Questions and Answers with the Queen of Clean

Questions and Answers with the Queen of Clean

I get so many private messages which I love receiving and I try my very best to answer them all but sometimes time does run away with me, so below I have listed some common asked questions that I am asked all the time. I am hoping these will be able to help spme of you with your housegold cleaning tasks.

Q – How do you remove mould of bathroom grout 

A – I mix together white wine vinegar. bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Make a paste and then using a Sonic Scrubber or a Toothbrush I gentle rub the mixture in. I then leave this for approx 15 mins to soak and then rinse with warm water.

Q – Please advise on how I can remove spilt milk off a fabric sofa?

A – Washing up liquid is the best product for removing milk, scrub into the stain leave to soak and then blot out using cold clean water and a cold cloth, try and get to the stain as soon as possible.

Q – Do you have any tips on how to get sick out of a mattress?

A- Soak up as much of the sick as you can and then cover the area in Bicarbonate of soda and leave for a good hour, this will help eliminate the smell. After this sweep the powder away, if you still have a stain use upholstery cleaner or a carpet mousse to go again and this should lift it out all together.  My advice here is to always use a mattress protector as this can be put in the wash.

Q – How do you clean high gloss kitchen cabinets? 

A – Clean as normal with a multipurpose kitchen spray and then polish with glass cleaner for a perfect shine. I love to use the Mr Sheen Mist Spray

Q – How do I remove blue paint out of the carpet?

A – If the paint stain is dry, use hot water and a little bit of washing up liquid. and then once the paint is softened, use a knife to scrape the paint out.

Q – How can I remove finger print and smear marks off my TV screen.

A – For this I use the glass e cloth

Q – How do you wash internal painted walls.

A – for this I use warm water and laundry detergent, this is the best product for not damaging paintwork. Rub gently with a soft cloth alternatively use a tennis ball.

Q – How do you clean the washing machine drawer.

A – I take this out once a week and soak in soapy water.  Whilst soaking I get my hand right in the space it came from and give this a really good clean too.  I also find the Sonic Scrubber helps here too. Its great at getting into those hard to reach areas.

Q – What is the best way to clean Headphones.

A – Use a antibacterial wipe and do this before use.

Q – What is the best way to clean the cooker hob bits.

A – I spray these with Oven Cleaner and then put them in a sandwich bag for 10 minutes and let the oven cleaner do its work, I then rinse in warm soapy water.

Q – Whats the best way to get Crayon marks on my wall.

A – Rub neat toothpaste into the marks and then wipe away.

Q – What would you recommend as an alternative to a toilet brush

A – Pop on a rubber glove and get your hand down there with an old cloth that you will dispose of as soon as you have used. or use this Toilet Brush as its much more hygienic.

Q – My grandson has grass stains all over his trousers what the best thing to do

A – Turn the trousers inside out and flush out the stain from here with cold water, then apply washing up liquid and soak in a bucket of cold water for an hour and then wash as normal.

If you have a questions for me please feel free to comment below or send me a message. Always happy to help or take a look at my cleaning tips and advice section of my blog

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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