Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Spin Mop

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Spin Mop

Most of you know how much I love to steam my floors. I love a good daily steam and then weekly I love to get onto my hands and knees and clean the old-fashioned way knowing that I am get right into the corners and clearing any dust from my skirting boards.

Cleaning floors is a daunting chore for most people but clean shiny streak free floors are a must for me and so far only steam has been good enough. But I am always open to suggestions.

Recently I tried out the Vildea Turbo spin mop. From the title I instantly knew that this would be good product and I love a cleaning gadget. I have tried so many mops in the past and they’re all rubbish! The stringy ones get too wet and the sponge ones stick to the floor. So I have had a lot of fun putting this one through its paces.

The product came well packaged and was very easy to assemble. The mop features a 2 in 1 triangular-shaped microfiber head for improved particle pickup that can help clean right into those pesky corners. Plus the head is very good at getting into some of the smaller places that a steamer just can’t get into.

Plus it’s not just the floors that this mop can clean, I also used it in my showers to clean the base and then I reached right up to get all the tiles nice and clean too.  As it’s so lightweight this was very easy to do and didn’t put any pressure on my back all.

With this Turbo Mop there is no need to wring your mop head out using your hands thanks to the Easy Wring and Clean Turbo. The integrated wringing mechanism allows you to easily remove water by pressing the foot pedal. The amount of pressure applied controls the mop dampness, so you can get the perfect clean for your floor type. Ideal for use on tile, wood and laminate flooring. Many of you ask me daily about laminate flooring and many of you choose not to use a steamer so this is the perfect product for you. I mixed warm water with Flash Ocean Blue and filled the bucket half way and really enjoyed using. Very easy on my back and you can also adjust the telescopic handle from between 55cm and 130cm which is great as I am so tall.  I also found that the less water that was used the less streaks I had.

The Easy Wring and Clean Turbo features a horizontal handle that makes it easy to carry the bucket without spilling, while the easy-pour mouth makes pouring away dirty water less messy. The integrated handle holder allows you to leave the mop inside the bucket without it falling over.

Once finished it’s just a matter of emptying the water, rinsing the bucket and the head is removable and suitable for machine washing for your convenience. Then you can adjust the telescopic pole to the smaller setting for easy storage.

overall a good product, affordable, well made and easy to use. And finally, this is an eco-friendly product. You do not require electricity for it to clean your floors. You are its source of power.

It’s a great alternative for those of you who don’t own a steamer or for those that choose not to steam.

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I hope you have found this product review useful as always thank you for taking the time to read.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

I was sent this product by Vildea for review purposes.


  1. Hi there, thanks for this review. I own this product and, while I love the bucket and the wringing part, I find that the mophead could have more microfibre in it. The triangular plastic head tends to clatter on the floor and I worry about it marking the wood.

    • Its good to hear from sutomers who have been using it long term I enjoyed using it. I can’t see it marking the floor but as you say you never know maybe use less pressure

      • You’re probably right, it probably won’t mark the floor … but I still think there could be more microfibre coverage in the mop! When it’s wet (and let’s face it, that’s how I’m using it!) the strands tend to clump together on one side so it’s hard to manage. Great idea though!

  2. Hi, I have been using this product over the last two years and while it cleans effectively, I have to buy a new bucket every 3-4 months as the spring loses its…spring (I guess!) The foot pedal slows down and eventually refuses to bounce back. Any solutions?

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