Items you didn’t think you could wash in the Dishwasher

Items you didn’t think you could wash in the Dishwasher

You have seen me cleaning some strange items with my dishwasher on my pages recently and your dishwasher can be useful to clean many items.

I have listed a few ideas below for you and when using your dish washer use a mixture of lemon juice and white wine vinegar for a safe and effective clean. Just fill the small compartment where you would normally pop the tablet or alternatively make up a spray bottle and spray around the inside.

You can off course still use your usual dishwasher tablet too.

Plastic Toys

Lego, Duplo, plastic dolls and figures are all great in the dishwasher and it cleans and sanitises.  Children often out toys in their mouths so you want to be sure that there are no harmful chemicals left on them.

Flip Flops

We all hate manky looking flip flops, Flip flops take a real battering when we wear them, they get dirty so quickly and can look old and tatty even when they not.  Lay them on the top shelf in the dishwasher and watch how clean they come out. I use a dishwasher tablet when I was mine and spray some lemon juice directly into the machine.   You can also pop your wellie boots and jelly shoes in too.

Baseball Caps

I have always found that these lose their shape when put in the washing machine and they never look the same again.  They are pushed around and spun upside down so much they can’t take it.   Place it on the top sherf and it will come out as good as new.

Cooker hob pan supports/burner heads

This is the best way to get these clean, Every Sunday after Sunday lunch I pop these in and they come out like new. Really saves all the scrubbing.  I just use a dishwasher tablet and a spray of lemon juice.

Hub Caps from your car

Just add lemon juice and white wine vinegar to tackle the ground in dirt that will be on these and you will be amazed as how clean they become.


Some potatoes can be really dirt especially if you buy them from a farm,  put them on a rinse only cycle to get all the dirt off and make them easier for preparing.

Makeup Brushes/brushes

Always clean these on a low setting so the glue that holds them together doesn’t melt.  Remove hair from your hair brush by coming out with a comb and then place on the top shelf. You can then chuck the comb intoo. I use a dishwasher tablet for this.

Dog Toys

I could only imagine the germs that are on dog toys but If I had a dog I am sure its toys woould be in the washer daily


Remember to take of any electronic ones before you pop them in, keys are put down in all sorts of places so this is a good way of ensuring they are clean.  Many babies love playing with keys so this will make you feel better when they put them in there mouths knowing they are clean.

Fridge shelves 

This is a weekly Friday job for me, Fridge clean and the shelves in the dishwasher with a tablet and lemon juice. Saves any hard scrubbing on those sticky food patches.

I am sure there are many more items that be cleaned in the dishwasher. If I missed any let me know so I an add it in and share with everyone.

Don’t forget your dishwasher does need regular cleaning and it you do clean outside items makes sure you give it a good clean before you use again, you can see how I do mine here

Remember things that clean for you need to be cleaned too. 

For more cleaning tips and hacks around the home take a click here

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


  1. I wouldn’t put my makeup brushes in . I never get the part where the bristles are attached within the handle wet . I wash and dry them facing downwards – I use a cheap silicone glove made for the job with grooves and nobbles on and fund it really satisfying watching the dirt come off lol.

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