KOBOLD VG100 Window Cleaner

KOBOLD VG100 Window Cleaner

Everyone hates smeary windows and mirrors don’t they ? Sometimes no matter how much buffing we do when the sunlight hits them all you can see is streaks and dust.

Window and glass cleaning isn’t one of the most enjoyable cleaning jobs even I struggle with this one. I also find that some of the window and glass cleaners smell so bad that it just puts me off actually wanting to clean them.  With this is mined finding a quicker and easier process is a must.

Recently I have tested out the Vorwerk VG100. Another very sleek stylish light weight machine.

Vorwerk really do come up with great cleaning ideas.

The VG100 came neatly packaged in a lightweight box with full instructions.  Inside the box was 2 cleaning microfiber pads, charger and a bottle of glass cleaning concentrate.

The VG100 does require quite a long charge time off 6 hours.

Once charge its ready to use and its so very simply to get ready and takes no time at all. The instructions are very clear, you simply fill one part with water with a small amount of concentred glass cleaning liquid. The microfiber pad is added to the bottom then you simply turn the machine over to allow the water and the concentrated liquid to seep into the microfiber pad.

Switch the VG100 on and away you go its time to get clean and clear mirrors and windows in one easy wipe.

A simple up and down motion over the glass is all you need, there is no need to apply heavy pressure and there is no heavy rubbing and buffing involved. With really saves your arms. When you are near the bottom of the window or glass the trick is to allow the rubber strip to clear the last part so you don’t get any smears at all. The VG100 wets the window, removes the dirt and sucks away the water in one single step, saving you heaps of time. I have a 3 story house with plenty of windows and a conservatory and I managed to do the whole house including all the big mirrors in around 15 minutes and the VG100 did not run out of charge.

The compact and lightweight design lets you use your VG100 with just one hand, leaving the other hand free. It’s also really easy to get the children involved with a cleaning gadget like this as its so simply to use and when cleaning is made fun how could they not want to be involved.

Very simply after using empty out the dirt chamber and pop the microfiber cloth in the wash. Its recommended not to wash with fabric softner.  Charge the VG100 so its ready for use next time and store away eaily in the box.

Don’t forget it you have a lot of mirrored furniture or a large glass coffee table the VG100 can be used.

The using of gloves and wringing out rags are a thing of the past thanks to the VG100! A much simplier easier way to clean your windows and glass saving you time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review if you have any questions then please comment below and for more product reviews CLICK HERE

As always thank you for reading my review
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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  1. Thanks alot for this article, I recently started my own window cleaning company http://www.steinbachwindowcleaning.com/ and am always looking for great insight from others to add to my technique and form. I think learning from others ideas and tips is really important and I value how other people do things. Thanks again, much appreciated!

  2. Where can one buy in the US (CALIFORNIA) a Vorwerk Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner?
    I know the product very well from Germany. It’s fantastic.
    But I haven’t found a place yet, where I can buy it.

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