Washing Machine care

Washing Machine care

It’s so important to keep your washing machine nice and clean as detergent alone isn’t enough to keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh.

Washing machines gain horrible smells from the build up of odours caused by the dirt they remove from your clothes and the hard water. Dirt sticks to the drum and builds up hence the reason we need to keep our machines nice and clean.

Tips to keep your washing machine clean

When your machine is not is use try to leave the tray open slightly just so this gets some air and dries out.  This little tray is on and off being wet and never really gets the chance to dry out. Once a week take your tray out and soak it in warm soapy water and then dry it well before you pop it back in.  Also clean the space it comes from putting your arm right in and giving it a good clean and dry.


When your machine has finished a cycle try to take your clothes out immediately don’t leave them in for too long as this can cause damp smells.

If you use your machine a lot a once a week give it a good deep clean is good.  Just run the machine on an empty wash along with a washing machine cleaner, a do-lap of white wine vinegar or a cap full of bleach. Follow the instructions of the brought washing machine cleaner but for the bleach or white wine vinegar option put this into the detergent tray or straight into the drum.

This will help keep your machine smelling nice and fresh.

Then wipe inside the machine all around the drum with a nice clean soapy cloth.

Also weekly try to give the rubber seal a good wipe, you can use your detergent for this or mix some bicarbonate of soda with some white wine vinegar into a paste and use a small brush to get right into the rubber.  The rubber seal picks up all sorts of dirt from your clothes and will also pick up minerals and hard water.

The filter at the bottom of the machine will need to be emptied regularly, try to do this at least once a month. Plus if you can access the back of your machine easily check the water supply pipe for any build up of dirt.

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There are so many ways you can use natural cleaning products around the home like white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, I have put together some great ideas which will help you save money and clean naturally HERE

As always thank you for reading my post
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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  1. Hi I have just had to wash my dogs blankets as he had an accident.. they are all now smelling lovely however my washing machine is now dog hair central. Can you recommend how to get the hair off the drum and especially the seal I’ve tried with a cloth but no luck ?


    • Hi Rachael, put on a wet runner glove and pick up the hair this way, the hair will stick to the rubber. Failing that put the hoover nozzle in and that will get it up. Also you could put white wine vinegar on the tray and put on an empty hot wash to give it a really good clean. Hope this helps

  2. Could you please suggest how I clean the mould on the rubber ring in my washing machine? I’ve tried scrubbing and scrubbing with vinegar but it won’t shift and looks awful!

    • Are you talking about the rubber drum? If so you need to mix bicarbonate with white wine vinegar this alone is not enough and then using a tooth brush scrub into the rubber and then rinse the machine on a hot wash.

  3. Could you suggest a way of cleaning the inside of the tray? Tried lots but nothing seems to get the black off, thank you

  4. Hi Lynsey

    I am looking for a new washing machine and wondered if you had any to recommend that do the job well but are also easy to maintain?


    • Hi Katie

      Thank you for your message I swear by the Beko range its all I have had for years they are affordable wash very well. With John Lewis you also get the 5 year guarantee so I always get them from their. Here is the link for you. http://tidd.ly/fb408845

  5. After I’ve used my washing machine I occasionally put the clothes in the tumble dryer but they never come out smelling nice. I clean my machine once a month with bleach on the hottest cycle but it still doesn’t smell nice. Any tips please?

    • The heat from the tuble dryer will reduce the smell from product. I don’t think this is all dryer as I don’t have this problem but another method is to chuck in a small sponge dipped in fabric conditioner so it still comes out smelling good.

  6. Thank you for your help. I’ve just brought the white wine vinegar for my washing machine after reading your advice. Thank you xxx

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