Queen of Clean best uses for Zoflora

Queen of Clean best uses for Zoflora

Zoflora is a multi-purpose cleaning disinfectant that can be used throughout the home killing 99.9% of bacteria and stops the spread of other nasty germs.

There is a huge range of fragrances that will suit everyone and will keep your home smelling beautiful all day long the New Lavender Escape, which is a firm favourite of mine through to the scents of summer with summer breeze and the gorgeous summer bouquet.

Look out for the new Festive fragrance coming very soon.

I am always asked how to use Zoflora safely so I have put together my top 10 favourite uses.

  • Leave a drop of zoflora in your kitchen sink with boiling water and it will keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh
  • In the winter when you have your radiators on wash the outsides of the radiators with diluted Zoflora
  • Leave diluted in your toilet brush holder.
  • Spray into the air mixed with water to make an air freshner.
  • Add some into a spray bottle diluted with water and spray your curtains.
  • Add a 25ml through your washing machine to keep it smelling good
  • Pour neat into the pan of the toilet or into the system but remember to close the lid and DO NOT MIX with bleach.
  • Pour some onto a tissue and then put this in the bin to keep the inside of the bin smelling fresh and clean.
  • Spray diluted directly onto fake flowers to make them smell beautiful
  • Fantastic Zoflora offer here on amazon at the moment.

Always use Zoflora safely and wisely. I have listed a few DONT’S here.

I have seen a few cases of the damage zoflora can do to steamers and Irons. When I see people using Zoflora incorrectly on Instagram I just want to SHOUT NO!!  Please do NOT put Zoflora into your steamer or your Iron as it will cause your appliance to break and potentially even catch fire.  If you choose to use with your steamer make up a spray bottle and spray directly to the floor as you steam.

Also please remember that Zoflora is a toxic product so use carefully and keep out of reach of children.

DO NOT MIX with any other cleaning product or with bicarbonate of soda

I hope you have enjoyed my Zoflora post. Zoflora is available in most supermarkets throughout the UK as well as B&M stores, The Range, Wilkos and Home Bargain.

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Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxoxo

Disclaimer: I received Zoflora products in exchange for my post


  1. Is it really not okay to put into a steam mop? I do about once a month or so if I haven’t got any floor cleaner left. Worried now! ??

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