Hands up if you hate Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is one of the most hated and worse household cleaning tasks.  Its one of those jobs that we tend to put off as much as we can. Once you close the Oven door you can no longer see the grease and grim.

I have to always have a clean oven and being quite a traditionalist after we have had our Sunday Roast I am straight in armed in my rubber gloves ready to go.  Daily I wipe the Oven over with a damp cloth and a multi-purpose product to ensure its stays clean as If grease and grim build up your Oven Clean can become a much more time consuming job.

I have tried many products over the years but my all time favourite Oven Cleaning Product is Oven Pride. Oven Pride makes oven cleaning less of a nightmare, its a unique bag cleaning system that has been designed to give unbeatable results.

Its so easy to use but please make sure before you start to use Oven Pride you read the instructions and wear the provided gloves.

You simply take the racks out of your oven and place them in the provided large clear plastic bags. Add a the instructed amount and then you need to add the rest of the solution to the actual oven.  Cover all sides of the oven and close the door. Leave both for approx 4 hours

When you return to the bag simply empty any residue and rinse the racks with warm soapy water and do the same with the oven.

There is no heavy scrubbing needed with this product the dirt simply comes away and will leave you with unbeatable results leaving your racks gleaming.

This product is also great for cleaning BBQ’s and grills too.

Every kitchen cleaning cupboard needs a box of Oven Pride


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