Simple Ironing Tips with the Queen of Clean

Simple Ironing Tips with the Queen of Clean

I love nothing better than putting up the ironing board on a rainy afternoon and popping on a good old Rom Com and getting stuck right in to my ironing. But not everyone finds ironing as pleasurable as me. Some of my friends absolutely hate ironing and will leave it weeks before they get their ironing board out and then they end up with a huge pile that can take them hours.

When Jakey was a baby,  so that I could be at home with him I used to run a ironing business where I would collect peoples ironing and return to them within 24 hours.  At one point single handily I was collecting 54 baskets a week and was ironing from the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed with manic cleaning sessions and the school run in between.  So my love of ironing soon deteriorated and my son didn’t get the time and attention he deserved..

But times have passed I am back into my career and back into loving a 2 weekly ironing session a week. I store my ironing neatly folded until I find the time to do, having a good sized basket really helps as you don’t want to cause you ironing any further unnecessary creases.  opted for a wide rectangular basket wipe able basket

Curver Style Rectangular basket –

With ironing always remember

That not every single item of clothing needs ironing.  Some clothing can be taken straight off the washing line and hung on a hanger and put away straight away so its important to know what these items are and not fold them into the ironing basket where their need for ironing becomes worst.

Always use a good fabric condition  as this can help decrease creases.

Check the care labels in the garments and then split into temperature piles.

Have a sturdy steady board.  Extra wide will also be a good option for you with a good rest area for your steam generator iron and a linen rack.  Minky Pro Iron Station –

Invest in a good steam generator iron as this really will speed the process up and you will be surprised at the amount of time you save. This is the steam generator one I have. –

Use a well padded ironing board cover and change this on a regular basis – I love these ones and change every other month –

Read my review of the Addis shirt master here, great way of speeding up your ironing

Iron delicate fabrics inside out such as, silk, satin, linen and corduroy and also on items that sometimes are left with shine. These great little cloths from Minky helps prevent shine they also protect iron soleplates

Get yours here

Take your time to ensure the garment has been stretched flat across the ironing board. This will save you some time in terms of re-ironing wrinkles that you put in. As you iron, make sure to iron clothing evenly with smooth, careful strokes. Always remember to keep the iron moving. Stopping at any point could burn your clothing.

If you can hang the items straight onto hangers whilst ironing then do, I picked up these great over the over the door hooks from the Minky range. Link Below..  Then you can just carry them straight to the relevant wardrobe without them getting creased again.

Minky Ironing Hooks –


Make sure you keep your iron away from small children, irons can get very hot and cause injury.

Let your iron cool of before you put it away.

Hope these simple guidelines help you with your ironing, and just remember do a little often to save the big build up and then you may find it more enjoyable. For more cleaning tips take a look here

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


  1. Hi lynseycrombie,

    while I don’t share the same passion for ironing as you, I do agree that a steam generator iron is definitely the best way to go even if you don’t do that much ironing on a weekly basis. For me, it’s the amount of time saved. Before, it took me about 15-20 minutes to iron my work clothes for the week and now it takes less than 5 minutes. Don’t know how I managed without one until now.

    • The steam generators certainly do save a lot of time, one of the best investments I have made. Thank you for reading my blog.

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