My Review of the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 the Ultimate Homecare Cleaning System

My Review of the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 the Ultimate Homecare Cleaning System

Well what can I say…….. I am actually speechless as this machine is amazing.  It’s not just a hoover, it’s not just a floor cleaner but a whole home care cleaning system in one

This is a multi-functional, hi-tech upright sturdy vaccuum which has been carefully designed to carry out a whole host of household activities. Saving on not only on time – but storage space too. With this machine there is no need to have a cupboard full of cleaning gadgets as this really is all you need.  This machine literally deeps cleans everything making your old carpets look like new and lifting out years of squashed down dirt and dust.  Kitchen floor tiles will never look so shiny and new.

I was delighted to be asked to review this product as over the years I have heard amazing stories about them. I used to clean in an old people’s home, and one lady I cleaned for had had hers since 1972 and it was still in perfect working order. Now we all know that traditional vacuum cleaners need replacing every 3-5 years so this was a massive wow factor!

The price range for the Kobold is £749 to £1,500 – depending on the extras you add in. It is an expensive hoover and initially you will think this, in reality though you could book a family holiday or purchase a second-hand car for the same price – but the Kobold has a life span of 17-25 years.  And if you think of the amount of floor steamers, hoover and mops you will go through in this time it makes the product amazing value for money!

 There are 3 main head types with the KOBOLD.  Don’t be alarmed its very simple to change the heads over with a press of a button. 

Plus they can be easily stored away when not in use

Automatic Electric Brush

This is the head that the machine comes with, and seamlessly transitions from carpets to hard floor in less than a second.  There is a green light on the bottom that changes when you switch floor type.  This delivers the best suction I have ever experienced and goes deep into the carpet lifting out years’ worth of dirt.  I was so shocked when I first used this on my carpet in my home demonstration that I actually, for the first time in years, thought I was living in dirt!

Duo Clean

This is the head that washes and hoovers your floor simultaneously using a microfiber cloth and very little product.  After using it you will not see a streak in sight. It can be used on all floor types including parquet, laminate, tiles and stone. After use the floor isn’t wet and there won’t be any puddles of water in sight.  Safe to walk on straight away and your floor will gleam.

Duo Clean Head.

Carpet Refresher

This is my favourite part, it’s so simple to use. With this you use a dry-cleaning product called KOBOSAN which smells absolutely lovely and fresh.  You very simply empty a sachet of the KOBOSAN into the head and seal with the attachment.  The machine will then scatter this evenly all over the carpet space you have chosen to do, and rub the product into your carpet.  Once this is done you then leave it for 30 minutes and allow the product to work.  It doesn’t just deep clean the carpet it also stains protects it too.  

It’s then a quick hoover off switching back to the electric brush head and your carpet will look amazing.  I was impressed my carpet looked brand new and smelt so good. I would highly recommend that you add this attachment into your purchase as you will not find another product like this.  Your carpets are left deep cleaned and dry.

Mattress Cleaning 

The Kobold is also excellent on mattresses cleaning too. It comes with two mattress attachments which both deep clean and dry clean.  When cleaning your mattress, you add in a product called LAVENIA. This is a powder that smells of lavender.  LAVENIA not only cleans but it also conditions your mattress.

 When you use the KOBOLD on your mattress you will be giving your mattress a real deep clean sinking 11 inches (AMAZING) into the mattress and removing dirt, dead skin and bed bugs. A clean mattress will really improve your sleep pattern, and once you have used the Kobold you will sleep well knowing that you aren’t lying on top of a world of dust mites and dead skin.  These attachments can also be used on your upholstery and curtains keeping your home super clean.

There are also plenty of accessories that work well with your car and get into those hard to reach areas.

 You will also receive a full accessory pack which can be stored away in a carry case. I opted to have a home demonstration so I fully understood the product and I am so pleased I did, the accessory bag comes with so many different attachments I really wanted to understand how they all worked. There is something that will literally clean every part of your home from skirtings, ceilings, behind radiators, walls and inside cupboards.  

 If you suffer with back problems this machine will make cleaning easy and there is no need to bend or stretch. Also if you have anyone in your family who suffers with asthma and allergies this perfect for you as it will eliminate the dust partials.

hoovers the walls easily
great for getting out of curtains
Lots of useful attachments
I love hoovering the ceiling with the Kobold

To sum this review up the KOBOLD truly is an amazing home cleaning system that does everything in your home that you need to do. The Kobold is compact, handy and extremely powerful. The ideal assistant in any household, making life easier and cleaner which comes with a 5-year guarantee. when you think of the long-term investment it isn’t expensive and you do also get the option to pay back in instalments. Don’t just take my word for it though if you are interested please book in a demonstration and see the product for yourself in your own home.  It’s not a pressurised sale but a simple demo to show you what the Kobold can do.

To book a FREE DEMO or for further information please CLICK HERE

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Thank you so much for reading my product review of the KOBOLD VK200 

Lynsey Queen of Clean XOXO

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