Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Handheld cordfree cleaner.

Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Handheld cordfree cleaner.


 I think that if I won this it would change my life! I’m a farmers wife and spend so much time cleaning up little bits of hay and straw that my husband brings into the house. It doesn’t matter how much he brushes himself down at the back door, there is always a trail of these little pieces behind him. I’m forever getting the big heavy vacuum cleaner out to clean up. With one of these amazing hand helds I could whiz around after him or even vacuum him before he comes in the door!



You all know how much a love a handheld vacuum, with the level of cleaning I do the Vorwek Kobold VC100 is just perfect for me to have close to hand to capture those annoying dropped crumbs or for quickly taking out to the car saving me taking out the main household vacuum.

I have been lucky enough to test out the VC100 thanks to the Vorwerk team.  This little handheld gem is sleek, stylish, very light weight  (650 grams) and fits in well with a modern home. I love the attractive white design and the modern compact charging station, its not intrusive and will look great in all homes.  The VC100 is easy to store and can be stored upright, horizontally or wall mounted. It also comes in a really well packaged stylish tube box.


The VC100 is quick to charge in just 4 hours giving you 30 minutes of cleaning time, the VC100 has two power settings and a 0.2 litre dust canister which is really easy to empty once you have finished. I always advise that you empty after each use of a handheld to help it keep well maintained.

I tested the VC100 in a number of cleaning situations to test the performance.  It certainly didn’t disappoint me.  Breakfast cereal and glitter was easy to pick up from the floor.  It was also great at tackling dusts on the window seals and on my skirting boards.

You can also add to the VC100 with attachments including a plug-on nozzle and bristle elements so that it tackles every inch of dirt.’

The VC100 isn’t at all noisy and is really comfortable to hold fitting straight into the palm of your hand. The LED display, which has been perfectly integrated into the design, constantly informs you of the current charge and battery status.

This is a well made modern practical handheld vacuum bringing style and performance to your home.

Priced at £129.00 this is great value. Vorwerk make amazing machines that are off good sturdy quality which last. By choosing the VC100 you know you have made a good cleaning decision.

Feeling intrigued by Vorwerk? why not take the plunge and book a FREE home cleaning demonstration of the Kobold VK200 or read my full product review 



As always thank you reading

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


This is a sponsored post with Vorwerk all opinions are my own.





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178 thoughts on “Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Handheld cordfree cleaner.

  1. The VC100 would benefit my home as I love to clean! You inspire me to do so much more than I used too and would love this item, it would make things a lot easier! Xx

  2. I’d love to win this product! I’m a working mom with 2 sons. One is 7 and football crazy (mud is everywhere) and a 1 year old who leaves a trail of crumbs in his wake! This product would definitely make my life easier!

  3. The Vorwerk Would benefit me because my partner is currently deployed with the armed forces as we are waiting for our first home to be built! It would be great for me to keep our new home lovely and tidy! I live all your tips and tricks! You are definitely the queen of clean! Xxx

    1. I would love to win this it would be a great help to me to do the stairs instead of lugging a big Hoover about, as well as save me money because I will be able to do the car instead of paying someone’s to do it, ps I hope I entered right as it took me a while to figure it out ! And I burnt my chicken because it took me so long haha

  4. I would love to win one of these for my home as I have a little boy who makes quite a bit of mess and also I’m expecting another baby so this would be great for me to get those little bits up without holding anything too bulky. I feel that I would really benefit from this product!

  5. I would love one of these, I have a white German shepherd and forever trying to find a decent hand held which can cope with the hair. I’m hoovering once a day and using a handheld 2 3 times a day when I see hair. 🙏🏻

  6. I would love to win this hoover I am due my first baby on the 14th of November and this would be so handy for around the house the in the car! It would be especially handy as it is quiet which would be good around a sleeping baby! x

  7. The vorwerk would make my life 100x easier as i now have a one year old to run around after and have just returned to full time work! Getting the hoover out 1000000 times a day is getting boring now! Ashleigh x

  8. The VC100 would benefit my home as I have two little ones who make constant crumb piles wherever they go around the house and I’m forever plugging in the bulky corded vacuum 3/4 times per day. Imagine how much time I’d save if I could just whip out the VC100 and quickly vacuum up the lunch time crumbs from under the table!

  9. Wow this would help so much as a working single mum of 3 small girls having this would help me to pick up crumbs without getting the big vacum out. Keep up the great work xxxx

  10. Hi Lynsey! Our family is made up of myself, my son who is 7, my partner and our cat! As you can imagine, they’re a nightmare to clean up behind and one of their biggest downsides is the mess they ALL leave on the sofa! Cat hair, cereal, food crumbs, as we wrappers and anything else the carpenter boyfriend brings home from work stuck to his trousers! This fancy looking handheld hoover would be a a welcome addition to our household and would give our faithful Dyson a rest from being on three times a day! Fingers crossed:)

  11. One of these would suit my household as I have a toddler who hates the noise of a hoover and I see within this review it’s not a noisy hoover! Also with a toddler there’s forever a trail of crumbs anywhere she goes, so would be handy not having to pull out my regular hoover!

  12. I would Iove to win this because of my OCD, small crumbs etc irritate me and cause me extreme anxiety I am constantly having to get my hoover out which takes some time dragging around my house. This would make my life a lot easier and help ease the anxiety my ocd causes. Zoe 🙂

  13. The VC100 would benefit my home in such a big way , I have 2 kids and a dog and would love this to save time on getting my big plug in Hoover out , I also work as a cleaner so would be ideal for my job as well Zoe crawshaw x

  14. I’d love to win this! My vacuum is quite old bulky and heavy so having this to hand to quickly get the crumbs from the kids spilled breakfast or to go over the dog bed would be fantastic! X

  15. Would love to win this! Would be perfect for the stairs without having to carry around our massive vacuum cleaner! Nothing better than those clean carpet lines!!!! Xx

  16. This would be amazing for in my home as I have a very messy 21 month old little boy who always seems to be eating and getting crumbs all over the place! I dream about having a hand held cordless vacuum so I don’t have to get the hoover out, plug in and hoover the sofa and all around it 5 times a day! This would save me so much time and energy! ☺️ xx

  17. I would love to win one, as a I have three young children and a husband! They love to eat on the sofa and this would help me so much picking up all the crumbs. It would also make my life easier when cleaning the rest of the house

  18. As a childminder my house is a constant stream of crumbs and glitter. This little handheld would fit in perfectly after a long day with the mindees and help me regain my house again of an evening.


  19. It would benefit my house has a have a white whippet that seems to think that’s the settee is more comfy then his lovely big bed 😫

  20. I have a 2 and a half year only and another baby due next week so crumbs are the Bain of my life. Also with just getting a new carpet fitted recently I’m wanting to keep it as clean as possible so the viewers handheld would be perfect for those tiny wee crumbs that have missed the mouth so I don’t need to bring out the main hoover again

  21. This would benefit my home massively as I have two very messy children and it’s perfect to whip out and clean up after instead of the big hoover! It’s looks so slim and stylish so would be perfect in the living room. They could even clean up after themselves x

  22. I have a 7 year old obsessed with glitter and craft, a 20 month old who loves making a mess and a husband who well let’s face it is messy. This would greatly assist my daily struggles xx

  23. I would love love love to win this. This would benefit me so much as I have a baby due in just a few weeks and also have a 7 year old so it would be so easy to have this and hand to quickly pick up all the little bits lying around. Would make my life so much easier having a powerful little hand held hoover rather than constantly trying to carry a Big hoover about with a baby strapped to my chest xxx

  24. I’d love to win this. I recently invested in a Dyson cordless and its rubbish. Keeps cutting out and doesn’t work well on wood floors. With building work at the moment, I could really do with a decent hoover! Love your blog/insta – I’m terrible at keeping things clean, but you are helping me!

  25. I would love one of these on my stairs! They are white with carpet treads and I find myself getting the Henry out twice a day and it’s killing my back (slipped a disk when I was pregnant with my second!)!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  26. I would make great use of this, fir cleaning up after my 2 cats and builder husband, who drops bits of cement & rubble wherever he goes.. it would also be great to use for cleaning the inside of my car 🚗 good luck

  27. I would love to win this. I’m currently 5 weeks into maternity leave with my second child. With my first child l had bad anxiety because he took up all my time (as babies do – I was so naive thinking babies sleep all day) and I couldn’t get my cleaning done and loads of people came to my house to visit! It really stressed me out. This time I scrubbed, cleaned and organised whilst pregnant and I just have to keep on top of things now. I bought a cheap hand held vacuum as I’m on maternity money from work and a hand held is perfect for the stairs/sofas/general dust. I would love to win this as it will be some time before I could buy myself one. I’ve heard the vorwerk machines are incredible and I’m desperate to try one! Eventually I’d love to buy the large machine. Thanks Emma

  28. I have two boys aged 6 & 9, I am forever using my big Dyson to hoover up crumbs, dirt from football boots, cereal from them raising the cereal cupboard straight after school. I feel I constantly have my Dyson out even when it’s just the smallest amount of dust, I am yet to find a handheld that can cope with the 3 males and cat that are in my house! Xx

  29. A vorwerk would be a brilliant addition to my home as I have pets, a baby and a husband(!) to clean up after and need a handheld to hoover up spills and crumbs which adorn my carpet!

  30. I have recently moved into a flat with carpets which needs maintaining constantly. I also have a toddler who is obsessed with play dough at the moment which is a nightmare. It would make my life much easier as It would help reduce the time sweeping and bringing out the larger hoover. xx

  31. I would defiantly benefit from this super duper gadget….. I am very very obsessed with cleaning. Any excuse to get the Hoover out, so this would be perfect for a little pick up after the children’s mess they make in minutes!! It would be great to get in those little crevices around the house!

  32. I would love one of these. I am constantly hoovering up after my two children, the dog, & my tree-surgeon husband who drops saw dust wherever he goes! This would be ideal to follow him around the house with 😉

  33. I have an 8 year old boy who loves making a mess and a 7 month old baby who is just starting to enjoy finger food!! Between school runs and after school clubs I need something quick and easy to grab! Also I deserve a little treat after my awful pregnancy where I vomited for 9 months and was in and out of hospital and didn’t have the strength to clean!!

  34. I could really do with something small and light for cleaning up after my toddler and the other 2 boys I live with (9 year old and hubby). This would also be really handy for cleaning the crumbs that are left on the handles of my kitchen drawers after they’ve been in there and cleaning around the fish tank after the fish have been fed! Oh and not forgetting cleaning those pesky laundry pearls that somehow always make their way out of my machine as I add my washing!

  35. Just moved into a new house and use ur tips to keep it clean and tidy and this nifty little number would help me and my family big style!!!

  36. I’m moving into a new house very soon and would love this handy gadget to assist me in my cleaning. I’m moving from a tiny 1 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom house so will need all the help I can get!!

  37. I really enjoy following your insta stories and posts using the Vorwerk hoovers. They look so handy and powerful. Just what I need with a toddler constantly dropping crumbs!!

  38. The Vorwerk VC100 will benefit me and my household grately!! I have a 2 year old boy who get more cereal on the carpet than in his mouth and a 30 something husband who leaves a trail of Pringles crumbs and toe nail cuttings wherever he goes!! Please help me put an end to this madness of pulling the Hoover out the cupboard every 5 mins!!! Xx

  39. I’m writing my first novel! I also have an 11 year old son and an 11 week old baby daughter! This would really help me speed up my cleaning, instead of lugging ‘Hetty’ about!

  40. I am just in the process of redecorating my house. Coming to the end now, so time to buy all furniture and upholstery. After seeing how you use it on your new sofas and around the house i think this would be perfect to help me maintain everything.

  41. I have been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthiritis in my hands & cleaning is a schlep to be honest! I try really hard to to keep things clean & tidy but I have to stop every so often to ease the pain. I am an avid crafter and mess gets everywhere from thread to glitter, paper to beads! The Vorwerk would help immensly in ease of cleaning! Fingers crossed and g’luck to 1 and all!

  42. So I think I need this as I’ve just bought my first ever home after living forever with parents I’m now going it alone! Cleaning has always been my mums job..now it’s my turn and it’s scary! Any help from gadgets or tips are always welcome..love a clean home and a freshly smelling one..but this girl needs some help. Winning would make my life a lot happier. Lots of love the stressed not so great cleaner.

  43. I am moving into my first home next week and as a first time buyer, I would love this to get into every nook and cranny! 🙂

  44. hiya queen of clean! i think this vorwerk kobald vc100 would make a massive difference to my house because im a mum of 2, a boy 5 and a baby girl 5 months and am in the middle of an extension. the constant dust is never ending even though i clean everyday. i never use to be into cleaning but your blog and instagram posts have turned my life around! i now love my cleaninh schedule and love being house proud. i love how cleaning is rubbing off on my 5 year old little boy who now also loves to help clean daily! this would be perfect for him to use also when helping mummy tackle the daily dust!!!

  45. Having a smaller hoover would be so helpful in cleaning up after my super messy partner (who loves to put crumbs EVERYWHERE) and in helping to clear up the tonnes of glitter I leave around the house after making resources for my class! Xx

  46. My 1 year old is great at dropping cheerios everywhere! I spend my time cleaning these up and you said the Verwerk is great at cleaning up cereals! Also he suffers from eczema so I want everything dust and allergen free. Fingers crossed xx

  47. This Vorwerk products sounds perfect! Perfect size, good battery life and able to pick up the little bits that a hoover can’t.
    I don’t have to deal with glitter but I have to deal with A LOT of crumbs as I have a little boy who’s just turned 1 so I am always finding crumbs in the strangest places, places that are impossible to hoover.

    I can’t use a hoover for long as suffer with arthritis in my lower back so it can be an absolute pain(literally) repeatedly hoovering one spot Just for crumbs.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  48. We have 2 children and a pug in our house and between the 3 of them they create a giant mound of mess. The pug once excited by the children maults uncontrollably!!! To which is hard to get the hoover out every 5 mins and the kids, well they are kids! Crumbs, craft, hair and something’s I can’t quite work out, get everywhere! This would be super handy to whip out and sort everyone out x

  49. I would give this to my mum as she has a broken verterbrae in her back and struggles with day to day jobs. She loves to clean so this would be so easy for her to use on the stairs and around the house instead of lugging the vacume around. X

  50. I have 3 children & another baby on the way and am dying for a handheld device to just quickly get anything that drops instead of getting the vacum out each time! My family think im nuts but i can’t help it & this would just greatly improve my life!

  51. I have an 8 month old puppy and this would be perfect for hoovering up the dog hair that gets in all the awkward places. I am literally finding dog hair EVERYWHERE in the house and it would be perfect for getting rid of it in the car as well. I have my fingers crossed xx

  52. I have just moved house and would LOVE to be in the chance of winning the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Handheld. It would benefit my home massively as I struggle with keeping the skirting boards clean and this sounds so quick and handy to whip out at any time. We also have to save up until we do our bathroom up and I’m in desperate need of a handheld to get into all the nook and crannies that my current hoover is too bulky to get at the minute

  53. One of these would be so handy to have around the house with my 7 month old daughter. She loves making so much mess when eating!

  54. I have 2 beautiful children under the age of 17 months, both rainbow babies! But whilst pregnant I developed OCD and anxiety and panic attacks with mess and untidiness, 7 months later I’m slowly getting better and due to return to work (in the motor trade) in January off maternity leave, I need to keep my car clean and tidy and it’s proving tricky with my 2 babies at the moment! This would be extremely helpful! Xx

  55. I would LOVE to have one of these hand held hoovers as it’s just so practical cleaning sofas and getting into all the knooks and crannys that you can normally reach. I’m a clean freak so this would be incredible to use under the bed, on top of the cupboards.❤️

  56. I’m moving into a flat in Hampton next week and we currently have nothing!! I love a bit of cleaning myself and the flat has carpets throughout!! I love that it’s hand held and small so it will be easy to store in my new little flat!

    P.S love following your instagram posts, find the cleaning tips really helpful so thank you! Xx

  57. I would love to own one of these! Being a pregnant woman I can not bare to carry a dyson up and down the stairs! It would make my life so much easier and would definitely encourage my husband to start helping around the house!

  58. I work full-time and and travel very far every day (4 hour journey) and one thing I love in life is coming back a spotless home; I am exhausted when I get in and the Vorwerk Handheld would allow me to quickly keep my home looking crumb free and dirt free without too much effort of getting out the big Hoover! I also have white floors and can’t stand seeing dust. Thank you so much xxx

  59. With a 5 month old puppy and brand new carpets in our new house this would really help to top up on the daily pet hair clean! This would be amazing to get a thorough vacuum of the sofas and curtains for a better clean! Xx

  60. I have a toddler who enjoys nothing more that crushing food on my sofa! 🤦🏼‍♀️Would love to try this out! I’m also moving house in a few weeks and dreading what the new house is going to be like dirt wise, this would be so handy! X

  61. Since Oct 2013 I have suffered with a damaged back I am currently on very strong pain killers just to help me get through the day. This little Hoover would help me so much when I need to just Hoover up small amounts it would save me having to get my big Hoover out x

  62. With 3 messy children from toddler to teenager this would help help from from having to get poor old hetty put a million times a day ☺️ X

  63. Hi, I definitely need one of these in my house, as living with three boys the mess never stops. Between football boots in hallway with grass and mud to my youngest getting into crafts, play doh,glitter, cutting up everything he can. This would make my life that little bit easier. X

  64. I would love to win the Bower Kobold VC100 handheld vacuum because I became a first time Mummy in May and this cleaner would help me whizz around the house whilst my baby sleeps with speed and ease- especially as there are so many Queen of Clean tips I love to try to keep my house tidy! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  65. I need this in my life! I have a Labrador that seems to be moulting constantly, three very messy sons, a daughter with long hair and make up that gets everywhere. Also a hubby who needs a vacuum that is both powerful and light to clean the car. This would make life a lot easier for all of us.

  66. I would love to win this ☺☺, I have three daughters under the age of five years old who are into everything messy play and a husband who is a gardener so you can imagine I’m always cleaning lol, so it would really help in this busy household ☺.

  67. I live in a second story flat with my newborn, boyfriend and our dog, having to cart the Hoover down the stairs and use an extension lead to Hoover out my car is a nightmare, this would make my life so much easier especially as we park near pine trees in which are molting their needles…. open the car door, cue pine needles everywhere😩 The dog is forever malting hair on my sofa and this would be fab to use instead of getting out the vax Hoover I have and my newborn will soon be old enough to make as much mess as possible before I know it lol x

  68. I have just recently started following you since I began my maternity leave and you have totally inspired me! This would make my life so much easier with a new arrival, a dog who constantly pulls its fur out and a roofer for s husband who brings dust in like you wouldn’t believe!!!

  69. I have 2 children under 17 months, both rainbow babies! I developed OCD, anxiety and panic attacks when it comes to mess and untidiness whilst I was pregnant. It’s slowly getting better and I’m due to return to work (in the motor trade) in January, and I have to keep my car clean and tidy which is super hard with the 2 little ones so this would be super handy! Xx

  70. I am a soon to be first time mam with lovely,luscious grey carpets that I can’t not only afford to change up at the minute but would break my heart to get rid of! I love my dyson but being pregnant and hoovering at the minute is a nightmare with a watermelon stuck to the front of me. This would be a god send considering my partner must be allergic to any type off cleaning!🤔 x

  71. I have 2, sorry I mean 3 (including Hubby) children. I have been wanting a hand held vacuum for a long time but other things have always come before it. It’s almost like the 3 children know I have hoovered and decide to walk around the house with the biscuit I gave them at the table just to bug me. Having to get my Henry out each time is a pain.
    Another pet hate is my stairs… hoovering stairs with a Henry is near on impossible especially when you have 2 lots of stairs! I’d love a hand held for this reason and to get right in the carpet folds! 😊

  72. I would love to win this as I live with my partner, two children, two cats and a dog so there is constantly something to clean up so this would save me a lot of time

  73. Just had my first baby a year ago who loves making a mess and finding new things to play with , and with the next one due very soon would
    Be helpful

  74. I’d be so grateful for this, I’m currently saving up and buying things I will need for my home as I’ll be a first time buyer next year. Your page has given me so many ideas on how to organise and keep the house clean! This would be perfect for me as getting the big Hoover out to clean up small mess and the car becomes such a chore! Thank you 😘 X

  75. I have a disabled daughter so having something this light and compact would be amazing for me to run it about after dinner times and craft times in the very short window I have to clean the mess before the next lot of mess appears. 😂 x

  76. I have a 5 month old baby girl and I will be feeding her soon so I can just imagine the mess she will make!! Also it will help me keep my car nice and clean as I don’t have to take my vacuum outside!! Keep up the good work, I love your tips!! X

  77. I suffer with OCD and love following you on instagram, I’ve picked up many tips from you.. this would be fab to help me out day to day, and hopefully help me along the way with my OCD 🙈

  78. I NEED this hoover! Not only do i have a pug (one of the breeds that leaves little bits of pug hair (we call it pug glitter) everywhere) but i work from home doing beauty treatments and the dust from filing nails is constantly everywhere, the big hoover is great for the floor but for getting inside all the little nooks and crannys that this would massively benefit me and my business, i like to make my beauty room look clean and perfect 💘

  79. This would be perfect for my girls high chair and also cleaning all the crumbs out the car seat. I also would love to give it a go on our mattress as I struggle to hoover ours with our big hoover. I love your posts xx

  80. I’d love the chance to win the vorwerk. It would benefit my home because I live with 2 messy boys with another on the way. I have a 2 year old loves to run around leaving a trail of destruction wherever he goes and same for his dad pretty much. But I think the compact style of the vorwerk would help in cleaning out things like the high chair or car seats etc.

  81. I would love to win the Vorwerk handheld cleaner. It would be so useful for cleaning all little nooks and crannies in my flat that gather dust so quickly like along the skirting boards and on my dash and case Windows. My dyson hose Hoover isn’t flexible enough or light enough to light up to high places to grab the dirt.

  82. I’ve recently moved into a second first floor flat which is carpeted throughout. Previous tenants left the place an absolute state so I have spent the last two weeks trying to get everything spotless. With it being a Georgian building the ceilings are very tall so there are shelves up high all over. With the vaccum I currently have, cleaning those would be a nightmare and with an allergy to dust and a 4 month old baby it’s a necessity.

  83. I’d absolutely love one of these to help me clean up after the kids (and myself and husband!)

    I’m really struggling to have the home I want but I’m really trying hard to get it sorted before Christmas! We’ve even got a new sofa arriving in a few weeks and this would be so great to help keep it looking fab!

    And how handy to clean the car too?! We live on a main road so it’s really difficult to get it vacuumed sometimes.

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  84. I would love one of these, my 3 1/2 year old loves his food and it’ll be so much quicker and easier using this than getting my normal hoover out to clean up the crumbs x

  85. I am a working mum of two , and my cheeky pair are always dropping crumbs everywhere, on which I have s mixture of hard wood , tiles and rugs so this is one reason why this vacuum would be perfect . I’m also a hairdresser, which works from home so I could find hair in the most hard to reach areas and this will be able be to keep the Hair obey . Espeacially with my young family .Reason 3 I have a town house with 2, flights of stairs , which need hoovering all the time and this hoover would just make life in all aspects easier . And reason 4 we go camping I would be able to keep our tent clean if grass and the the car super dooper clean grass , sand , soill
    Thank you

  86. I keep looking at this on your posts and see how easy it is for you to quickly hoover sofas etc! This would help so much to use daily to make sure everything is clean and free of bits which is the bain of my life!! Xxx

  87. I would love this for cleaning my car out because I hate taking the main hoover outside as it always feels dirty! It would also be great to allow me to hoover under furniture which I can’t reach with my normal hoover!

  88. I would love to win as arround Christmas time I am due to start weening my baby, I’m sure there will be a lot of spillages and so this would be handy for quick clean ups instead of getting he hoover out!

  89. Our gorgrous son who disabled due to a brain abnormality has severely reduced cognitive function and is blind. He isn’t able to use utensils very well and drops crumbs/food on the table, chair and floor everytime he eats. It would be very helpful for us to have a quieter handheld vacuum to clear the mess instead of our loud huge upright x

  90. I like this. Looks a lot more stylish than most other hand held vacuum cleaners which means I wouldn’t mind leaving it out. It’s great that it’s got several attachments and I can get down into the nitty gritty annoying bits to clean like skirting boards and around the cooker and washing machine. It’s great that you have also tested it as it has the Queen of Clean seal of approval ❤️

  91. I would absolutely love this! Not only will it be so handy to have in a 3 story home cleaning up after my 3 year old and boyfriend it will help with my obsession off hoovering my car out every other day! This handy little gadget is a quick grab to sort out every little crumb your children make after dinner time! I have watched your stories on this item and would love one!

  92. I am a busy childminder so cleanliness is paramount, yet has to fit into my busy day so anything that can help provide me with a clean setting can only be a good thing x

  93. I would love one of these! As a busy midwife with a hyper little dog who loves to make a mess and a messy fiancée – in a house full of cream carpets (including the hall) I am forever cleaning! This would help me keep everything tidy to my high standards as my handheld dyson just isn’t cutting it at the moment 🙄

  94. Love reading your blog and watching your Instagram stories. Having recently got a g-tech I am missing the nozzle function of my old vacuum. This would be amazing for all those nooks and crannies my g-tech can’t get too! Xx

  95. I would love to win this VC100 handheld vacuum because it would make it a lot more convivient for me to pick up crumbs which drives me crazy and dog hairs!!! And well … you just can’t go wrong with a fab cordless hoover!! X

  96. I would love this hand held cleaner I have been looking for something to get under my radiators to clean the skirting boards I have been struggling on my hands and knees for years! It would be a pleasure to use and make my life so much easier.

  97. I’m thinking if I had one of these my boyfriend and kids might actually pick it up and use it from time to time as it looks easy and light weight.
    I’m a cleaner so this would be amazing to be able to have one of these and to use round my clients houses. The reviews all seem to be great aswell which is a bonus, nothing worse than a rubbish Hoover.

  98. The VC100 Hoover would benefit my little flat so much! I live with my fiancé, two fluffy cats and a puppy pug and all 4 make such a mess! I’ve been wanting a good quality handheld hoover for some time as my new velvet sofa requires some TLC but is constantly covered in crumbs and animal hair 🙁 I’ve never won anything before and I would be over the moon if I happen to be chosen to win this amazing prize xxx

  99. I would love to win this fab vacuum! My large corded vaccuum is constantly out and at the ready for crumbs, hairs etc. I’ve never had the chance to use a small cordless, but I can imagine how much easier this one would be to use. Lugging a large vacuum around everywhere to sometimes vac up a small spill can be a pain. I think this fab vorwerk one would be so convenient and a great tool to assist in keeping a clean home, which means a lot to me and my family. Also as it’s so lightweight, my children could be more involved with cleaning.

  100. Monday 13th is my birthday when it’s drawn & OH is away until Tuesday so this would be a fab present 🙂 plus I have a little one so there are lot of crumbs in my house

  101. This would come in so handy in our house. My son is 2 and somehow gets crumbs everywhere, even if he’s not eaten on the sofa. Our 2nd child is due tomorrow!!! So anything that will make cleaning easier is my best friend right now.

  102. I would love this! We have just moved into a brand new house and want to keep it clean and new. As a mum to a toddler we get crumbs everywhere and in the tiniest of spaces. This would be ideal for me to keep on top of all those little messes x

  103. A Vorwerk would benefit my life so much at the moment as I am about to return home after my second surgery this year and am not allowed to lift much. Therefore a handheld would be so helpful and these sound amazing! 😍😍 love your work Lynsey! ❤

  104. I’d love to enter this comp as I think the vc100 would benefit my home 🏡. I currently have a heavy vacuum which I use for everything, would make it much easier for me to clean. I have two children who love to leave crumbs everywhere lol I love cleaning and have my own blog and Instagram page x

  105. Would love to win one of these!!!! We’re foster carers so constantly have a home full of children meaning constantly hoovering and steaming the house once the kiddies are in bed! Something like this to hoover as we go would be amazing! And also a dream for getting those crumbs and bits of mud out the car and car seats before they’re ground in too deeply too! *fingers crossed!*

  106. I’d love to win one of these VC100 Cord free vacuums so I can easily clean up after my 10 month old and his crumbs!
    I also think my partner would be drawn to use it for the car cause it looks so cool and modern 😀 xx

  107. I would love to win this as my trusty hand held hoover just broke on me whilst hoovering my stairs! Hoovering the stairs with a stain attachment doesn’t quite touch it does it! All I can see is dog hairs 😬 the reviews on this look amazing!

  108. I’d love to win one I’m a young mum with a 5 month old daughter and 2 fur babies! A gadget like this would definitely benefit our mad house and make cleaning a little bit easier! xox

  109. This VC100 would be amazing for my nan and grandad! They’re always struggling hoovering the stairs as their huge Akita leaves trails of hair everywhere, and they struggle with a hoover. Handheld vorwerk would be great for them to use and stop them hurting their back! 😊😣💙

  110. I would love to win one of these, I love cleaning, I am a wheelchair user and anything to help me keep on top of it all, 1 husband, 2 children, 3 dogs and a cat, has got to be a bonus!! Have bought a few things recommended by you and I love them, so if you recommend this I am sure to love it too!

  111. I would love to win it because I have been desperate for this since I first seen you use it on Instagram. I just can not afford it at the minute as I have gone back to uni to train to be a midwife, so coming up to Christmas, every penny count. Xxx

  112. Hi Lyndsey! Well, I have 3 children (including one sticky toddler) and OCD so need I say anymore as to why this little magic machine would benefit us haha 🙂 Everyday is a never ending cleaning day and as much as I love my children , they are as messy as can be. My main deep cleaning is done when they are all in bed and naptime, so the fact that this is quiet is a big bonus. Lots of crumbs to pick up too and this sounds perfect for it. Thank you for another amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone 🙂 xx

  113. I Would love to win the VC100 as a mother to 4 children, a steps son at the weekend, 2 shih tzu and a 19 months old Nice I look after 4 days a week I am constantly cleaning and tidying the house as my vax vacuum is not the best it would cut my cleaning time down for me to have more family time. 🤞🏼 X

  114. I would love, love, love to win this. It’s my dream to sit down in an evening in a clean, tidy house but my husband, baby and dog are just plotting against me. Or so it feels. This would also help my back pain, saving me getting the ‘big’ hoover out constantly. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

  115. Cleaning up after a new 8 week old kitten this would be the best! I’ve been eyeing it up ever since you first posted about it! Oh and cleaning up after the hubby…as we all have to 😉

  116. This would be so beneficial to me as i’ve just started weaning my son and i’m dreading the crumbs! To make matters worse I have a dog! So it will be ideal for all the dog hairs as well!! Xx

  117. I have a two year old and a two month old. I’m currently suffering with postnatal depression and my only escape seems to be cleaning. I’d love this gadget to use in my home as part of my post natal depression is linked to cleanliness of my house and germs around my children and this would be very ideal and handy for me. Xx

  118. I do 90 hour weeks as a senior carer and still try to keep my home as clean as possible. This would make getting all the stray dog hairs up from our dogs so easy! 🐶🐶

  119. Hi Lynsey, oh my goodness I would absolutely love to win this VC100!!
    I’m 8 months pregnant with my first little baba, due 14th Dec and as I’m sure you remember everything is s absolute struggle when it comes to cleaning. The vacume I have at the mo is so large and heavy and all round a bit rubbish, I end up taking the end off and crawling around on my hands and knees using the nozzle- not an attractive look with a huge belly 😂I’ve just started my maternity leave and so I’m entering the nesting phase (which I thought was a myth) so all I do is clean, or write lists about what I need to clean. Winning this would just make my life so much easier, and save me crawling around on all fours like a baby elephant.
    Please let me win 🙏

    Laura xx

  120. This would make life a little bit easier .. I have two children , two dogs and a cat . Two white dogs is a nightmare and they kids could help too .. would love this in my home please x

  121. I’m a new mum to my 12 week old son and so need a bit of extra help to keep on top of my housework. Would love to win this please x

  122. I would love to win the Vorwerk VC100 and feel it would benefit my home as I love to clean but with having 2 children and a Dalmatian I feel I’m constantly having to Hoover up crumbs e.t.c and Hoover my sofas from stray Dalmatian hairs! This would be so convenient to have as it would save me having to get out a bulky Hoover every time! X

  123. I would use it to hoover myself! Constantly covered in white Jack Russell hairs! But on a serious note it would be used most in the car, again because of the dog!

  124. Hi i would to win as i have a very messy wild 2 year old called vinnie he loves to make a mess but also loves to help hoover hes mess up so a think a would benifit from it as my 2 year old would also use it with the help from me xx

  125. I would love to win the vorwerk for my little nana who is 87 years old as she had a stroke serveral years ago and it effected one of her arms so now she only has the use of one which has stopped her from doing daily chores and cleaning this would help her so much in to do little things as hoovering around her home all she wants is to do normal things but she is limted with the use of one arm so this would make her so happy as she would be able to hoover around

  126. This would benefit my home as I’m a single mum of 4 year old twins and work 4-5 nights a week as a nurse to support us. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to get the Henry out after they’ve got cheerios all over the place and just pick them up by hand so this would make life sooo much easier and cleaner. Xxx

  127. Hi 🤗 I’d love to win this as I am extremely particular when it comes to hoovering! Busy working full time this would be excellent for zipping round the house instead of getting the Dyson out every time. It would work wonders on all that annoying black sock fluff my lovely husband leaves behind him everywhere 🙈 The bane of my life!!! Xx

  128. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this, would be a god send in my house of 2 small messy boys who I am forever tidying up after and small home based business which usually involves a trail of glitter being left around the house, which is ALWAYS a nightmare to get out of the carpets! Would really help cut down on housework which is an ON-GOING daily struggle! I am forever scanning your page for useful cleaning and home care tips! Thanks for the chance to win 😬 Good luck everyone

  129. Hi! I would love to win because I have health problems that mean I cannot use our upright dyson, I have to wait for my husband to come home from work to do the hoovering, at least with this vorwerk I could manage some on my own! Then I would be helping my ocd and feel like I have achieved something worthwhile while he’s at work! Would make life with chronic joint problems so much easier! While helping my dust allergy at the same time! Win win!! 😀😀 thank you for this opportunity 😘

  130. I would absolutely love to win this handheld hoover. I really want something cordless as I’m sick of lugging my dyson out to hoover some crumbs up.
    I suffer with anxiety & depression, cleaning is my relief from all that. It takes my mind off everything. Since I started following you, I’ve learnt lots of new tips & tricks. I may be out of pocket these days with all the new cleaning products I keep buying lol, but it’s certainly helping me with my anxiety. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fantastic product. I wish everyone the best of luck x

  131. I am a newly qualified nurse, currently living with my boyfriend. I love love love cleaning and always follow your posts. I have messages you over the years regarding queries and follow certain cleaning rituals. I would love one of these as there is just no way I could afford one at the moment. It would be a huge asset to take into our first proper home (we are in the process of buying a home) and I would just love to be able to say I owned one. Thank you x

  132. Hey! It would benefit my house so muchh because I have a dog and my partner became allergic and I have to clean at least 3 or more times a day. I don’t mind but it would really help to have it. Thank you. Love your blog by the way has helped me so much!

  133. I would love this to help clean my kitchen after my boyfriend destroys every time he enters, meaning I clean tens of times a day! Not that I’m complaining as I make the house smell beautiful with my method cleaning products

  134. Starting a new cleaning schedual and trying to get my life together! I live in a tiny room and portability of items is essential, having just graduated uni – budget is low! Having a daily routine is helping my emotional wellbeing so much! Who knows…if I win this I might even start enjoying hoovering?! Xx

  135. Hello, this would be ideal for me, I have a 5 month old baby, a partner who works on a building site so brings in dust all the time and a dog! It would make cleaning around so much easier! Thank you for your cleaning tips, they have helped me lots! Xx

  136. Love to win this! It would be great to clean up after the kids but also just getting it out instead of my big hoover to clean those annoying corners! Love watching you on Instagram 😘😘

  137. 12th November 18:48
    I get jealous everytime watching you use this product on Instagram! And I have been known to eat over the bin to avoid “crummies” haha
    The VC100 is just what I need to keep my home as clean and tidy as yours!! Please pick me!

  138. I would love a home as clean as yours, I’m always following your posts and tips for having a clean home but can never keep on top of the housework, I think the vorwerk would give me that extra kick up the bum I need to make my house sparkle! With 3 children and a crazy chocolate Labrador I need all the help I can get!!

  139. I would love to win this to help keep my house tidy. I used to hate cleaning but since following you, you’ve inspired me showing that jobs aren’t so boring and that little jobs can be quite simple! I am obsessed with having a clean floor, with two dogs I find I’m constantly cleaning up after them – with having the right equipment my life could be so much easier 🙂 xx

  140. Id love to try this mini hoover! I could literally follow the dog around hoovering up her fur without getting wrapped up in cables 🤣👌

  141. I have three children under four and a dog…should I continue 😂
    This product looks great and would get a lot of use in our home and the car. X

  142. This would be so perfect for me, i would be able to have a really good clean & hoover without having to carry a heavy hoover around which is something i am unable to do follow 2 surgeries. I would be able to use this to hoover my quilted upholstered headboard, my curtains, the stairs and the car! Which means saving money as i wont have to take the car to be hoovered 🙂👍🏼Xx

  143. Would love to win a vorwerk kobold it would be soo handy to quickly pick up crumbs and dog hairs im forever tripping over my hoover

  144. I would love this in my home! I have recently started following your Instagram and become obsessed with Zoflora and I love your cleaning schedules! The Vorwerk Kobold VC100 would be incredibly helpful for me, I have a big dog who sheds so much fur everyday, I can never keep fully on top of it! It would also help me keep my car clean and fur free when we take him walking. Good luck everyone!

  145. I think that if I won this it would change my life! I’m a farmers wife and spend so much time cleaning up little bits of hay and straw that my husband brings into the house. It doesn’t matter how much he brushes himself down at the back door, there is always a trail of these little pieces behind him. I’m forever getting the big heavy vacuum cleaner out to clean up. With one of these amazing hand helds I could whiz around after him or even vacuum him before he comes in the door!

  146. Recently bought my first house and bought a shark vacuum after watching your insta stories! I absolutely love it but sometimes the cord can be annoying. Would love to win this handheld to do all the little jobs around the house. I have picked up so many helpful hints and tips from you!! X

  147. This would benefit my home as I have a toddler and two puppies. Every single day I have to, steam & Hoover at least twice, I love cleaning but floor-mess takes up so much time that I could be spending doing other jobs! But I love to be so thorough and super hygienic! Id love to win this so that I could get into all the hard to reach places without lubbing round a massive Henry Hoover, and so I can spend more time with my son (or drinking tea while he watches peppa pig)

  148. Recently moved into my first house with my partner which was a huge step, with 4 floors and 3 sets of stairs a handheld would be such a great help rather than having to carry a bulky hover around.

  149. Would be perfect for getting my 4 year old involved in Housework which i know she will enjoy, working nightshift usually leaves me feeling knackered. So would be nice for a little help 🙂 x

  150. This would be soooo useful to me! We are in the middle of a long term renovation project , so lots and lots of dust is generated. Would be so handy for me as currently I keep having to changed attachments on my current hoover
    I love watching you stories on Instagram so down to earth and helpful xx please choose me x

  151. I would love to win as today is my first day of Maternity Leave and I plan to clean my house too to bottom, 10 times over until baby gets here and the VC100 looks and sounds like it would make life that much easier for me!! Love all your helpful cleaning tips too!

  152. This would help me out so much. With 2 little ones (3 yrs and 10.5 month) we get our fair share of mess and I love nothing more than a clean house and also a clean car. This would help so much and make life just that little bit easier!! Already followed ur advice for the shark vacuum so would love the opportunity to use this! X

  153. I would love to win one of these, I have a 2 year old and a dog so keeping on top of all the mess and fur is a challenge, rather than getting my big dyson Hoover out this would come in so handy. Also when using my stand up Hoover my son stands on the lead making hoovering so much longer and hard work…. thanks 🙂 x

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