How to keep your towels soft and fluffy for longer

How to keep your towels soft and fluffy for longer

Towels can often become dull in colour and hard and crispy in touch if not looked after well. We all love a nice fluffy soft towel when getting out of luxurious bubble bath or shower and we want them to last so we get our moneys worth.  The life expectancy of a good towel is 5 to 10 years and the best quality towels are made from premium fibres such as Egyptian cotton.

I have put together few basic steps for you to help keep your towels looking and feeling good longer

Always wash new towels before you use them and wash them alone. Don’t just buy them and hang them up in your bathroom.  Firstly they have been handled in a shop and then transported home so they will pick up many germs. Plus many manufacturers will use chemicals to create a sleek finish. Wash them on a cold wash with detergent and fabric softener and then tumble dry on a low heat.  Then they will be ready for the bathroom. In future you will be not be using fabric conditioner to wash your towels as this wears down the fibres making them less absorbent.

Always wash your towels separately and with no other garments, choice a gentle laundry detergent without additives as this will stop the colour fading and will protect the fibres. My personal choice is SURF laundry detergents in liquid form. For fluffiness adding a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to the laundry detergent drawer can help bring them back to life and for strong odours add in a capful of white wine vinegar.

Wash your towels at least once a week. But if you a clean freak like me 3 to 4 times a week.

If using a tumble drier always use a low setting and remove them when they are still slightly wet to keep them supple and absorbent. Over heating can wear down the fibres. Then air to dry or put neatly in the airing cupboard.

I love to hang my towels on the line but try not to have the sun directly on them to save the sun from bleaching them. Hide behind another garment or hang in a more shaded area.

When using your towels always hang between washing in an aired bathroom, preferably with the window open.

Never fold or leave on the floor. Hanging towels keeps the mould and mildew at bay and will keep them fresh longer.

Have a separate washing basket for towels. This way they don’t pick up colours from other garments of extra germs.

Follow these simple steps and you will find that your towels stay fluffier and softer longer.

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Each towel in the Hampton and Astley range is made from superior quality 100% Egyptian cotton. The use of these fine cottons affords a soft and supple fabric to the touch and yet one that is durable and long lasting. Furthermore every piece has high absorbency, effortlessly wicking moisture away from the skin to allow for quick and effortless drying.

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  1. I am addicted to buying both towels and bedding and have far too many sets of both! I try to buy the best quality of each that I can afford, usually waiting for sales so I can buy the best available. However, when I first set up home by myself after my divorce I had little money and just bought a few bath and hand towels from a local discount store. I wanted plain white and the only pure white towels they had were bamboo – when I was used to high quality 100% cotton. This was almost 8 years ago and every single one of those towels has survived in perfect condition! Brilliant white, I sometimes bleach them, and still thick and soft. In the following years I did give into my love of buying good quality towels, particular hand towels which are on show in my bathroom to visitors, but none have lasted as well as my cheap bamboo towels, they were £3 for the bath towels adn £1.50 for hand towels Sadly the shop I bought them from has never had them in again as different stock comes and goes whenever he gets wholesale bargains I think, but I can 100% recommend bamboo towels if you ever come across them x

  2. I have to say prior to last month I would have agreed with hanging towels on the line, but now disagree after recently purchasing my first ever tumble dryer. I have good quality towels from both John Lewis and Tesco and I find that my towels always moult slightly meaning I have a gathering of towel fluff constantly on the floor. I wash my towels on a minimum of 60 degrees and now tumble dry them and they are so fluffy like the day I purchased them – I don’t get this effect when I dry them on an air dryer on outside. I also like tumble drying them now because I can see the build up of the fluff which would otherwise end up on my bathroom floor, so I am now confident that this is the best way to ensure I have the minimum amount of this stuff on the floor, lining my bath, sink, toilet etc.

  3. I have some dark coloured towels which are a few years old. The ones I use are fine, however, the hubby’s are starting to smell funny. I have tried washing them on the hottest wash my machine has, and they are fine when they come out of the wash but start to smell as soon as he uses them again. I don’t have a tumble dryer – any tips or do I have to bin them?

    • Next time you wash them add some bicarbonate of soda to the washing detergent as this soaks up smells and see if this helps at all. If not you may have to chuck. I have a discount code for the really lovely Hampton and Astley towels these are super soft and wash so well.

  4. I live in a very hard water area & struggle to keep towels nice & fluffy. I use smol tabs, soda crystals, dettol cleanser, astonish oxy active & fabric conditioner. Do you have any other suggestions?

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