Jelly Belly Hand Sanitizers


These genius  MAD BEAUTY MOISTURISING HAND SANITIZERS slip easily and conveniently into your pocket or handbag and  they can be whipped out for a quick spritz on to the palms.


I am literally addicted to these amazing hand sanitizers and make sure I have one with me whenever I go out.  These hand sanitizers have created a bit of a talking point when I have been out as people have been intrigued to see what I am using to clean my hands and have a made a point to come over and speak to me.

They make my hands feel so soft and the smell is gorgeous, the best part is the smell also lasts ages so my hands stay smelling nice and fresh.

They will make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas, my girls will definitely be waking up to one in their stocking on Christmas day.

The hand sanitizers have been tested and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria with one or two sprays and do not feel sticky or heavy. Safe and so convenient to use, ANYWHERE. ANYTIME and such a bargain Priced at just £3.99.

JELLY BELLY is Possibly one of the most famous sweet brands in the World, instantly recognisable for the ‘bean shape’and delicious flavours. MAD BEAUTY was inspired by the shape to mould an exclusive container for this new Hand Sanitizer, which follows their  massively successful collection of eponymous moisturizing hand sanitizers.

There are 3 amazing fragrances to choose from. BLUEBERRY, BUBBLEGUM and VERY CHERRY and new fragrances will be added seasonally

These can be purchased from MAD BEAUTY  plus there are stockists nationwide so make sure you grab one and pop in your handbag or porcket when you are next out and about.

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