My Dishmatic product review

My Dishmatic product  review

I had never heard of Dishmatic until very recently when they kindly sent me some samples to try.

Dishmatic your lovable dish friend is a dispensing fillable and refillable washing up tool that comes with a choice of sponges that you can use on particular items.  There is a sponge brush, stainless steel brush and brush heads. The angled head makes it so easy to get into awkward corners of bake-ware and crockery. Finding a tool that easily tackles  corners is really good.

Dishmatic is so simply to use just open the end of the brush head and pour in your favourite washing up liquid then close the cap firmly. As you do your washing up the Dishmatic dispenses the washing up liquid onto the item you are washing automatically and leaves your pots and pans lovely and clean.

Once you feel that your brush head has worn you can easily replace with a quick clip. The refillable packs come in a pack of 3.

As we all know cleaning cloths are one of the dirtiest items in the kitchen so this really is a great alternative for the washing up  enabling you to save your cloths for surface wiping.

There is a great range of Dishmatic products and I listed a few here for you to take a look at.

Washing up brushes with heavy duty sponges.

Fillable washing up Brush with Steel Scourer

Washing up brush with strong bristles


Other places you will find them are:


Dunelm Mills




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    • YES! Although mine leaks from one side so needs to lay on its other side. My older one didn’t do this. Maybe it’s a problem with the newer versions? I’ve wasted loads of washing up liquid because of this

  1. The same! I never had issues before, but bought new one and it started leaking. I thought it was a faulty product so bought two more from different shops and they all do that

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