Scent Boosters review with the Queen of Clean

Scent Boosters review with the Queen of Clean

Scent boosters are one of the most talked about laundry products on social media at the moment.  Families all over the country are buying these little gems in the hope for better smelling washing.

I have been on a mission and tested what I now hope is all of them that are available to the UK market and to me there is a clear winner.

Unstoppables should be added to you laundry before every wash. Throw the scented beads directly into the washing drum. Add your laundry detergent. plus your fabric conditioner for softness and wash and wash.

Prices vary and range between £2.00 to £6.00 depending on the brand. You will find a huge selection of fragrances to choose from.

Being a pink girl I always opt for the pink bottles so my first experience off unstoppables started with the Lenor Bliss, an exotic cocktail of red berries and raspberries. Priced at the higher end of the scale at £6.00. My first impression was that they were amazing, my washing smelt so good and when walking towards my washing line I could smell the scent blowing in the wind. From this moment on I was hooked. Literally one of best laundry invention and was thrilled I had come across them.

My Laundry Storage tin is perfect for storing the unstoppables and also looks great in the utility room.  I have lots of other ideas for utility room organisation too

After sharing my news of these scent boosters on Instagram, I learnt that these were available in many other shops at a much cheaper price.  This was amazing news, I popped in Wilkos and found their own version, called fragrance boosters and they were only £2.50p. Exotic Ylang and Fressia, sounded great so I had to pick these up to try.   Well I wasn’t overly impressed the actually boosters were tiny and I didn’t get that same strong small when I opened the packaging. I brought them for testing so I needed to use them.  I did a load of washing and I really couldn’t smell anything.  So even at the price of £2.50 I wouldn’t buy these again.

So my journey of testing Scent boosters continued and I have now tried as many as I could and my overall rating is.

Going from least favourite to my favourite. Here is my scent boosters rating. 

Wilko’s                     2/5

Lidl                           2/5

Sainsburys               3/5

Tesco                        3/5

Lenor                        4/5

Aldi                           4/5

Comfort                    5/5

Comfort Fragrance Burt smell amazing and they literally last ages, I love the fact that when you climb into your bedding at night the smell is so strong and fresh. 

QUEEN OF CLEAN BOOSTER TOP TIP   (seen by me first)

Scent boosters also are great for keeping drawers and wardrobes smelling fresh, simple add a few to a small mesh bag and leave in your chosen space for a few weeks and then change.

Also add a few to your hoover to keep a fresh scent all over the home.

Keeping you washing smelling good and looking good also relies on your washing machine. Make sure you read my Washing Machine Care Guide for more Queen of Clean tip.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and enjoy using unstoppables. 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


  1. […] I am a big fan of using washing detergent rather than powder or tablets I do find from experience that the detergent helps the washing to smell fresh for longer.  Use fabric conditioner wisely and never use too much as this can really clog up your machine as its such a thick liquid and can cause a build up of gunk. Work with different brands and combinations until you find a fresh smell that you and your family enjoy. Scent boosters are great as they are directly thrown into the drum of the machine and release smells directly on the washing.  Have you read my review of Scent Boosters? […]

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