Cleaning your Kitchen using Teepol Products


I love using Teepol products as they really do work, they are powerful and very fast acting. Established in 1938 Teepol have been supporting households and businesses worldwide and whatever your cleaning requirements Teepol can help.

One thing I have found from my social media is that sometimes people are unsure where to use products and where products will work at there best, so me and the Teepol team have put together this kitchen guide to help give you an idea of where the product should be used.

Floor – Lemon floor cleaner or GOLD detergent.

Inside Fridge – kitchen cleaner sanitizer

Outside Fridge – Stainless steel cleaner

Worktops – Multi surface cleaner

Glass cupboard doors – Glass and window cleaner

Oven – Oven cleaner and BGS

Sink area – Cream cleaner or GOLD detergent

Any wooden sides or cupboards – Furniture cleaner and polish

Kitchen bin – Gold detergent and Tagfresh

To order Teepol please go to and don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to date with products and offers.

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