Ninja Compact Kitchen System with Nutri Ninja 1200W – BL490UK

Ninja Compact Kitchen System with Nutri Ninja 1200W – BL490UK

I am one of these mums who is really into nutrition and looking after ourselves. As a family we live on a good diet full of fruit and vegetables and I am a big believer that you are what you eat. So before my children go to school I make them a nutritious smoothie.  Breakfast is such an important time of the day and I like to know that they are leaving the house with high energy levels and a full tummy. Which will hopefully improve their concentration levels in class time.

For years I have been using smoothie makers and they have never quite got rid of all the lumps and pulses from the fruit and vegetables. My children like most children are fussy and if they see or feel a lump they panic and then won’t drink the smoothie.

The Ninja Kitchen system is just brilliant for making smoothies. This product really is a 10 out of 10.  It comes with a really cute recipe booklet that gives you 50 simple easy recipes.

The recipes range from delicious health smoothies such as Morning Berry and Citrus Splash to wholesome meals which include Salmon Burgers and Crab Cakes. To making whole wheat pizza dough to chocolate chip cookie.

The recipe booklet really does have something for everyone.

The Ninja its self is so versatile and comes with 2 Ninja Cups and a Nutri Bowl.  The recipe booklet tells you which you need to make the various recipes and it also tells you which settings you need to apply.

The speed and crushing power is amazing, its so fast. Its switches from blender to mixer with the touch of a button and leave no lumps..

This really is the perfect kitchen tool for a busy family, just chuck the ingredients in press go and it whips up a delicious meal or smoothie in just seconds.  You can enjoy your creations anywhere as it comes with Sip & Seal Lids. Add it straight onto your Nutri Ninja Cup and take with you.

Its also really easy to clean a quick rinse with a drop of washing up liquid and its ready to use again. Its also perfectly dishwasher safe and all parts are BPA free.

 Queen of clean xoxo

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