Cleaning Hair Straighteners

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Your hair straightners could be so dirty that they are doing more harm than good to your hair!  Sticky styling products and natural hair oils can be a dirty combination that you don’t really want to be rubbing daily through your hair.

The ceramic plates on your Straightners can harbour dirt and germs which can be transferred straight into your hair and leave it looking dull and lifeless.

With my Straightners that are used a least once a day I use nail polish remover.  I wait for them to cool down and then I gently rub over using a cotton pad a small amount of nail polish remover.  This will take away any sticky styling products and remove any oils.  Then to help keep my ceramic plates in order I go over the ceramic plates with a warm damp cloth and then just leave to dry.

This is such a simple method and just ensures that you aren’t transferring dirt into your freshly washed clean hair. Remember the less you clean them the more build up of dirt there will be.

There are plenty of great home hacks you can hair spray for other than your hair, I have put a few of my favourites ones together HERE

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