Did you know you can use the power of Steam to clean many household items?

Did you know you can use the power of Steam to clean many household items?

Steam is great at helping you keep your house clean.  There are so many amazing Steamers on the market these days that come with a whole host of additional home cleaning tools. Steam Cleaners have come a long way over the past few years and now produce a dry hot steam rather than drench the floors. Steam can be used to refresh items in your home and remove stubborn ground in dirt. Steam is also great for helping to kill dust mites, bacteria and allergens that you can’t see.

I have put together how I use  th power of steam in my home other than cleaning the floors and this will hopefully make you realise how you can truly benefit from owning a Steam Cleaner.

Remember when using steam to clean you eliminate the need to use toxic product as steam will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Refreshing the carpet

Most Steam Cleaners will come with a carpet refresh option allowing you to use the additional carpet glide tool and go over carpets.  Steam won’t deep clean your carpets but it will kill germs and eliminate nasty smells.

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Using a Hand Held Steamer you can give the toilet seat and the pan a really good blast, killing nasty germs and bacteria.


Garment Steamers are great at helping you save time especially if you are not a massive fan or ironing. A shot of steam will take creases away in seconds.  Also Garment Steamers are great for outdoor wear big heavy coats that are hard to wash and items that require dry cleaning.

I am a huge fan of the Swan Garment Steamer

Curtains and upholstery

I also steam my sofa’s I probably do this at least 4 times as week as it kills all those germs that we have on our clothes when we sit down.  I also like to give the curtains a good steam too.  I always notice upholstery looks so much better after it has been steamed. It comes back to life.

Car seats

Cars seats can get very messy especially if you have children so a quick steam every so often will help your car to stay looking good.

Shower doors and screens

Steam is amazing at getting rid of water marks and limescale. A light steam weekly with help keep your shower looking like new and you will say bye bye to stubborn watermarks.

Tiles and Grout

Steam will lift ground in dirt from tile grout and will leave your tiles looking nice and shiny.


I don’t think many of us find the oven a particularly nice job to do but a shot of steam will make this job so much easier for you.  If you have grease on the tops of your cupboards and your extractor fan from cooking steam will cut right through the grease allowing you easy cleaning.

Garden Furniture

Handheld Steamers are great for taking outdoors to clean your garden tables and chairs. The steam will blow away any leaves and cobwebs and make lighter work of all the scrubbing.

Mirrors and windows

One of my favourites which I literally do daily is steam my mirrors and windows, Steam Cleaning is great for removing sticky hand prints.

To read more on the benefits of steam cleaning please click here

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Lynsey Queen of Clean XOXO

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