My Product Review of the Hoover Discovery Cordless

My Product Review of the Hoover Discovery Cordless

I have been fortunate enough to test the latest cordless vacuum from Hoover.  The DS22G brings to the home HSpin-Core technology for ultimate dust separation and gives you 35 minutes of cleaning time.  This vacuum is powered by lithium-ion batteries allowing you to easily vacuum the home without the need to look for plug sockets.

Cordless cleaning really is the future and makes cleaning less of a chore and more enjoyable. This model is extremely light weight so easy for any family member to use, its also so slim and stores easily in a the cupboard.

The vacuum arrived very well packaged with plenty of inside protection.  A full instruction book inside along with a range of extra cleaning tools plus a handy wall bracket:

Crevice tool

2 in 1 dusting brush

upholstery nozzle

All of the tools can be used either with the handheld option or with the long reach pole.

A charging plug which allows you to charge directly to the full unit or you can take the battery out an charge separately.

Charge time for time for the first usage took around 6 hours.  So when the product first arrives do give it a chance to fully charge before you get started with your cleaning. Don’t be too much of an eager beaver like me!

I found the vacuum very easy to put together, it was very self explanatory and by the end of the day its was up and running with myself and my son Jakey (my mini King of clean)  having a great testing session.

The Hoover DS22G whizzed around the floors easily and it also gives you the option to Turbo Boost for those tough areas. The manoeuvrability is great and the LED light makes it great to see into those dark areas. A found this feature particularly good for under the beds and furniture.  The head pivots around effortlessly making cleaning so easy and manageable.

The suction is great for such a small machine.  I purposely covered my floor in some breakfast cereal and a little glitter (I always like to do a thorough test) and was very happy with the result. Pick up was easy and it didn’t take much going over. Upon emptying there was plenty of hair and dust proving that this little vacuum is a household gem. The only negative is it fills up quite quickly.

You have an option to have the brush bar on or off.  When vacuuming carpets switch to the on function which lifts out ground in dirt and then switch to off for your hard smooth floors. Some vacuums can cause scratches on hard floors but this will leave your hard floors scratch free.

One of the best features about this product is the weight.  Its extremely light (2.5k) and free stands so easily.  I can literately pick this up with my small finger! All the controls are on the top where you hand is positioned so there is no need for any bending making it perfect for anyone suffering with back conditions.

The hand held eliminate detaches very easily and you can then power up the stairs using one of the extra tools, its also great for cleaning upholstery and getting into those hard to reach areas.

Emptying is simply the click of the dust cup emptying button and do this over the bin for a mess free clean.

Overall my main positive features are


Easy to use.

Empties and cleans in seconds.

Finger tip controls.

LED Lights for dark areas.


Queen of clean Rating 4 out of 5 Stars 

For more of my products reviews take a look here and if there is a product or a cleaning range that you would like me to test then please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my product review

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

This is a sponsored post with Hoover my views and opinions are my own……

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