Prism also claims to prevent watermarks which are a huge bug bearer of mine and they did live up to the promise. There was no need for a second cycle here and the added bonus with these tablets is the smell.  Very fresh and lemony so I honestly believe I will definitely look at buying these tablets again. 

4 – Tesco All In One Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 30’S

£4.00 for 30 tablets – Rating 5/5

Tesco All In One Dishwasher Tablets Original 30'S

They’re great! Dishes sparkling and glasses crystal clear and no trace of food. Very good results and performed just as well as my usual brands.  Would use these again.

5 – Aldi Classic Dishwasher Tablets

£2.49 for 50 tablets – Rating 1/5

I had used these in the past and didn’t like them at all but after I posted about my reasearch on Instagram I decided to give them another go and to be honest I was still disappointed.  Great price but they don’t perform. The tablet didn’t actually break up very well which I really didn’t like. Everything also had a bit of a white coating. I shall not purchased these again

I really enjoyed testing out the various tablets and this execise has shown me that I don’t have to buy the most expensive brand available to me but going in the middle is a great move to save us money of our grocery bill and still have shinny clean dishes.  The saying you get what your pay for in this instance really is true and too cheap causes more work and potentially two tablets so this would make the cost more or less the same.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in this research on my social media platforms. Don’t forget to take a look at my unstoppables review CLICK HERE

I hope you have found this interesting and as always thank you for reading.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxoxo

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