Household clutter can be a problem for many people, clutter can build up and up to stage where you just don’t know where to start.  Clutter can cause people stress which can then lead to weight gain, anxiety and depression.  Which can then head towards to hoarding.  Hoarding a house can create a fire hazard and lead to other health problems with the build up of dust and dirt.

I enjoy to declutter as love to see an open and clean space, my moto is a tidy house equals a tidy mind.  If you are not living in orderly conditions then how can your brain function probably, especially when working and when out and about?


Learning to cut clutter in your home is a process you have to be intentional about until it becomes a set habit.  For some of us it may never come 100% naturally but the good news is that by creating a routine you can keep control over the clutter in your house without a huge time investment. If you tidy up on a regular basis you will find that you clutter is very minimal and can be dealt with quickly but if you have let it get quite bad over a long period of time then you need to follow these simple steps.

Start with a plan and set yourself realistic goals.  Maybe draw a map of your home and work out what needs tackling in each room.

  • Do one room at a time, you don’t need to be super woman and do everything all in one day.
  • Start with the smallest room/area.
  • Set yourself a challenge as to when its going to be complete by.
  • If needs be hire a skip or arrange a day to go to the local dump.
  • Create a sorting system. (ie) Boxes with keep, throw away, Charity, carboot and storage.
  • Categorise the items you are keeping, create spaces for them, box files for paperwork etc.
  • Look realistically at your items, if you haven’t touched it or used it in the last year is it really needed. Clothes, read books, DVD’s, old CD’s etc.
  • If you have a computer scan copies of important documentation and receipts so you have a digital copy and then you can you can shred the originals.
  • Clean out drawers, start by taking everything out and get rid of old bits and pieces and bits you haven’t been using or wearing.
  • When it comes to surfaces and tops of set of drawers clear the top and only leave what needs to be there. (ie) in the kitchen only leave the kettle, toaster, knife block and so on.
  • Check expiring dates on cosmetics, shampoos, medication etc and if out of date throw away

Happy Decluttering
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


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